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Create a unique Personal or Company Profile Page with WordPress and the BusinessCard Theme

The BusinessCard theme doesn’t look like much when it’s first installed but in it’s simplicity lies it’s beauty.  The BusinessCard theme (by Elegant Themes) makes a great personal profile or about us page to link to from your main site.  It’s also the perfect placeholder or splash page theme for your newly developing business.  BusinessCard comes with five different color schemes out of the box and is highly customizable within it’s minimalist structure.  The theme also contains interesting JavaScript elements that help engage site visitors.businesscard theme tutorial

Making modifications to BusinessCard is a breeze.  In no time at all you’ll have a polished, self contained personal profile or business info page.  Let’s begin this BusinessCard theme tutorial by showing you how to add Tabs and change the background.

Adding Tabs (Pages) to the BusinessCard theme

To add tabs to BusinessCard simply create a new page in the WordPress admin.  The theme will add a tab automatically when a new page is created.  There is no menu configuration and posts do not appear anywhere with this unique WP theme.

Changing the Background

By default, the BusinessCard theme offers a dull gray background.  This is likely one of the first thing you’ll want to modify.  There are two ways to change the BusinessCard theme background.

The first method is the easiest and that is to change the color scheme from within the Elegant Themes ePanel.  Here’s how to do that…

After installing and activating BusinessCard visit the “BusinessCard Theme Options” tab from under the “Appearance” tab in the WordPress admin.  >  Scroll down to the “Color Scheme Box” and select one of the five colors from the drop down.  > Scroll to the bottom of the page and save your changes.  > Your site will now boast a new color with a slight radial gradient.

The other, more interesting way to customize the background is to add your own image or set a custom color.  To add your own background image do the following…

In the WordPress admin go to Appearance > Background.  > From there you can upload an image or set a custom color.

When customizing the BusinessCard theme background with an image or custom color there are a few things to remember:

  • Make sure the background image fits with the logo you plan to use (more on changing the logo later in the article).
  • Make sure the background matches the overall site color scheme. The reason that is important is…  While the background image overrides the color scheme for the homepage of the site, the color scheme selected still dictates the background color of your pages / tabs.
  • Make sure your background image is large enough to display properly on all monitor sizes without stretching or tiling.

**Watch the tutorial video below to learn how to change the background of the BusinessCard theme…

Changing the BusinessCard theme Logo Space

Changing the logo space on the BusinessCard theme is as easy as it gets.

To change the logo space in the WordPress admin go to Appearance > Business Card Theme Options and it’s the first box under “General.”  >  Upload your logo and save your changes.

Your logo size and shape doesn’t matter, just make sure it plays nice with the rest of your layout.

Watch the tutorial video below to learn how to change the BusinessCard Logo Space…

Adding Icons to Tab TitlesFeatured Image

To add an icon to your tab (page) simply upload an image and set it as a featured image for the page.  For best results use a .png image with a transparent background at 32x32px.

Watch the tutorial video below to learn how to add Tab Title Icons…

SEO and the BusinessCard theme

The Elegant Themes ePanel also offers support for Search Engine Optimization.  For the BusinessCard theme, I  recommend that you set up the “Home Page SEO” section.  You can ignore the others as they don’t really apply to this theme.

To set up the Home Page SEO in the WP admin go to Appearance > BusinessCard Theme Options > SEO (from the left hand navigation). 

From there enable “Custom Title” and “Meta Description.”  The title that you input will be what appears in search results as the link.  The meta description will be the descriptive text that appears underneath the title.

Enabling BusinessCard theme Custom Colors

If you’re looking to change things like link color and font color then visit…

Appearance > Business Card Theme Options > Colorization > Enable custom colors and scroll down to the field you want to change.  >  Clicking in the box will bring up a color picker, use this to select your color and then paste the hex value (the six digit code generated by the picker in the lower left corner) into the field and save your changes.

Being a member of the Elegant Themes family, the BusinessCard theme offers full support for their expansive short code library.  Keep this in mind as you are developing your site.

As always drop a comment below with questions.  Please also feel free to request a follow up tutorial for the BusinessCard theme or any of the themes we’ve done tutorials on in the past.

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    • Hi Ben,

      Thanks for your question. The BusinessCard theme is designed to keep the same overall look and feel for each page. So no matter if you’re on the About, Testimonials, Contact or any other page it will keep the same look / feel. Let me know if this helps answer your question.


      • Adam – If you read Ben's question carefully, you will note that he is actually asking if it is possible to have an href link direct a user to a 'page' on the site, rather than forcing redirect to the root url, as it does by default. I am also wondering the same thing.

        So, specifically, how can we have a link to and have it open that page, and not just redirect to

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for your great tutorials. I heard that if you have Woo Commerce it is a lot better to have a Woo theme. Do you agree? I ask because I would rather have the Twenty Eleven, Twenty Twelve or Twenty Thirteen Theme if it would work just as well. If a Woo theme is better with Woo Commerce then is there any way to make the Home Page of the Mystile Theme look similar to one of these Twenty Themes? Thanks

  2. hi !
    I'm using the businesscard theme from elegant but I have some problems with form contact plugin as Ninja because of this theme (it works with another theme).
    Did you have the same problem and above all : did you solve it ?
    Thanks a lot for your help.


    • Hi Gilles,

      Thanks for your question. I've not had a chance to test the BusinessCard theme with the contact plugin you're referring to. But I'll go ahead and publish your question and ask for help from the Upload WP community.