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Automating WordPress Posts to Facebook

With over 1 billion users, the social networking site Facebook has become almost ubiquitous with the Internet.  Numbers like that make it easy to see why your content should find a home on the site.  However, remembering to post everything to Facebook (after posting to your WordPress site) can be time consuming and easy to disregard.  Thankfully there are a variety of options available to automate the process of posting your WordPress sites’ content to Facebook for you.How to Automate WordPress to Facebook Fan Page

A while back, we showed you how to automate your Twitter account via the use of a free service called Twitterfeed.  Despite it’s limiting name, Twitterfeed also allows automatic publication to other social networks, like Facebook and LinkedIn.  As you’ll see in a moment, Twitterfeed makes it easy to automatically send your WordPress posts to Facebook.

Benefits of Automating WordPress Posts to Facebook

Due to the popularity of the social network, posting your content to Facebook has become a necessary component to any online marketing plan.  Even if you simply want to share your daily blog with friends, posting to Facebook is key.  For a lot of people, if it’s not on Facebook, they won’t see it.  Therefore, automating posts to your social networking pages allows you to increase site traffic and incite community engagement.   This also saves time and energy that you can use to focus on creating quality content and perfecting your sites’ design.

How to Automate WordPress Posts to Facebook

Step One:  Go to and create a free account > Once logged into your Twitterfeed account click “Create New Feed” >  Enter a name for your feed (feed name can be anything you want) and your sites RSS address > Click “Test RSS Feed” >  If the address works, it will say “Feed parsed OK” >  Make sure the “Active” box is checked > Click “Continue to Step Two”

Step Two:  Select the services that you want to post your feed to (for this tutorial, we are selecting Facebook) >  Click “All Done!”

Step Three:  Click “Connect with Facebook” >  “Create Service” >  If you are publishing to a Facebook Page, not your profile select it from the drop down menu >  On the next screen click “All Done” > You will then be taken to a conformation page that tells you setup is complete.  

That’s it!  Each time you create a new post on your WordPress site it will now automatically go to your Facebook fan page (or profile) as well.

Important Notes:

  • Typically your sites’ RSS URL will be “” or “”.  If you have trouble determining your sites’ RSS URL then check out the other options listed on the WordPress Feeds Codex entry.
  • Facebook automatically selects a thumbnail image and description based on it’s own criteria.  Next week, we’ll show you how to control this output using the plug-in “WP Facebook Open Graph protocol”.
  • Under “Advanced Settings” you can change the frequency of checks, how many updates to post at a time, the link shortening service to use as well as more advanced options like post sorting and keyword filters.

Your WordPress site is now set to post automatically to your Facebook fan page or profile.  You no longer have to worry about manually submitting content to Facebook every time you update your WordPress site.  This is especially useful for small business owners or small publications who don’t have the luxury of a dedicated team to handle their social media marketing and community efforts.

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