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How to Change the ClassiPress Footer Links

In this Classipress tutorial video, I’ll show you how to update or change the Classipress footer links.  More specifically, the video will demonstrate how to change the link found on the right side of the footer that says, “Classified Ads Software | Powered by WordPress“.  The “Classified Ads Software | Powered by WordPress” links will be there by default when you install the ClassiPress theme so you will definitely want to update them before launching the site.

ClassiPress Footer Links

In my opinion, it is best to update the links so that they go to specific pages within your website.  I like to update the Classipress footer links so that they go to my Privacy Policy and Contact Us pages. Obviously it is totally based on your preferences as to how you update the ClassiPress footer links, I’m just going to show you where to do it in the WordPress admin.

Here’s how to change the ClassiPress footer links…


To recap… in the WordPress admin go to Appearance > Editor > under Templates scroll down and find “theme-footer.php” and click to open that file > theme-footer.php is the file that you need to update > scroll down and find “Classified Ads Software” and change the text and link to go to the page(s) that you’d like within your site.  Again, I prefer to update the ClassiPress footer links so that they go to my Contact and Privacy pages.  Do not make the common mistake of clicking on the Footer (footer.php) file.  The file that you need to edit is “theme-footer.php” and you’ll find it by scrolling down the page.

The highlighted section in the image below is and example of how I updated the theme-footer.php  file for…

How to Change the ClassiPress Footer Links

The result of my update to the theme-footer.php file is illustrated in the image below…

Example of Updated ClassiPress Footer Links

Your Support is Greatly Appreciated

If you’ve found my ClassiPress videos to be helpful and would like to purchase the theme, please consider using my affiliate link below.  Your support will help me to continue to make more WordPress theme specific tutorial videos.  Thanks for your support!

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  1. Adam thanks for your great video tutorial, it was really helpful to all of us. Adam i just purchase classipress theme but before i set up everything i want to know how can we remove Ad categories from home page and just show the listed items as on demo…? Please help with this one. Because ad categories will be shown at menu bar, so no point of showing it again below the features Ads instead i would like show the listed one only. Please help I am waiting for your response.

    • I’m glad to hear that the video tutorials have been helpful. Here’s how to just show the listed items… In your WordPress admin go to ClassiPress > click on the “General” tab > in the “Home Page Layout” drop-down select “Standard Style” > Save changes and you should be good to go… Thanks for the positive feedback, best of luck with your site and let me know if you need any help.


  2. Hi,
    I love your lesson about WP. I am new in WordPress and can not install ClassiPress. I have done everything but I’m still struggling. Please help.

  3. Hi Adam,

    I just bought Classipress and am very happy with it. I am still struggling with changing “Classified Ads Software | Powered by WordPress“. I do exactly as you did int the video but I do not find “Classified Ads Software | Powered by WordPress“ in the text. Could you please help me?

    Thanks in advance!!

    • Hi Zeineb,

      I'd be happy to help change the footer links for your ClassiPress theme site. If you can create a WordPress admin login account and send it to me via the contact form on I will help you change them. The link to the Contact page is in the Footer of Upload WP and that form goes to my email so I'll watch for it.



  4. Hi,
    please help me .. how can we set main page listing 10 to 15 which file or where i go and find file or …. please help me to clear this issue


  5. Hello to all who I can tell where I can get the code to rename Post an Ad on the other I want, I also want to put button off for when I give a code to a customer I can put the code and get the discount has code provided by the customer thanks hope you can help me.