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Are you looking for a web hosting site that has a page load speed of 210 ms, hosting plans that offer unlimited resources, and guarantees an uptime of 99.9%? If you answered yes, then A2Hosting is the answer to your prayers. In this article, you will find out why A2Hosting received a lot of rewards and positive customer reviews.
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About the Company

Founded by Bryan Muthig in 2003, the company is known for providing a wide range of services from shared VPS hosting to dedicated hosting services. The web hosting company started under the name Inquinet in 2001 and changed it to its current name A2Hosting, which is a tribute to their hometown in Ann Arbor, MI. Since then, several offers were launched and in May 2015, they also launched data centers for Amsterdam and Singapore. By far, A2Hosting is the best when it comes to page load speed.


Shared Hosting Plans

There are three main shared hosting plans that you can choose from:


This plan is the cheapest among the three and for only $3.92 per month, you have the ability to upload one site, 5 databases, unlimited storage, unlimited transfers, free SSD, 1 domain name, 5 subdomains and 25 email accounts.


This is the recommended plan for experienced customers. For $4.90 per month, you have unlimited site uploads, resources, email accounts, and better physical and virtual memory of 1 GB. Performance Plus is also available in this plan where it maintains speed during traffic spikes.


The plan that has it all. It is priced at $9.31 per month and it has everything that the other two plans have, only better, since it has a TurboServer that ensures 20x faster page load. It also has an A2 Site Accelerator that is responsible for pre-configured site caching.
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Other Hosting Plans

There are other high-speed hosting plans that you can choose from:

Reseller Hosting

In this fully white-labeled plan, you can host your own customers, easily set-up individual accounts, and get ahold of a world class WHM control panel for only $13.19 monthly.

VPS Hosting

This plan has more power than Shared Hosting. It is faster, more secure and is developer friendly. It also has more isolation and you can choose your management level.

Dedicated Hosting

This is for those who have the most intensive business needs. You can have complete isolation and customize your server’s resources and also have the freedom┬áto choose your management level. Dedicated Hosting is priced at $99.59 per month.

Why Choose A2Hosting?

Let’s put it this way – almost everything is spoonfed to you. Signing up is very easy and there are several payment methods to choose from. There are very few upsells and the beauty of instant activation. Almost 97% of their customers are definitely going to recommend the web hosting site to their friends. With their team of friendly experts available 24/7, your problem will be addressed immediately once it arises.

A2Hosting also has SwiftServer, a fine-tuned platform that provides ultra-fast page loads. If you’re also worrying about Uptime, the company guarantees that your account is backed up by their almost perfect uptime of 99.9% and a money back guarantee if their services do not satisfy you.


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  1. Hi Waatz,
    Awesome and True Review of A2Hosting. Personally, I’m also using the A2Hosting Lite and Swift Shared Hosting package for several of my niche and multi-niche blog. I’ll definitely recommend A2Hosting to professional bloggers for their better server respond, fast loading and great up-time.