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Back Order variable product

Discussion in 'Category & Product Setup' started by macca, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. macca

    macca New Member Updated Profile

    I have a Woocommerce environment and I have a mix of simple and variable products. I have the ability to back order which works fine on the simple products no problem

    Yet on the variable one it doesn't work

    The variable product I have set like this

    Out of stock threshold in Woocommerce settings is 0

    The variable product manage stock is off on the inventory tab

    then on the variations which there are two I have these set to manage stock currently they are both not in stock so the amount is 0 but I have stock status as in stock with back order allowed put notify customer.

    When the user tries to back order the item adding and amount it says value must be equal or less than 0 then if this is done buy trying to add 0 it says the value must be equal or more than 1 I just want them to be able to order on back order like they do with simple products some of them work and some of them dont but they are all configured the same . Please help