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Magento to WooCommerce? Is it Worth it?

Discussion in 'General WooCommerce Discussion' started by Cart2Cart, Jul 17, 2017 at 8:56 AM.

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    Mar 18, 2016
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    Nowadays, a large number of store owners decide to port their stores on WooCommerce and Magento online store owners are not the exceptions. For sure, both eCommerce engines are incompatibly great in flexibility, high-level customization and advanced integration.

    However, it`s not a secret that lots of Magento clients see WooCommerce as a good alternative for their stores. Why so?
    • First, WooCommerce is much easier to establish and more user-friendly in managing day-to-day activities. Meanwhile, Magento is world`s leading platform for tech savvies only.
    • The same as Magento, WooCommerce is also free for downloading, offering hundreds of effortlessly customizable templates. Remember, with a code-level access you can tweak and twist your store as much as needed?
    • WooCommerce is SEO-friendly with a significant number of third party plugins, modules and apps used for more advanced store integration.
    • Alike Magento, WooCommerce has solid documentation covering the most essential topics. Additionally, you can get a helpful tech support via Account/Dashboard.
    • WooCoomerce has an ever-growing community that includes various tutorials, FAQs and forums where you can find the answer to any tech issue instantly.
    For sure, there far more brilliant advantages that are yet to be uncovered. But, perhaps, it`s time to move further and discuss the most decisive step, guess what we`re talking about?

    Yes, its migration procedure that always invokes many hesitations and fears. What is the best way to safely port on WooCommerce? There is no “best” way as everything depends on you opportunities, tech expertise and even deadlines.

    For sure, if you`re not a technically challenged person or need a fast but qualitative Magento to WooCommerce switch, a worthy option will be fully automated migration that won't require from you much interference and what's more will save your time.

    If you feel that automated migration is what you need right now, we can help you to do it in a most reliable and secure way as possible.

    Why Cart2Cart?
    • Cart2Cart migration service will move all your data with a large number of transferable entities from Magento to WooCommerce within a few hours.

    • You don`t need to worry about your current store performance as it`ll keep you existing online store online and available for users, causing no troubles to its productivity.

    • Counting over 45 000 successful transfers, Cart2Cart will prevent you from any kind of data breakthrough or entities loss.

    • The service offers 24/7 support to its clients. Always feel free to contact our dedicated staff via call, live chat or ticket.

    • Cart2Cart gives users the possibility to testify the service and quality of data transfer by performing a Free Demo Migration from Magento to WooCommerce.
    What data can be transferred during WooCommerce migration :
    • Products, product catagories
    • Manufactures
    • Customers, customer shipping address, customer billing address
    • Orders
    • Other: Coupons, reviews, taxes, multistore

    How to migrate from Magento to WooCommerce with the help of Cart2Cart service?

    Could you ever imagine that the process of migration from Magento to WooCommerce may be very quick and simple? All you need is to follow the step-by-step instructions provide below, and you will meet your new WooCommerce store in couple of hours only.

    1.Create Cart2Cart account.

    Register a new Cart2Cart account or sign up with your Facebook or Google+ account.

    2. Set up Source Cart.

    Select Magento as your Source Cart and provide your current store URL.Then, download the Connection Bridge, unzip and upload it to your Magento root folder.

    3. Set up Target Cart

    Select WooCommerce as your Target Cart and provide your store’s URL. Then, download the Connection Bridge, unzip and upload it to your WordPress root folder.

    4. Choose entities

    Pick up particular entities you want to migrate from Magento to WooCommerce, or choose “Select all”. You can also extend your migration possibilities by picking up some additional options.

    5. Start Free Demo

    Demo data transfer will move a limited number of entities from your current Magento store to live WooCommerce store within 30 minutes.

    6. Launch Full migration

    After evaluating Demo results, launch a full-scale data migration by clicking “Start Migration” button. Data transfer from Magento to WooCommerce will start instantly.

    So, as you can see the store migration is not as messy as you thought before.Take your lucky chance and try our Free Demo migration from Magento to WooCommerce right now.

    Kind regards,
    Cart2Cart team