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External / Affiliate Products Setup in WooCommerce

Discussion in 'Category & Product Setup' started by TeddyTriton, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. TeddyTriton

    TeddyTriton Administrator Staff Member

    One of the Product Types you can setup in WooComm is an, "External/Affiliate Product". Please take a few minutes to review our tutorial on...

    How to Setup WooCommerce External/Affiliate Products

    Any question, comments or tips on setting up External Affiliate products should be posted here.
  2. TeddyTriton

    TeddyTriton Administrator Staff Member

    Here's the video that goes with our external/affiliate products tutorial...

  3. TxDon

    TxDon New Member Updated Profile

    Great video and very helpful.

    I have one question. Normally Google wants those Affiliate Links to have the "NoFollow" attribute attached. (if you're worried about getting your site ranked high in Google) Is there a way to make all Affiliate Links, or all External Links have the "NoFollow" attribute?
  4. TeddyTriton

    TeddyTriton Administrator Staff Member

    You could use the Pretty Links plugin. It's a free plugin that allows you to make external links No Follow. The free version of the plugin is called, "Pretty Link Lite". I've not yet tested it with WooCommerce External Products but it's worth a shot.
  5. Mike H

    Mike H New Member Updated Profile

    Im using Hestia Theme in Word Press with the Woocommerce Plugin.

    I need to add affiliate links to the "add to cart" button for products that are variations (using a drop down menu). The only solution I have found causes the variations to ALL be displayed at once instead of using the normal drop down menu.

    Seems like it should be an easy solution to replace the "cart destination" with an affiliate link (maybe added as a meta tag in Attributes). Not sure exactly. I cant be the first one to have this issue. Any ideas?

    Thanks Mike