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Getting Products from Vendor Catalog to Woo Database

Discussion in 'Category & Product Setup' started by KJ Prince, May 25, 2016.

  1. KJ Prince

    KJ Prince New Member Updated Profile

    Hey guys, I'm new here.

    I have a bunch of vendor catalogs with product data (titles, descriptions, colors, sizes, etc).

    I've designed the woo product taxonomy to accomodate these products. EG. I setup the taxomomnies, terms, custom meta data, relationships, etc.

    How are folks getting data from vendor catalogs to the woocommerce database?

    I need to perform a pretty detailed process on each product like changing the title, writing a unique description, meta-description, pricing information, modifying and touching up product images, choosing the correct taxonomies (EG categorizing the products one by one), etc.

    This seems to be a problem anyone with a reasonable sized shop would have...I'm wondering if anyone knows a good way to handle this process.

  2. Ken Shinde

    Ken Shinde Member

  3. Cart2Cart

    Cart2Cart New Member Updated Profile

    Hi there!

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