Canvas Theme Business Page Image Slider

How to Setup the Canvas Theme Business Page Template and the Business Page Featured Image Slider

The Canvas theme is one of the most versatile themes we've ever worked with mainly because of the number page templates within the theme.  With Canvas it's possible to have a magazine style blog, normal blog, business website, portfolio site and eCommerce site all-in-one.  Canvas is truly a one-stop-shop WordPress theme.  In this Canvas theme tutorial we'll show you how to setup the Business page template as well as the business template featured image slider so let's get started…Canvas Business Template Featured Image Slider

Canvas Business Page Template Image Slider Setup

Follow the step steps below to setup the Canvas Business template featured image slider…

Step 1:  The first step in setting up the Canvas business page image slider is to create a business template page.

In your WordPress admin go to Pages > Add New > give the page a title (can be anything) > in the Page Attributes widget on the right-hand-side of your screen select “Business” from the Template drop-down > Publish the Page

Step 2:  Now that you have created your business page template, the next step is to configure the business template slider settings.

To do that go to Canvas > Theme Options > Business Template > Featured Slider > check the “Featured Slider” check-box to enable it > select the number of slides you wish to display and Save All Changes

Step 3:  The third step in this process is to add a “slide page”.

To create a slide page go to Slides > Slide Pages > create a Slide Page (just like creating a Category)

Step 4:  Now that the slide page has been created it's time to create your slides.

In the WordPress admin go to Slides > Add New > give the slide a title > select the Slide Pages on the right side of the screen > give the slide a description (optional – the slide description will show up in the text overlay if you turn that featured on) > Upload your image > enter the URL that you want the slide to link to > Publish the Slide > repeat this process for each new slide

Step 5:  Now that the business page template image slider is setup, the next step is add content and format the page to look like a traditional business website home page.  The best way to accomplish this is via the use of the WooTheme Sidebar Manger and WooThemes Short Codes.

If you'd like to set the home page of your site to the Canvas Business template you can easily do that by going to Settings > Reading > select the “A static page” radio button > set the Front Page to your business page > set the Post page to your Blog > Save Changes

It's also important to note that the business template image slider is larger than the Canvas Magazine template image slider as it covers the full width of the site.  Here are the Canvas business page image slider dimensions: 980 x 350 pixels

If you have any questions on setting up the Canvas Business page template please feel free to ask by posting a comment below.

52 thoughts on “Canvas Theme Business Page Image Slider

  1. I can’t figure out where to update the settings for business slider so I can get a text overlay next to the image. Please help! Great job otherwise, appreciate the tutorials and awesome theme. Thanks!

    • Hi Vanessa,

      Thanks for your question. To update the settings for the Business slider go to…

      Canvas > Business Template > Featured Slider > make sure to check the “Featured Slider Title” check-box and the text overlay will show in your slides. You can control the text that shows in each slide by going to…

      Slides > add new or Edit > give the slide a Title and enter the slide text in the body (like you would do with a normal WordPress post)

      Let me know if this helps answer your question. Thanks,


        • Also I think my issue was a had a lot of header tags in my slider post so it was just throwing them up as titles instead of content text overlays. Makes so much sense now, my bad hahah. Thanks!

  2. Hi
    My images wouldn’t show up after following your tutorial exactly. . .

    however, discovered my mistake and thought I would upload it in case someone else has the same problem.

    Under CANVAS > DYNAMIC IMAGES > RESIZER SETTINGS, make sure you don’t have both methods of image resizing selected. I chose WP Post Thumbnail and that did the trick.


    • I tried that too because it wasn’t working either, but no change… any other clues?
      I followed all the steps, I tried creating a different slide page, I created different slides, I assigned the magazine template to my page and that worked, but when I assign business nothing happens. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! thanks in advance!

      • Hi Sandra,

        If you’d like, I’d be happy to take a closer look at the slider issue. Please use the Contact form (link to contact page is in footer) and send me as much info about the issue and your site as possible. If you can create a user account for me I’d be happy to log in to the WP admin and see if I can get it working.



  3. I’m using the magazine theme… I want my slider to have links to pages and not posts… from what I understand the business theme does that…can I use the business slider in the magazine layout?

  4. My problem is I can’t find the sidebar manager for Canvas – it is not in the framework setting. I have uploaded the plugin from woothemes and activated it. what do I do next?

    • Hi Adjoa,

      Thanks for your question. It looks like WooThemes depreciated the Sidebar Manager from all of their themes which is why you don’t see it in the WP admin. Our Canvas theme tutorials were created before they removed it. However, it looks like you simply need to download their free “WooDojo” plugin and you’ll have access to WooSidebars which seems to be even better than the original sidebar manager…

      WooDojo Plugin

      Woodojo Features

      Here’s the link to download the WooDojo plugin…

      Please let me know if this helps answer your question. Thanks,


  5. Hi, I found you via a google search! I am setting up a new site for a client using Canvas. She gave me an example of a site she liked the look of which also uses Canvas. On this site she admire, they have the slider below the header. Any idea how to achieve this look? I searched the forum on Woothemes, and there was a code in a post, but it did not work for me on my client’s site. Thanks!!

    • Hi Leslie,

      Thanks for your question. If the site that you’re referring to is then it looks like they are using the Business Page Template layout. It looks like they likely updated the Reading settings to set the homepage to a Static page > then selected “Business” from the Template drop-down. If that is not the example site then please let me know what it is so that I can take a closer look at it. Also, when you say the slider was below the header… do you mean the navigation was below the slider? Please let me know. Thanks,


  6. How can I set the dimensions of the text box? It is overlapping with the pictures and I would like it more square and centered on the left hand side of the box?


    • Hi Mary – Great job on your site, it really looks good! Please give me an example of the text box that you’re referring to. I took a look at your site but don’t see overlapping text. Are you referring to the product detail page? Please let me know. We might be able to make a CSS tweak to solve the issue. Thanks

  7. I have greatly enjoyed reading your posts and viewing your tutorials. They have helped answer some nagging questions I have had about WordPress. I have a question for you, as vague as it may be. What theme or themes would you recommend to use as a photographer’s website to sell digital photos? Free and or Premium. And, would you recommend WOO Commerce as the e-commerce engine?

    Thanks for the help.


    • Hi Tim – thanks for the complements and positive feedback on our WordPress tutorials! I’m glad to hear they have been helpful. In my opinion, WooCommerce works great for sites that sell anything related to photography. Some theme providers I like that I think will work well are… ThemeForest, ElegantThemes, Mojo Themes and WooThemes. Take about an hour to look at the themes they have and I’m sure that you’ll find one you like. Just make sure that the theme you select is compatible / integrated with WooCommerce.

      I hope this helps,


      • Thanks Adam,

        I was able to find a couple of themes that may do what I need. One was in the Elegant Themes collection and the other was a Woo theme. Appreciate the help. By the way, both are Woo Commerce enabled.

        Thanks again,


  8. Thank you for all these great tutorials. I thought I saw a tutorial about how to have the Business slider display on the left of the sidebar and not take up the full width.

    Have you done a post about that?
    Do you have any suggestions on how to make that happen? I have not looked into the magazine template yet but it is my understanding that that can only pull images from posts.

  9. After setting up the slider and the business template as your homepage, do you know how to have the section underneath the slider display your recent posts?

    • Hey Marie – Thanks for your question on adding "recent posts" under the slider on the business page template for the Canvas theme. I've played around with it a bit and have yet to find a good solution. It seems like you should be able to insert a woothemes shortcode but I've not found it yet. I'll keep testing it out and in the meantime, if anyone else out there knows how to add recent posts under the Canvas theme business page template slider let us know.



  10. Hi UploadWP team,

    Thanks so much for all the CANVAS videos, it helps a lot ! I've succeeded in creating the slider in a business just here wow !

    But now I have a "problem"… : now that I have the slider, other posts are not displayed. I mean that I want this business page as my homepage but I'd like that the other posts (like it was before, chronological posts – these one : keeps on the home page, after the slider. I've tried everything I could since a week and I still don't know how to do 🙁

    I want my blog be like the demo (slider + posts) : (+ pagination at the bottom)

    Sorry for my english, I hope you'll understand my problem and will adice a solution for me.

    Thank you in advance,

    Jenni from Paris 🙂

    PS : I'm not a developper, please be clear (I won't be upset if you explain me how to like, like you'd do with a baby 🙂

    • Hi Jenni,

      Thanks for the complements on our Canvas theme tutorials. I really like your site… – very nice work! Have you considered using the Magazine page template as your homepage instead of the business page template like we did on our Canvas demo site…

      Using the Magazine page template will still allow you to have a featured image slider and display your latest Posts below the slider. From what I can tell, the Business page template does not have the ability to display your latest posts under the image slider. The Magazine page template does allow you to display latest blog post under the slider and you'll see how we set that up with our demo site ( by reviewing our Canvas theme tutorials. So my recommendation would be to use the Magazine page template as your homepage instead of the Business page template and that should give you the functionality that you're looking for.

      Let me know if this helps.

  11. Hi Teddy –

    I had a working slider on our homepage. I created a new front page, put it on the business template, changed my reading settings, etc. but my images won't show front page anymore. I'm confused! I just get a white space on there.

    I'm using the same slides created when it worked on my old front page. Why won't they migrate over? HELP! 🙂

    • Hi Monica,

      The Business page slider is separate from the magazine page slider in the Canvas theme. Keep in mind that the Business template slider is associated with Pages and the Magazine template slider is associated with Posts. My recommendation is to start by checking the following…

      In the WordPress admin go to Canvas > Theme Options > Business Template > Featured Slider > make sure the slider is enabled and set the number of slides to show

      Now that you know that the business slider is enabled, the next thing you should do is as follows…

      In the WP admin go to Slides > Slide Pages > add your Business Page as a Slide Page > once the slide page has been created Add New Slides making sure to select your Slide Page on the right-hand-side of the screen

      That's, it the business template image slider should now function on the homepage of your site. Another thing to keep in mind is that the business slider images are larger than the magazine slides. The Business template slides should be the following dimensions… 940px × 350px (they can be any height you want but the 940px wide works best).

      Let me know if this helps solve the issue. Thanks

      • Frustrating – still having issues!

        These sliders were all working on my old homepage. I changed that page to a default template, changed my *new* homepage to a business template, have my slider activated, changed my reading settings for my new homepage… I even tried deleting and recreating all of my slides!

  12. Hi,

    I love this site, your tutorials are awesome… Very Helpful! Thank you!!

    I cant seem to find a tutorial anywhere that addresses this issue I'm having… Can you help me out regarding slider width?
    How do I change my Biz slider width from full width to something like 2/3? What I mean by that is just so I get my widget area to show to the right of the image slider.

    Also, I was told that if I change the slider width to 2/3 that there is not much control over the slider effects like fade and/or direction of slide (up or to the left). How do I control slide effects with less then full-width slider?

    Thank you so very much

    • Hi Thomas,

      Thanks for the positive feedback on our WordPress tutorials! Your support is very much appreciate and keeps us motivated to make more. Instead of trying to reduce the size of the business page template image slider for the Canvas theme, it would be much easier to use the Magazine page template image slider if possible. I've tried a few times to reduce the biz page image slider and was never able to get it to work properly. I was able to reduce the size but the fade didn't work and the sidebar never moved up…

      One thing you should definitely try is go to > search for WordPress > and you'll find a bunch of gigs that will say they can fix any CSS issue. Try using one of those gigs and for $5, they can most likely figure it out. If they can't do it, they will just cancel the gig and you can try someone else. So most likely, for five dollars you'll find someone that can get it done.

  13. Hi,
    I am currently using the canvas theme while preparing the web page but on the add new slide page under canvas custom setting, next to the General settings, the SEO tag does not appear. Because of that, I cannot neither upload any picture and prepare slide pages. I tried deactivating all the plugins to avoid any clash but did not work out. Can you please help me how to sort out the problem?
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Semih,

      Thanks for your question. So when logged into the WordPress admin you go to… Slides > Add New > and on the Add New Slide page under "Canvas Custom Settings" you do now have the option to upload your image? You have a "General Settings" tab but not and "SEO" tab? Hmmm – that is strange. You should still be able to upload the image under the General Settings tab but it sounds like that's not the case. Do any options display in the General Settings tab?

      I'd be happy to take a closer look at this if you want to create a wp admin user account for me. You can send it via the Contact form on

  14. Hi!
    I´m using the Canvas theme and yesterday i created a slider for a business template site. Everything was ok and the slider was beautiful. Today he disappeared. I tried to do everything from start to finish new, but there is no slider to be shown oh this page. Instead there's the message: "Add new slider posts". But there are slider posts! The problem seems to be that my site can not connect the slide post with the slider name/ group. What can i do?

    • Hi Pepe – Thanks for your question and complements on your site, – it looks great. So it sounds like you had the Canvas theme business page template image slider working perfectly and then it disappeared. Did you don anything like upgrade to the latest version of the theme or update to the latest version of WordPress? I'm just trying to figure out what might have caused it to disappear.

      Another thing to make sure of is that you created your "Business" slide page and that the Business slide page is set to the Business page Template. Then when you create your business page slides make sure you select "Business" from the Slide Pages widget on the right hand side of the Edit Slide page.

      If you can't get it to show up, let me know and I'll take a closer look.

  15. Hi.
    I am using business slider images containing text and I'm having trouble to get them to show properly. They tend to stretch and/or be cropped.
    I am using the dimensions 980×567 and have set the slider feature to be 567 high and then tried my way various height settings but never really hit it right.

    Any ideas?

    I discovered that the business template seems to include a margin below the sliders that has to be considered when choosing the slider option height settings.

    • Hi Mats,

      If the images appear stretched on the Canvas business page template image slider it's most likely related to the image is too small. Make sure the slider image you're using is larger than the dimensions of the business slider. It helps to pull the images into an image editing program like Photoshop before uploading the. If you don't have Photoshop you can use an open source/free program such as "gimp". Just google it and you'll find the gimp download link.

  16. Hi there — you seem to be about the only person on the web who knows what he's doing with Canvas (I surely do not). I created a business page with slider and it looks just how I want it to look.

    The problem is that my navigation menu now lists Home twice. If I try to hide my business page then one of the Home buttons goes away (for me, anyway, because I'm logged in), but then there is no default / index page.

    How do I get rid of the double 'Home' menu item?

    • Hi Bryan,

      Are you using Custom Menus to control your navigation? If so, check that you don't have 2 Home links setup. Go to Appearance > Menus

      If that doesn't help, try and following free plugin…

      If you continue to have issues with it, please join the Upload WP Community Forums here…

      We have a bunch of active forum members that work with Canvas and are willing to give advice. Thanks

      • Thanks. I've joined, but have a follow up to your message above. With the hide-title plugin: what am I looking for this to do? (I installed it, activated it, edited the page to hide title tag — Home Home still appears, but there is also a title tag for both of them. I can't figure out what it is supposed to do.)

        I'm not using custom menus either. I think our next attempt is to remove the slider/home page, then rebuild and install it. Seems like few people have encountered this, making me think it's a user error on setup.

        Dunno. I'm stumped, and have been at this on and off for a while. Thanks for trying, I'll scan the forums.

  17. Hey Teddy,
    Quick question: how do I adjust the height of my business page slider? See the home page in my link. My images are 240px and I thought I had the slider height set to that amount. However, I updated Canvas and now the height increased and I can't find any setting to adjust it. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

  18. Hi Teddy,

    Is there any way to reduce the space between the slider and the nav bar in the Business template? Adding .home #navigation { margin-bottom: 0; } and similar CSS to the custom.css file is not having any impact.

    Thanks in advance!

  19. Hi there,

    Have a question about the main navigation.
    It has to be below the slider.. How do I do this?
    Can’t find it on the internet, so this is actually my last shot..

    Hope you can help me out!

  20. Hi Teddy,
    I found this forum because I was having a hard time getting my slider to show up using the business template. I went under dynamic images and selected “WP Post Thumbnail” as suggested in an earlier comment. Then it showed up. It is the only option that will make it appear. However, my slider is 1400 pixels wide and it shows as a extremely blurry pixelated photo. It appears to me that it is making it a thumbnail and enlarging it to the slider dimensions. I’m using the Jotter theme (a version of Canvas). Do you have any ideas how I can fix that? Thanks! Kim

  21. Hi
    I’d like to ask you for some help.
    Do you know if it’s possible to add a slider in the product page (shop)?
    I’m using the business template and I followed all the settings in the documentation theme but it doesn’t appear on that particular page.
    I have tried other pages (like contact, for instance) and the slider appears fine, so is not a settings problem, I think.
    Is there any trick I’m missing? or is it a limitation on the product page?
    Thanks in advance for your help, really appreciated.

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