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In this world where everything is advanced and opting for non-mainstream, the Anticipate WP plugin is the perfect way to show a cool landing page while you finish your website in the background.

The Anticipate WordPress plugin is an ingenious maintenance mode plugin that lets you come up with a landing page for your visitors while your website is still under construction. It is the best alternative to a usual “coming soon” page that other website owners use.

If you are looking for a high quality, user-friendly and premium way to make your visitors land in an “under maintenance” page that will create hype and has stunning features, do not hesitate to purchase the Anticipate WordPress plugin.

What are its features?

  • Progress Bar – the plugin has a progress bar and an animated countdown that lets you and your customers know when your website will be ready. The feature is great for creating hype among your loyal visitors.
  • Email Collection – Anticipate has an email subscribe form for your visitors who would like to be added to your interest list. The emails will be stored on your database and it can be exported anytime from the options page.
  • Social Networking – This feature allows you to add social media icons to your landing page and enables you to gain more followers before your website is ready.
  • Complete Localization – To make things easier for you, ElegantThemes made their themes localized. Sets of .mo and .po files are already included in the theme that can be used for better and faster translation.
  • Always Updated – The Anticipate WordPress plugin is always updated and is always made sure to be at par with the latest version of WordPress. Once you become a member, you will have free access to all the theme updates perpetually. With that being said, you can just sit back and relax knowing that your website will not have downtimes, errors or lags.
  • Top notch tech support – The tech support team is working round the clock to provide the customers with the best solutions to the customers. It does not matter if you are a newbie at installing themes or a pro at it, the dedicated staff will provide you with unparalleled support.
  • Compatible with several devices – Not everybody uses the same device anymore. With the Vertex WP Theme, your website will be equally viewed on all kinds of platforms easily through its responsive design. CSS media queries are used so that different screen sizes will be able to trigger various layout sets. Whether you’re using an iPad or an Android device, Vertex looks great in portrait or landscape mode and in all types of browsers.
  • Plugin Options

Screenshot 2016-06-06 23.19.44

  • The Anticipate plugin has an options page that lets you configure the plugin easily in just a few minutes. The screenshot above shows that you can change your logo by typing the URL of your logo. You can also change your completion date anytime, in case you can launch your website earlier than your first input. Your Social Media URLs can also be edited anytime, as well as your RSS URL. Options like enabling or disabling Cufon, Email list, Username change, and API Key is also available in the plugin options page.
  • jQuery Slider – this feature will allow you to put a few short blurbs and give a little information about your website.
  • Stellar design – this maintenance mode plugin is built with passion. That’s why this plugin is created with a pixel-perfect quality and a high standard for meeting the visitors’ and customers’ expectations.

The price for Anticipate WordPress plugin is $89 and along with the price is an unlimited access to more than 80 WordPress themes.

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