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How to Create Dummy Classified Ads



In this video we show you how to use from a site user’s perspective.  We create an account, edit our profile and create a ‘dummy AD’.  When creating dummy Ads we recommend opening the site in a new browser so that you don’t have to log out of the site administrator’s account.  Also, creating a new account makes the site look like it has activity and will help to get it started.   The most difficult part in making a classified Ads style site successful is getting those first 10 to 15 people to start using the site.  Building up the initial site user-base is the hardest part.   That is why we recommend creating a few “dummy accounts” and at least 10 – 15 Dummy Ads to give the appearance that the site is active.

Also, creating dummy Ads gives new site users a guide as to how they should create their classified Ads.  So make sure that your dummy accounts and dummy Ads are setup the right way because people will copy your Ad structure.  If you want to build a high quality site then you need to set the example right from the start.  The way to set the right example is by having great dummy accounts and great dummy Ads so please do not under estimate the importance of this step.

Another thing we recommend is to create a “How it Works” video that shows visitors how to use the site.  We’ve found that once we started creating “How it Works” videos for each of our ClassiPress sites our user-base went way up.  Even though Classipress is extremely user-friendly it really helps to give people as much help as possible to get them started.  Once they do start to use the site they’ll see how easy it is and will be more likely to use it over and over again.  If you have any questions please leave a comment below or feel free to Contact Us.

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  1. Hi teddy i followed your classipress tutorials.They Were great Thanks.The only disappointment i had with classipress is the banner advertising areas, as you know classifieds rely heavily on advertising banners for local businesses ect.. can you recommend a plugin or mod for more ad space areas on the front page Thank again for your great tutorials. Russ Weaver