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Important Plugins to Install

Discussion in 'General WooCommerce Discussion' started by yavarkhan, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. yavarkhan

    yavarkhan Member

    Can some one suggest me which plugins to install after you set up your website
  2. Savidge4

    Savidge4 Upload WP Superstar


    That would totally depend on you are doing with your site. is it a store? just a blog? is there a lot of products? just a few? are you looking for ways to communicate with your users? There are simply hundreds of variables as well as solutions.

    I would say that the most common plugins that would be installed would be a Cache optimizer, some type of site security, and a SEO plugin. after that's its wide open

  3. paulstanely1

    paulstanely1 Member

    You can try WooCommerce Extra product options which allow your customers to personalize the things such as they can select their own choice of shirt color like blue, black etc. This increase the customer engagement on your website and generate more traffic.