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An Overview of a Finished ClassiPress Site



This is the final video in our series on how to create a Classified Ads style site using WordPress and the ClassiPress theme.  In this video we show you the finished product in detail. is at the point where we can shift our focus from building it to driving traffic to it and gaining new users.

The biggest obstacle in making a classified Ads site successful is building up the initial user-base.  Getting the first 10 – 20 site users is a challenge.  However, it can definitely be done and is very much worth the extra effort.  Popular classified Ads sites have huge value and can be easily monetized so it’s worth the effort.

A good way to get those initial site users is to send an email to all of your friends and family.  Tell them about the new site and ask them to participate.  If you can get 10 or more family and friends to use the site then you are off to the races.  If you have a marketing budget then I would also suggest using PPC… Adwords and Facebook PPC are my paid marketing methods of choice because they provide instant targeted traffic.  I would suggest that you first ask your family and friends to join.  Then, after you have some people using the site launch a PPC marketing campaign.

As you probably know by now, ClassiPress is an incredible theme that makes it possible to quickly create high quality Classified AD style sites.  The functionality that is built into the theme is truly amazing.  If you plan to build a Classified Ads site then I highly recommend using the ClassiPress theme.  Thanks for taking the time to watch this ClassiPress Tutorial video series.  If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us and we’ll get back to you right away.

Your Support is Greatly Appreciated

If you’ve found my ClassiPress videos to be helpful and would like to purchase the theme, please consider using my affiliate link below.  Your support will help me to continue to make more WordPress theme specific tutorial videos.  Thanks for your support!

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  1. Olá, como posto anúncios de parceiros nos banners laterais de 125×125 no Classipress ? já tentei e não consigo por as imagens das logos marcas de parceiros dentro dos banners laterais de 125×125! help.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for your kind effort, to upload such an informative video series of classipress tutorial. It is definitely very helpful 🙂

  3. Hi, teddy Trition I love your tutorial about classipress. may I ask you, how to make classipresss works automatically with WP robot plugin? I cant make it works with. Don’t know how to start.

  4. Dear Adam, I watched all yours Youtube videos, but I have not found a solution for me.
    I got classipress theme , but…. problem is with “ad contact poster” tab not working. emails are not recieved by ad poster.
    (when I click “Contact” on the ad)
    I hope some of you knows what am I talking about.
    Thanks in advance.