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Domain Name Research – How To Find Profitable Domain Names Every-time

Video Overview:

In this video I show you how to find great domain names that get organic search traffic. This is the exact method used to sell over 90 websites on  Copy this method and you’ll have an unlimited supply of profitable domain names.

Tools Used in This Video: (paid version)

Google’s Keyword Tool (free)


The Process:

Step 1: Setup an account with Just Dropped

Step 2: enter the keywords that you want Just Dropped to find domain names for.

Step 3: Just Dropped will email you a new list of available domain names that contain the keywords you specify every hour.

Step 4: Sort through the lists.  When a domain name catches your eye copy and paste it into the Google Keyword Tool to see how much search volume the keyword in the domain name gets.  If the keyword gets a large amount of search volume (over 10,000 search / month) then it’s a good keyword domain to build a website on.

If you spend 15 minutes each day going through this process you will have an unlimited supply of highly profitable domain names.  Good luck!

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