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Mystile Shopping Page images

Discussion in 'Category & Product Setup' started by Charles Sawh, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Charles Sawh

    Charles Sawh Member

    Good day,

    I need some assistance with my mystile theme. On shopping page, I am unable to get the images to stay in order, in rows of fours. http://www.lc-sawh-enterprises.com/shop/

    The next problem I am having is the product images I am unsure how this happen but the images are blurry and they are not how it was, when I had first installed the mystile theme. An example of one of the product page: http://www.lc-sawh-enterprises.com/product/4-ports-usb-hub-splitter/

    Hope some one can assist. If you need me to explain any further please let me know.

  2. TeddyTriton

    TeddyTriton Administrator Staff Member

    Issue # 1: For problem number 1 do you have any custom css?

    Issue #2: You need to set your product images to a larger size. Right now its 200x200 but its displaying bigger so its distorted.


    WooCommerce Product Images

    To adjust the Shop Image settings go to WooCommerce > Settings > Product and scroll to the bottom of the page to find the product image size settings. If you change these settings after you’ve uploaded images, you must Regenerate Thumbnails for the changes to take effect.

  3. Charles Sawh

    Charles Sawh Member

    Good day,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Issue#1: Yes I believe I inserted some custom css code.

    I notice this CSS Custom code:

    .attachment-shop_catalog {
    box-shadow: inset -3px -3px 10px rgba(1, 1, 1, 0.2) !important;
    border: 0 !important;

    Not to sure if this would help.

    Issue #2: I believe it is more than just adjusting the product image. However I still adjusted the product image to 300x300. The product image looks a bit better. The layout of the product image is wrong. It was not like that the first time I installed mystile theme. I have placed a link showing how the product images were layout. I used this video to help me build this website.

    Currently all my product images are one below each other and when you click on anyone of the product images, it shows the product as it should be but you are unable to go to the next product image. The only way to go to the next product image is to click on the back arrow on the web browser to go back to the product page and then click on the next product image. Another point I noticed was that the favicon also changes when you click on the product image. Please see attached.

    Hope this information helps.

    Attached Files:

  4. Edite

    Edite New Member Updated Profile


    I have the same issue as Charles. My product gallery thumbnails do not display as it was before. Please see a sample here: https://www.wonderrepeller.com/product/original-buddha-home-essence-burner
    I don't remember having changed any setting or custom CSS concerning the product images sizes or display. I have tried to change the image sizes and regenerate the thumbnails, several times without any success. I have been trying to solve this problem for days now.. If anyone has encountered this same issue and was able to solve it, please a support would be much much appreciated.

    Here are my settings:
    Product images
    These settings affect the display and dimensions of images in your catalogue – the display on the front end will still be affected by CSS styles. After changing these settings you may need to regenerate your thumbnails.

    Catalogue images × px Hard crop?
    Single product image × px Hard crop?
    Product thumbnails × px Hard crop?

  5. Edite

    Edite New Member Updated Profile

    Two other issues I have as well, I forgot to mention.
    Issue One: For some reason, the 'add to cart', 'buy now' button in my case does not appear on each product in the category. ( You need to click on each product to be able to see the 'buy now' bottom. This can be annoying in case someone wants to add something quickly to the shopping cart. I don't know if what I am saying makes sense? Please have a look here: https://www.wonderrepeller.com/product-category/essential-oils-burners

    The 2nd issue: Is there any CSS I can use to add the 'buy now' button to the Up-sells and Cross-sells products especially at the checkout?

    Thank you.

  6. Charles Sawh

    Charles Sawh Member

    Good day,

    After updating to the new version of the Mystile Theme, the image issue was fixed. But my first issue is still unresolved: I am unable to get the images to stay in order, in rows of fours. http://www.lc-sawh-enterprises.com/shop/

    Unsure how to resolve this issue.

    Any suggestions. Please thanks!