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How to Build a Lifestyle Theme WordPress Site…

The following 10 videos show you how to build a premium WordPress site from start to finish using the Lifestyle Theme by StudioPress.  Simply follow the step by step videos below and you’ll be building highly valuable websites in no time…

Step 1: Point the Nameservers to your Hosting account – Add on the domain name to the hosting account – Install WordPress on the domain name.  The recommended Hosting provider for those of you without hosting accounts is:

Also, here’s an in-depth video on:  How to Change the Nameservers


Step 2: Complete the General Setup in the admin and install the Plugins.

The custom Permalink structure to use is:  /%postname%.html

Here’s a list of the Essential WordPress Plugins


Step 3: Upload the Lifestyle Theme, WP Robot and the Amazon aStore page template.

WP Robot – Auto Content Plugin: Click here to view more details

Footer Code: Lifestyle Theme Footer Code

Header Code: if you want to remove the 468×60 AD banner that is in the header of the Lifestyle theme by default you’ll need this Lifestyle Theme Header Code

Amazon aStore page template: aStore Template


Step 4: In step 4 you’ll customize the Lifestyle theme look and feel.  You’ll do this by uploading a custom header and changing the color  scheme of the website.

In-depth video on Uploading a Custom Header

In-depth video on Customizing the Lifestyle Theme


Step 5: In step 5 you’ll monetize the site with Adsense, Amazon aStore and ClickBank ADs.

In-depth video on How to create an aStore

In-depth video on Adsense

In-depth video on ClickBank

Here is the Free WYSIWYG tool


Step 6: In step 6 you’ll add videos to the website with the Tubepress plugin.  Here’s a quick review of the steps you need to take.

1: make sure the “Video” page has been create.  Enter the short code.

2: go to Youtube > log into your account and create a Playlist > add 20 – 40 videos to the playlist

3: log into the Wordress admin and go to the Tubepress settings > paste in your Playlist ID

4: add a video to the right sidebar of the website via the Widgets section.


Step 7: In step 7 you’ll add social media icons and link them to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.  If you do a Google search on “Social Media Icons” you’ll find the Twitter and Facebook icons that you need.

You’ll also need to Automate the Twitter account.  Here is a video on How to Automate a Twitter Account.

The dimensions of the Twitter and Facebook icons should be:  125×125


Step 8: In step eight you’ll add Categories and Content to the website.

In-depth WP Robot video


Step 9: In step 9 we add the Thumbnail and Featured images to the website.

In-depth video on how to Add Thumbnail Images

Dimensions of the Thumbnail images: 90×90 (recommended)

Dimensions of the Featured Images:  590 x 225


Step 10: Make updates to the “About Us” and “Privacy Policy” pages.

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  1. Nice post. The information presented here was the greatest I could discover all day lengthy, and I have been searching tough on the Internet. I believe you should put this up on a large social bookmarking website, you will find that it spreads like wildfire – Cheers – dave

  2. Adam, if someone doesn’t have Photoshop or the knowledge to change the color scheme of the LifeStyle theme, is there a different way. I’d love to buy your bundle (all the stuff you mentioned), then just tweek per my niche.


  3. Hi Adam..

    Thanks for all of yours vids..I’m really enjoy learning in your blog..
    but I’ve a problem with my first blog..I’m using lifestyle themes and my headlines not appear..? Can u assist me why it’s happen like that..? Thanks for advanced..

  4. Adam (I think this goes to you).

    I’d really like to get this exact funtionality for 2-3 sites. Do you know who can build these for a decent price? I’m just not technical to do the Ligfestyle color changes I want (don’t have photoshop either). If there’s another way, great, I’ll buy Lifestyle theme. If there’s a free theme out there that does something similar and can do the WP Robot, etc. Please let me know.

    Many thanks,


  5. Hello Adam,how are you?
    I have AUTO BLOG.
    1) Should I CONFIGURE THE TEMPLATES SECTION?So far I only have clickbank.When I open the module I see this
    {title}, {keyword}, {url}, {link}, {description}
    Should this be con Figured or leave it as is?
    2)What is the difference between post and module templates?

    • Hi Quaid,

      I’m doing well, thanks for asking and for your question on the WP Robot plugin. I typically do not make any changes / configurations to the Templates section. You should be fine with just leaving the default settings.

      The answer to your second question comes directly from the creators of the WP Robot. Below is their explanation of the difference between Post and Module Templates…

      WP Robot knows two types of templates:
      Post Templates are the main templates used for posts. They can contain several module template tags which in turn trigger a Module Template. In other words Module templates are used for single module items, for example a single Amazon product, while Post templates are used for the complete post and can contain several modules.

      I hope this helps and best of luck with your site going forward!


  6. hi i recently bought 50 sites based on niches from longtailpro. i am monetizing them through sellfire, cbgoliath, wprobot, one page curation, shopperpress, astore etc…and was wondering….wprobot is now getting bad press panda penguin right? would you still use it? would you edit the titles or pick and choose the posts saving to draft instead of autoposting? will the site get deindexed no matter what you do? i read some guys still doing well with it with amazon sites. also, what about cbgoliath? and are you a fan of curation? or is it deindexed too? thanks. i am doing this now so please comment asap. love your work. best i have seen after three months of research

    • Hi Cliff – Thanks for the complements on our tutorials! Your support is greatly appreciated. It is true that that Google Penguin update really hit auto-blogs and the wp Robot plugin hard. I also know of people that still do very well with the WP Robot and mainly Amazon aStores despite the Penguin update. So to answer your question it really depends on your business model. Personally, my focus over that past year or so has shifted to original content sites exclusively. However, if you go with auto-blogs and the WP Robot then you need to have a large network of sites like you have. If you can mix in PLR articles with the WP Robot content that might help as well. I’m not that really familiar with cbgoliath or curation so I can’t really speak to them. From my experience with auto-blogs Amazon aStores have done the best for me. I’ve had a some produce consistent profits and would recommend focusing on aStores. I hope this helps and best of luck!


  7. also will amazon codes, clickbank login info and all else be transfere with wordpress duplicator plugin? instead of using and copy and paste from the master site isnt it better to just copy the entire site and duplicate it and put it into the other 49 sites i just bought for example? much faster! or am i missing something?

    • In terms of aStores, you’ll want them to be unique to each site so that the products they display correspond with the site niche. Also, you’ll want the aStores to be unique for tracking purposes / so you know which sites produce the affiliate commissions.

  8. Hi, I have problem with genesis lifestyle theme, I can’t update categories when i click update , save changes option it’s not updated, it’s not changed and still same option, I have a same problem with permalink, it’s not update, i can’t save changes  to Custom Structure : /%postname%/ Please help me to fix this problem

    P.S I have sub your Youtube channel and Like your facebook page. Thanks for your work. Good luck.
    Regards Rob

    • Hi Rob – First of all I want to say Thank You for subscribing to our YouTube Channel and for the Facebook page Like – It’s very much appreciated! What version of the Lifestyle theme are you using? I know there was an issue we ran into a while back where changes to the Lifestyle theme options page would not save. It sounds like you’re experiencing something similar.


    • Hi Rob – The good news is that I was able to recreate the issue when I upgraded a Lifestyle theme test site to Lifestyle 4.0. The bad news is that I have not yet found a solution. None of my changes on the theme options page in the WordPress admin will save. I’ve been searching for a solution but am yet to find anything that works.

      If anyone else out there has a solution to this issue with the Lifestyle theme not saving changes Please share it with us here. This is an issue that I’m sure many people are looking for a solution to so your help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks