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How to Change the Clipper Theme Footer Links

The Clipper theme was created by AppThemes and has become one of the most popular premium Coupon style WordPress themes available today.  I personally use it for a few of my local coupon sites.  My coupon sites focus on small to mid-size towns / cities and I’ve had very good success with 3 of them so far.  I’ve found that local businesses appreciate the fact that they can advertise, gain new customers and links back to their sites for free.  I don’t currently charge for posting coupons or using my local coupons sites.  Instead, my focus has been on building the user-base for each site.  Eventually, I do plan to monetize them mainly by selling Ad space on the site to local businesses.  In addition, I plan to eventually charge for Featured Coupons and for solo Ads in my weekly newsletter.

It’s important for me to point out the fact that the local coupon sites that I’ve built using the Clipper theme do take a bit of work to get started.  You’ll need spend some time initially “getting the word out” to local businesses and residents.  For me, “getting the word out” meant hiring a local college kid to walk into businesses and hand out businesses cards / sell them on the benefits of using the site.  It also meant emailing hundreds of businesses to tell them about the site and offer to help them get started.  However, if you consistently focus on marketing and improving the site you’ll find that your user-base will start growing on auto-pilot.

Anyway, I just went off on a bit of a rant about my local coupon sites… However, the purpose of this Clipper Theme tutorial video is to show you how to change the links in the footer.  By default, the Clipper theme will have two links in the footer which go to AppThemes and to  You’ll most likely want to change the links so that they go to pages within your own site.  Personally, I like to change the links so that they go to my Privacy Policy and my Terms pages.  I’ve found that the footer is a good place to put Privacy Policy and Terms page links.  It’s a lot more discrete than having them in the main navigation and it keeps you in compliance with the Adsense TOS should you choose to monetize your site on that way.  It’s really a good idea to have a Privacy Policy and a Terms page for the Clipper theme even if you don’t plan on using Adsense on the site.  Anyway, regardless of what pages you want the footer links to go to, the video below will show you how to update the links…

Changing the Clipper Theme Footer Links – Important Notes

Here’s a few things to keep in mind when changing the Clipper footer links…

1. The file that you’ll edit is called:  “theme-footer.php”  –  to get to this in the WordPress admin go to Appearance > Editor > scroll down the page and you’ll see it on the right hand side of the page.

2.  Make a backup of the “theme-footer.php” file before saving any changes.  You’ll want to have an original backup of the file just in case you make a mistake that really messes up the site.  If you have a backup, you’ll be able to simply revert to the original file and start over.

3.  Every time you install an updated version of the Clipper theme you’ll need to change the footer links.  In other words, AppThemes is constantly updating / improving the Clipper theme to fix any bugs, add new features and just make it better.  Therefore, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the updates they make to Clipper by installing the latest version of the theme.  Just keep in mind that each time you install the new version you’ll need to change the footer links.  When you update the Clipper theme, the footer links will go back to the original AppTheme and WordPress links so just remember to change them so they link to pages on your site.

I hope this video has been helpful.  If you have more questions about the Clipper theme that I did not answer here please leave a comment below and/or contact me and I’ll make another tutorial video on your topic of choice.

Thanks for Watching!


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