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Double Site Title in Chrome Tab

Discussion in 'Themes & Templates' started by Zenmode, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. Zenmode

    Zenmode Member

    So, in the page tab where my favicon shows, my site says "Home | ZenmodsZenmods"

    I tried taking out the title, which just deleted both of them. I couldn't find another place to edit it.

    Whats going on here?
  2. Savidge4

    Savidge4 Upload WP Superstar


    you are cursed! ha ha ha is it just in Chrome?

  3. Savidge4

    Savidge4 Upload WP Superstar

    Answering my own question..that is almost as bad as talking to your... oh wait i'm doing that too... To answermy question, no its not just chrome.


    Instead of placing your name in there try a catch phrase " Your stuff, my Pipes | " At the very least remember to add a space onto whatever you type but the " | " space line space will probably look better - ok it does to me anyways

    Hope that Helps!

  4. Zenmode

    Zenmode Member

    Haha o thanks.

    The thing here is that I am not typing the pipe "|" symbol or the word "Home".

    What I'm doing to change it is going to appearance>customize>Site Title & Tagline and then changing my Title to "Zenmods", and my Tagline to "A new type of pipe".

    This only makes the title show twice, and the tagline to not show at all.

    I've deleted the title to just keep the tagline, and that just shows "Home | ".

    I've changed the tagline to the title, and as expected, doubles that with no space as well.

    What I'd like it to show is this: "Zenmods | Home", "Zenmods | Bowls", "Zenmods | Blog"

    But I feel that I would have to replace all the page names to "Zenmods" to accomplish that lol.
  5. Savidge4

    Savidge4 Upload WP Superstar


    ok I played around with this. After looking at what you said. The title automatically fills in ( Page Title ) then your ( Site Name ) and then the ( Page URL )

    Here is the secret to this. Let wordpress do it all by it self. Leave those 2 spots blank and save and see what happens.