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WooCommerce Mystile Shipping Rates

Discussion in 'Configuring WooCommerce' started by Ralf_CT, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Ralf_CT

    Ralf_CT New Member Updated Profile

    I'm struggling with what may be a very simple issue:

    We plan to sell cat litter online throughout South Africa's 9 provinces, however, initially we want to limit delivery to selected major centers via courier. I would like to set up the checkout process as follows:

    1. The customer must select his province and town from a drop-down, before he fills in the shipping particulars. If his town isn't featured we can not yet supply him;
    2. Our courier offers A2 shipping bags. I can fit two cat litter bags in one A2 shipping bag, shipping costs therefore also need to be broken down as follows: 1 bag - RX, 2 bags = RY, 3 bags = RY, 4 bags = free shipping.

    I've tried some of the shipping plugins but they seem to link the shipping rate to the customer's address particulars in the shipping form. I want the customer to know if we ship to him before he wastes his time filling in the shipping form.

    Many thanks in advance.