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Aug 10, 2017
Dec 17, 2013
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Nov 12, 1982 (Age: 34)
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Aug 10, 2017
    1. Hippie Camel
      Hippie Camel
      I am pretty new to this. My site is hippiecamel.com. It is currently a work in progress.
      My problem is that I want for the pages to have a very specific, personal look. I can get the products to show up on assigned category pages, but they are not 'pages' that I have generated and can edit to my liking. Any way to fix this?
    2. sola
      hi mr teddy
      i hope to help me
      i have many variation attribute in my shop page all attribute in one column can a custom it to redistribute in two or three column as
      this image
    3. designsonline
      Hi Teddy, I joined days ago and have been patiently waiting for my account to be approved, but it appears to have been overlooked. Please can you approve it so that I can post?
      Regards, Joseph
    4. Max Bank
      Max Bank
    5. samtam
      Hello Friend, I want to set a slider on the top of every page. where should I put the php code. also the thumbnail icon how to resize for products?

      I am using mystile thanks!
    6. farid
      Hi Teddy,
      First of all I'm really glad and thankful for your work and advises. I got some problems with mystile theme, the pic doesn't appear in mysite theme, even in cPanel, Any help is appreciated. Thanks for advance. Permalink for Post #609
    7. bunneahmunkeah
      First off. Freaking love MyStile! My site launch is mid April. I really could use a few odds and ends fixed before then. I'm willing to do the work. I just need guidance on the things I can't get worked out. I really want my site looking on point by the 10th of April. I'm willing to pay a little to make it worth someone's time. Or make a piece of art for them. Feel free to PM or email me

      bunneahmunkeah [AT] gee mail
    8. smdgouse
      Hey Ted.. This is my first time joining a forum so I might be a bit of a rookie to this. My question is about how to add 2 search box s to my header area of my style theme and i want search products categories and tags at time with on click button .pls solve my issue
      1. Taras
        Hi, Maybe I could help you? which theme installed on the site?
        Feb 23, 2015
    9. nightofjoy
      Hya Teddy. I'm having a few problems customizing Woo and they're preventing me getting my site live. Any chance you could take a look at the points I just raised in the 'customizing' thread? I'd love to get my site live asap as i have people waiting for t-shirts. Cheers. Mike.
      1. Taras
        Hi, where in the the settings you have problem?
        Feb 23, 2015
    10. samwel

      Would like to set up a stockphoto website. I want to display photos as products in a grid format where a customer can click and buy different sized images in a zipped file. I have NextGen Gallery plugin installed as well as woocommerce extensions product addon, subscriptions, images variations and color swatches.
    11. Yvonne C
      Yvonne C
      I would like to remove the annoying border around the product box. I notice some people websites have managed to remove it. But, I have been wrecking my brain trying to figure it out. Do anyone have an ideal?
    12. Yuebin Yu
      Yuebin Yu
      I recently set up a new ecommerce website with woocommerce in wordpress. The theme is mystile. For some reason, any option in mystile-->theme option-->home page wont function. For example, even I check "display sidebar on the homepage" or check "display product category" under woocommerce tag wont trigger on anything on the homepage. Plz help.
    13. dom
      like the one on the right hand side in FireBug section. I know how to to the changes in CSS, but really dont have a clue how to save the changes in the padding value under layout. Yout help would be much appreciated.
    14. dom
      I am trying to put a slider on my site and im having a disply problem. Can you please tell me how to get the value under "layout" in FireBug changed??
    15. dom
      Hi Ted. Thanks for your effort for making all the youtube videos. I did learn alot from that.
    16. apfernand
      I can't figure out how to post a question so here's my problem: On top nav in Home page, instead of shopping cart icon next to product total, I see "£" and instead of checkout arrow, I have a closing parethisis ")". This has to do with font-family "icomon" and my child theme. (Icons are correct in parent theme). How can I fix?
    17. Pavan Walvekar
      Pavan Walvekar
      Hi. I joined uploadwp.com a few moments ago. I need help on something. I uninstalled Mystile theme, becuz I wanted to start designing it from beginning. I was successful in that. But now when I click on "Add New" theme, its leading me to "Internal Server Error". Pls help.
    18. jacob jordan
      jacob jordan
      Can anybody tell me why my contact page is not working please
    19. jacob jordan
      jacob jordan
      please somebody try and get back to me ASAP!!
    20. jacob jordan
      jacob jordan
      does anybody also know how to remove the add to cart box from the product gallery?
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    Nov 12, 1982 (Age: 34)
    Home page:
    Sin City, NV
    Wordpress Ninja
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