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How to Control the Clipper Featured Coupons

We’ve come to the end of our series on how to create a WordPress Coupon site using the premium Clipper Theme.  In our final Clipper tutorial video we’re going to focus on how to control the Featured Coupons Slider that shows up on the home page of the theme.  The Featured Coupons slider is a great addition to the Clipper theme and it immediately grabs the attention of new site visitors.  The featured coupons slider automatically takes a small screen capture of each users site and rotates it across the top of the home page screen.  Let’s now take a closer look at how to control the featured coupons slider…Clipper Featured Coupon Slider

How to Control the Home Page Clipper Featured Coupons Slider

As the site administrator, you have the ability to feature any coupon in the slider.  Here’s how to control the featured coupons slider.  When a new coupon is submitted by a site user you will receive an email notification letting you know you have a new coupon to moderate.  Log into your WordPress admin and go to Coupons > click Edit on the pending coupon > scroll down the edit coupon page and you’ll see a “Featured Coupon” check box > check the box and then publish the coupon.  It’s that easy, the coupon will now show up on the home page of the site as a featured coupon in the slider.

It’s important to note that the screen capture of the featured coupon will most likely take a few minutes to render.  So do not panic if it does not show up right away.  Just be patient and give it a couple minutes.  Do a Ctrl F5 to refresh the page after a few minutes have passed and you should see the new featured coupon screen capture live on the site.  Also, please note that you need to have at least 2 featured coupons active in order for the slider to show up.  If you only have 1 live featured coupon the slider will not appear.  You need to have a minimum of 2 featured coupons for the slider to show up on the home page of your Clipper coupon site.

Monetize Your Site with Clipper Featured Coupons

The Clipper featured coupons slider is a great way to monetize your WordPress coupon site.  It goes without saying that just about every site user will want their coupons to be featured in order to maximize exposure.  Once your Clipper coupons site is established and gets a good amount of traffic it makes sense for you to charge a fee for featured coupons. The amount of money you want to charge for site users to show up in the featured coupons slider is up to you.  The point is that it’s just one of many easy ways to monetize the Clipper theme.

A more specific approach to monetizing the featured coupon slider that you may want to consider is the concept of exclusivity.  What I mean is that you could only allow for a small number of coupons to be featured at any given time.  You might decide to allow for just 10 coupons in the featured coupon slider at once.  This would increase demand for people wanting their coupons in the featured coupon slider which in turn would result in you as the site owner, being able to charge a higher fee per featured coupon.  To summarize, allowing only a small number of featured coupons in the slider at one time would increase demand and allow you to raise the fee.

The opposite approach for monetizing the featured coupon slider would be to allow for an unlimited number of featured coupons.  However, with this approach you would have to lower the fee significantly because you’ll loose the exclusivity effect.  The tutorial video below demonstrates how to control the Clipper Featured Coupons Slider…

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    • Hi – Your best bet is to use the “Popular Stores” widget. From what I can tell, there is no easy way to add popular stores to the homepage like the featured coupons slider. But… you can show featured stores on the homepage by using the Popular Stores widget.

  1. Hi Teddy,

    Kindly answer the following questions:

    1) I need to introduce a coupon page/section to my website (this is not a coupon website, I just need a section within the website). Is this possible?

    2. Does it maintain the theme of my website?

    3. Can vendors login and create their own coupons?

    4. is there an email notification to let me know a vendor has created a new coupon?

    5. Is there an option to accept/reject any new coupon?

    6. Is there an option to limit the number of coupons per vendor?

    7. Is there a Google map option?

    8. How does it work for local vendors who do not have a website?

    9. Please indicate which of the above features is available in your free version (if there is one)?

    10. How is this product different from JC Coupon?

    Most of my vendors are small business owners with no websites.


    • Hi Aniket,

      My suggestion would be to check the plugins you have installed. Most likely, it's a plugin causing the issue. So turn them all off, see if that gets the featured coupon slider working. If it does, turn them back on one-by-one until you find the offending plugin.

  2. Hi Teddy,
    Thanks for sharing this information. I have a question.

    I want to add my own coupon image while adding a coupon from admin panel (not the website thumbnail as these are not loading up).
    I tried all the options, is there a specific way to do this?

    Thanks in advance .