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Variable Attributes - confused!!

Discussion in 'Category & Product Setup' started by Declan Howard, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. Declan Howard

    Declan Howard New Member Updated Profile

    Hi folks,
    I am really in need of some help. This is my situation. I'm setting up my photography website, and will hopefully sell prints etc. from it.
    I will have 3 different categories - Photographic Prints, Canvas Prints and a Download option. Inside Photographic Prints I will have 3 different sizes and each size is a different price, with Canvas Prints there will be 7 different pricing options. So when customers go to purchase, they should see 3 categories as drop down menus with the prices/sizes in there.
    I had it set up that way initially, but my pricing wasn't set, so I went back to my Variations and Expanded the menu for each variation, but there were three prices showing in each Variation - I had used 'Create Variations from all Attributes', so I don't know what price to seats my Regular Price as there is only one area for this, but have 3 prices showing. There must surely be a Video Tutorial for this option. I have seen videos on setting Variations for a Product such as a t-shirt, but that works ok as all the different sizes are the same price. How do I go about this - I presume I am creating the Attributes incorrectly? I deleted the original Attributes which gave me the 3 drop down options after I had set the Terms for each drop down, and then created a set of individual options for each price, thinking this would fix it for me - but no joy.
    I hope this isn't too confusing, but I don't know how else to explain my problem.
    I'm really hoping someone here has a very simple explanation as I'm a total newbie to this kind of set-up.
    You can see from the screenshot where all the prices are under the same number #13591 and only one place to enter a price.

    Many thanks in advance,
    Declan Howard

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