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Many people are under the false impression that creating a full fledged eCommerce site is complicated and costly.  The myth is that you need a ton of money and a custom site design built into an expensive eCommerce platform in order to be successful.  Today we’re going to prove that it is possible to build a high quality, highly successful eCommerce style site on the WordPress platform without spending more than $100 so lets get started.WordPress eCommerce Site Beer Brat Tees

The real-world example we’ll use is a site called, “Beer Brat Tees”. is a successful eCommerce style site that was built in a short amount of time using WordPress and a premium theme called, “eCommerce”.  The eCommerce Theme was created by iThemes and it is very user-friendly for both the site admins and end users.  eCommerce is easy to install, setup and customize.  It’s perfect for just about any type of product of service that you might like to sell online.

How to Process Payments

Another misconception about creating an eCommerce site is that it’s difficult to collect payment.  The common thought is that a business must first apply for and purchase a merchant account from the bank.  In addition to a merchant account, it’s thought that a payment gateway and SSL cert is needed.  That was pretty much true about 5 years ago.  However, today it’s just as easy for someone with $50 to begin a successful eCommerce site as it is for a huge corporation.  A merchant account, payment gateway and security certificate are no longer necessary.  Let’s take a look at processes payments using PayPal and E-Junkie. uses a combination of PayPal and and to efficiently and effectively process the orders.  E-Junkie is a web-based shopping cart solution that integrates with your PayPal account in just one step.  Products are then created in your E-Junkie (and WP admin) account.  Each new product created in E-Junkie produces a snippet of code which is then inserted into your WordPress admin.  The end result is that you’ll have a highly effective shopping cart working as the engine of your WordPress eCommerce site.

How to Setup your Shopping Cart and Integrate it with your WordPress Site

Step 1: The first step is to create a PayPal account if you do not already have one.  Once you have a PayPal account, go to and create an account.  In the account settings section of your account go to Seller Admin > Edit Profile > and enter your PayPal email in the “Selling with PayPal” text box.

Step 2:  Your PayPal and E-Junkie accounts have now been created and integrated.  The next step is to create your first product in E-Junkie.  Log into your account and go to Seller Admin > Manage Products > and click Add Product.  Follow the product creation wizard to add your first product.

Step 3:  When your first product has been created in E-Junkie you will get a snippet of code.  Copy the code snippet and log into the WordPress admin of your eCommerce site.

Step 4:  The next step is to create a Post for the same product that you created in E-Junkie.  Go to Posts > Add New > create the product > paste the E-Junkie code snipped below the product description and the product image > Publish the Post.

Step 5:  View the new Post on the site and make sure that the “Add to Cart” button appears and works properly.  You can make adjustments as to where the Add to Cart button appears simply by moving the snippet of code.  Simply repeat this process for each product and you’ll have a fully functional eCommerce site up and running in no time at all. is about 3 years old and sells custom made “T-Shirts for Tailgating”.

If you’re interested in building an eCommerce style site with WordPress then this review should be very helpful.  If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment and/or Contact Us and we’ll be happy to help however we can.

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  1. Hi Adam – I am new to WP – I run a small printing company that have no web presence and am setting woocommerce. Is there a way that I can upload images at payment cart. cheers Andy

    • Hi Andy – I’m not sure that I understand your question regarding uploading images in the shopping cart. Please provide more clarification and I’ll do my best to give you a good answer. Thanks – Adam

  2. Hey Adam,
    Thanks for the WooCommerce tutorial it is very helpful. I am a wordpress newbie and wp won’t let me update my homepage. It will let me update other pages on my site but not my homepage. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hey Matt,

      Thanks for letting us know our tutorials have been helpful – your support is very much appreciated. In regards to your Homepage not updating… It could be a browser cache issue. what is the URL to your site? Please let me know and I’ll take a closer look. Thanks again for your support!


        • Hey Matt – I took a look at From what I can tell it looks like you’re using the Argentum theme and have created 2 custom navigation menus. Is that correct? Also, have you set any of the products as Featured Products? The issue with the Homepage could be related to custom menus and/or featured products. If you want to create a wp admin user log-in for me I can take a closer look. Just send it via the “Contact” form (link to Contact page in in footer of and that will forward it to my email. Thanks,