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Are old products still searchable ong google?

Discussion in 'Category & Product Setup' started by ben crasnean, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. ben crasnean

    ben crasnean Member

    Hi all!
    If Im using wordpress to create products, once those products sell and I delet them from my product archibe, will that product page still be out there somewhere so that whenever someone searches for the product on google, even though I dont have that item anymore, my old product page would pop up leading them to my site to potentially find something else they need? Or does deleting the product from my list of products also remove that created page from online?
    Or do I need to keep the product active in my product archive but just adjust the availability to zero or something like that so that the products will still show up in google searches?
    Thank you!
  2. Savidge4

    Savidge4 Upload WP Superstar


    There can be a number of different answers to this. If you have a SEO plugin that does an XML sitemap... the page will be removed. if you have just a sitemap plugin, it "should" be removed, but some do not. If none of the above apply, it will NOT be removed.

    Ultimately you want to look at Google Webmaster tools for your site, and in the case you are no longer going to carry a product, you can go here and remove the page URL from the search results manually.

    Hope That Helps!

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  3. ben crasnean

    ben crasnean Member

    Thanks for the reply buddy!
    I wish I had any sort of idea as to what your talking about, but SEO is not my cup of tea :)
    I think the best thing for me to do is just keep the products active but change the inventory to zero and remove the product tag from that category's shop page. that way the product page itself should still be active out there but ppl wont be able to buy it if they come across it using google because the quantity is zero. Am I thinking this out properly or no?
    Crap but then another problem is that the old products will still show up in my product archive page right? Im actually using my product archive page as my my shop page right now so that wont work... Is there any way to have product created but to keep it off the product archive page?
    Thanks again!
  4. Savidge4

    Savidge4 Upload WP Superstar

    if you are talking about a product here or there, "sold out" is really not a bad thing. if you are looking at10% of your product, well that's not good. whatdo you think the number will be?

  5. ben crasnean

    ben crasnean Member

    Well, as of now it would only be a few pieces. But over time they will add up. I am currently remaking my site in wordpress. my old site was made in iweb and so i was able to create an actual page for each piece I listed. Once the piece sold, I would just deactivate the buy it now button but the page would still be searchable in google. But im not sure if thats how it works with the products in wordpress.
  6. Savidge4

    Savidge4 Upload WP Superstar


    If the product inventory is set to zero the buy now button will automatically disappear. you will not have to go in and take out the buy now button manually,it will disappear on its own