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About UploadWP.com

Hello and welcome to UploadWP.com!  Here on Upload WP you’ll find a wide range of in-depth WordPress video tutorials designed to make your life easier.  Our goal is to create high quality WordPress tutorials that are easy to follow along with and to learn from.  We want help as many people as possible learn how to create quality websites using the WordPress platform.

UploadWP.com was founded in September, 2010 and was originally UploadWordPress.com.  However, we decided to change the domain name to UploadWP.com in April, 2012.  It’s the same site, it just has a new domain name / URL.  We believe that UploadWP.com sounds better and is easier to remember than UplaodWordPress.com.

We often talk about Website Flipping on UploadWP.com because that’s how we were introduced to WordPress.  Our WordPress journey began just a few years ago when we purchased a WP blog on Flippa.com for $125.  Before that purchase, we were building old-fashioned HTML Dreamweaver sites.  So discovering WordPress was a revelation for our business as it allowed us to make high quality, user-friendly sites in a fraction of the time that it would take us to build traditional HTML websites.

Using WordPress as our new platform, we were able to build and sell over 250 quality WordPress blogs in about 10 months time.  The results were fantastic.  We generated enough revenue to grow our little online business into a full-time venture.  Also, our customers were thrilled because they were able to purchase premium sites at a fraction of what they would have paid if we had created them with Dreamweaver.  Another thing that our customers appreciated was how easy it was for them to manage their new WP blogs.

Why UploadWP.com was Originally Created

Upload WP actually began as a training tool for our customers.  We sold many WordPress sites on Flippa and needed an efficient method for training our customers on how to manage their sites.  So, instead of answering the same questions over and over we decided to create WordPress tutorial videos.  UploadWP.com has since evolved into the full fledged WordPress training site that it is today.

The Long Term Vision for UploadWP.com

Our intention going forward  is to consistently create high quality, in-depth WordPress video tutorials.  WordPress tutorials that help both WP beginners and pros alike.  Some of the topics of the tutorials will include specific WordPress themes, plugins, and widgets to name just a few.

Another focus is to make this site as interactive as possible.  If you have WordPress related questions that we do not yet have tutorials for, simply Contact Us and we’ll be happy to help in any way possible.  We also intend to add a WordPress Forum to UploadWP.com. The forum will be a place for you to interact with other Upload WP users and share information.  Our hope is that you find the content on UploadWP.com helpful and that you’re able to apply it to your WordPress sites.  Thanks for taking time to check us out and we wish you the best of luck in building your online empire!

Best Regards,

UploadWP.com Team

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