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Part 1 of Updating the ClassiPress Settings


This is the first of a series of tutorials that will show you how to build a Classified Ads style site using WordPress and the ClassiPress theme.  ClassiPress is a beautiful premium theme that was created by the fine folks at  It is loaded with features and functionality.  It is also a very user-friendly theme that can be customized to fit your needs in just a few hours.

In this series we’re going to build Costume Classifieds from start to finish using the ClassiPress theme.  The best part about classified Ads sites is that the content is generated by the site users.  You simply have to build the site once and then turn your efforts to marketing / driving traffic to it.  The site users will take care of building the site up with original content when they create new Ads.  Your goal should be to build the site up with new users every day.  The more site users you have, the more revenue you will produce and the sites value will continue to increase.

In this video we’ll show you how to activate the theme, show you how it works and update the ClassiPress settings in the WordPress admin.  This is the first part of the general setup.  In the next video we’ll finish updating the Classipress setting and move on to customizing the site.  If you have any questions after watching this video feel Free to Contact US or leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you right away.

If you’ve found my ClassiPress videos to be helpful and would like to purchase the theme, please consider using my affiliate link below.  Your support will help me to continue to make more WordPress theme specific tutorial videos.  Thanks for your support!

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  1. Hello thank you for your very informative videos. I like to know how you removed the link ”Classified Ads Software | Powered by WordPress” at the bottom right of the theme. I couldn’t find it in the footer.php of the editor.
    Thanks again

    • Hi Brian,

      To remove or modify the “Classified Ads Software | Powered by WordPress” in the theme footer do the following… In the WordPress admin go to Appearance > Editor > scroll down and click on “theme-footer.php” > this is where you’ll find the “Classified Ads Software | Powered by WordPress”. Simply delete it or change the links to link up to your pages. I like to change the links so that they go to my “Contact” page and my “Privacy Policy” page. I hope this helps and good luck! Adam

  2. Thanks so much for the ClassiPress tutorial videos. They have been very helpful.

    I was hoping to find an affiliate link to help support your efforts as I’m about to purchase the software and don’t see one.

    I’ll look around a bit more.


  3. Oops! The affiliate banner is right there beside me. Sorry, I didn’t see it.

    I’m off to purchase the theme now. Glad I found it first.


    • Hi and thanks for contacting me. After reviewing the ClassiPress settings in the WordPress admin, I found that the Indian Rupee is not a form of currency that is supported out of the box by ClassiPress or PayPal. However, there are many AppThemes Extensions / Plugins and my guess is that there is an Extension that would allow you to change the currency to Indian Rupees.

      If you go to you’ll see the link to the AppThemes Marketplace. There is a good chance that you’ve find a currency converter plugin that will allow you to change the currency to Indian rupees for the ClassiPress theme.

      I hope this helps and best of luck with your site.


  4. Looking for a Free ClassiPress child theme? Well we just created one so that you can customize your ClassiPress site the right way. Simply, subscribe to the Upload WP Newsletter above. You’ll then receive an email with a link to download our free ClassiPress child theme.

    The use of a ClassiPress child theme will ensure that your customizations are saved whenever you upgrade to the latest version of the theme. Let me know if you have any questions by posting a comment on any of our tutorials.



  5. Hello Teddy, great video tutorial. Its highly informative.
    But I'm having some difficulty as my classipress activated wordpress site would not work on a live server as it is only displaying a blank white page although everything is working perfectly on my localhost. I have even contacted my host provider to enable php_curl which they have replied and enabled yet no solution. I love this classipress theme and would love to see it at work on my live server.
    Thanks a lot and would love to get ur response soon. Cheers!

    • Hi – Thanks for letting me know our ClassiPress tutorials have helped. The first step I would recommend in solving the issue is to go to Fiverr and search for "move wordpress". Chances are good that you'll find a gig that get your new site live for $5.

  6. Hello Teddy,

    I am using classipress theme (testing before launch) and has enabled paypal as payment gateway for my site . But, I'm getting a message "Whoops! Page Not Found.The page or ad listing you are trying to reach no longer exists or has expired."

    This is the only error message I am getting in classipress. What possibly be the reason for this? Atleast, 12-15 times I have by different means tried that paypal gateway works, but no use, i have tried everything.

    How to solve this, please help!


    • Hi Ruc,

      Try adjusting you Permalink settings if you have not already. Often times making adjustments to permalinks solves those types of issues with ClassiPress. Try using the custom structure… /%postname%/

      If that doesn't work try using "Post Name".

  7. hi teddy…do you have tutorial to add new currency for the payment setting? my country currency is not listed in the drop down option

    thank you