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Completing Your Clipper Theme WordPress Coupon Site

In this Clipper theme tutorial we’ll talk about completing the setup and launching your WordPress coupon site.  In the previous videos we showed you how to install the latest version of Clipper, complete the general settings, how to change the Clipper footer links, and how to setup the widgets section.  Now it’s time to talk about the final setup steps you need to complete before launching your WordPress coupons site.

Finishing Your Clipper WordPress Coupon Site – Creating Sample Coupons

Before you can launch your Clipper site, you need to create at least 10 to 15 Sample Coupons.  Sample coupons are important because they give your site users a benchmark / example of how they should create their coupons.  Sample coupons also make it look as though the site is active and many people are using it.  Let’s face it, if you landed on a coupon site and there were zero active coupons would you spend time creating an account and posting your coupons?  Well I probably would not either. So, in order to give the appearance that your new WordPress coupon site is popular we need to create at least 10 sample coupons.  Perception is reality and we need to do whatever it takes to make our new site appear as though it’s very popular.

Also, I recommend creating at least 5 different accounts and posting your sample coupons from those accounts.  In other words, don’t post all of your sample coupons from your administrator account.  Again, the idea is to make it appear as though there are many different people using the site and we do this by posting at least 10 sample coupons from at least 5 different user accounts.  If you feel like this tactic might be a little shady, then feel free to put a sentence at the bottom of each sample coupon that says something like, “This is just an example of a coupon to help give you an idea on how to post your coupons”.  My bottom line point here is that you need to have coupons and users on the site before launching it in order to attract your initial user base.  All your hard work in building the site will go for naught if the site has no users.

Finishing Your Clipper WordPress Coupon Site – About Us Page Content

The next step in finishing up your Clipper theme site is to write content for the About page.  Make sure that you write at least 3 long paragraphs that are interesting and informative.  Ideally, you want to make your “About” page content at least 500 words or longer for SEO purposes.  The more relevant content you can create that describes your site the better.Completing Your Clipper Theme WordPress Coupon Site

Also, if you’re feeling ambitious, it’s a good idea to create a Frequently Asked Questions page as well before launching the site.  I know that you’re probably thinking, how can I create an FAQ page if the site is brand new?  The reality is that people will have questions about how to use the site and you want to make sure that you at least attempt to have an answer.  So, I would encourage you to take a look at one of my Clipper coupon sites FAQs page and use that as a guideline.  Take a look at’s FAQ page to get an idea of some of the questions you’ll most likely get and use it to create your own FAQs page.  You can find my Oconomowoc FAQ page here…

Finishing Your Clipper WordPress Coupon Site – Create Initial Blog Posts

You’ll want to make sure to create a least one blog post before officially launching your Clipper coupon site.  If you can create more than one blog post before launching that would be even better.  Your first post could be on “How the Site Works” or “How to Get Started Using the Site”.  You could create a tutorial video that walks them through the process of creating an account and posting their first coupon.  The point is to provide as much instruction on how to use the site as possible.  Also, make sure to illustrate  and sell them on the benefits of using your WordPress coupon site in the first blog post.  Whatever topic(s) you decided on for your first post, just make sure that it is at least 550 words long, that it highlights the benefits of using the site and that it explains how to get started using your Clipper coupons site.

Please watch the video below for more information on how to complete your Clipper Theme WordPress coupon site…

Recap of the Final Clipper Theme Setup Steps:

1. Create at least 5 “Dummy Accounts” and at least 10 “Sample Coupons”

2.  Write content for the “About” page

3.  Write at least 1 Blog post that sells potential site users on the benefits and explains how to get started

4.  Make sure that your Privacy Polity and Terms pages are created and their links are in the footer


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  1. Hi!

    I have a doubt about this clipper theme..Im trying to put this thumbnail in my coupon post but it doesn’t work. It continues to show the red and green badge.
    Do you have any idea how to do this change??

    Thank you very much!!!

  2. I’ve put up a coupon site to support ads in our newspaper ( using Clipper. I managed to get it installed and frankly can’t even figure out how to post a coupon on the site despite many hours of effort. Appthemes is useless at support in my experience. Is there a tutorial for that practical aspect? I’ve been able to manage the settings, make stores and product categories. But the rest is a mystery.

    • Hi Frank – Thanks for your question regarding posting coupons with the Clipper theme. I took a look at your Clipper coupon site and have a few suggestions that I think will help…

      The “Share a Coupon” button is the main way that your site visitors will post their coupons. The Share a Coupon button is controlled via the Widgets section of the WordPress admin. My recommendation is to move the Share a Coupon button to the top of the right-hand-side bar for all pages on your site so that it’s easier for everyone to post a new coupon. Currently, the Share a Coupon button is too far down the right-hand-side bar of the site. So, I recommend going to Widgets in the WP admin and moving the Share a Coupon widget to the top as illustrated in the screen capture below…

      Clipper Theme Share a Coupon Button

      Another suggestion is to have your site logo made with a transparent background so that it blends into the site. If you have the Photoshop files (PSD) for the logo then you can easily make the background transparent in Photoshop and re-upload it. If not, then you can get a transparent version of your logo created for very cheap on

      Regarding how to post new coupons… As the site administrator, you have a couple ways to post new coupons to the site… You can post new coupons the same way that normal site visitors would using the Share a Coupon button. Or, you can post new coupons from the WordPress admin by going to Coupons > Add New > create the coupon in the WP admin and Publish it just like you would publish a blog post. To get the site started, I recommend creating a few “dummy” user accounts as described in this tutorial and posting coupons through the front-end of the site using the Share a Coupon button. Posting your first 10 – 15 coupons using a few different dummy accounts will help get the site started.

      Take a look at one of my more developed local coupon sites created with the Clipper theme and try to use it as a benchmark / guide for shaping your coupon site…

      Please let me know if this helps and if you have any additional questions regarding the Clipper theme. Thanks again for your question and best of luck with your site going forward.


  3. hi,

    Excellent article. I have some problem with the clipper theme. The destination url is not working fine.. i.e., on copying and clicking the coupon code, the page is not navigating to the destination url.

    Kindly help..

    • Hi – Thanks for the complements on our tutorial. It sounds like the issue is related to Permalink Structure… Please try changing your permalinks to the structure illustrated in screen capture below…

      Clipper Theme Permalink Structure

      Let me know if this helps solve the issue. If not, let me know as well and I’ll take a closer look.



  4. I have added a few coupons and so I have 2 pages. When I click page 2, I get ‘Page not found – 404’ error. How to fix it ?

    • Hi Srini – The issue is most likely related to Permalinks. Log into your WordPress admin > go to Permalinks > Save / Update the page again to refresh it > go back out to your site refresh the page and try it again. For whatever reason, you have to re-save the permalink settings a couple times and that should solve the issue. Let me know if this helps.


    • Hi Kai,

      It sounds like it could be an issue with the “Reading” Settings. In your WordPress admin go to Settings > Reading > make sure for Front page displays the “Your latest post” radio button is selected. Please take a look at that and let me know if that helps.

  5. Hello,
    I am having same problem with my permalink. I have change to post name as you suggest but its not working. When i click to coupon code its take me to the coupon again not the store link. Please tell me the solution. Is there is any setting in Clipper dashboard advance tab. Currently i am using all blanks.

    • Hey Gautam,

      Were you able to resolve the permalink issue? I just tested it on your site and when I clicked on the coupon code it opened blank, copied the code and went to the site. So it worked as it should. I've not been able to recreate the issue on my end. Let me know if/how you fixed it. Thanks

  6. I have a problem when adding the discount code "Add New Coupon " in the textbox "Destination URL" . Ex: I put link to but it does not work. It is not redirect to Please hepl me soon! thanks you!

  7. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for such a great article. I have followed ur videos/articles for setting up the clipper theme, but I am having trouble. When I launch my website (currently it is on local host XAMP server on win 7), it seems the stylesheets are not being picked up.

    I also followed tutorial, but it didn't work either.

    I see the complete data, but the CSS doesn't get applied on the page. Is there anything I am missing.

    I simply uploaded the clipper theme under XAMPP\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\themes
    2 folder i copied : (a) clipper v1.3.2 and (b) clipper-child

    Everything seems to be fine except for the fact that CCS isn't being applied on the pages.

    Can you help ?


  8. My Website work perfectly on mozila firfox but when i use it on google chrome and click on coupon code its open blank page .
    here is the link

  9. Hi,

    Can you please tell me how to change the URL structure in the Clipper theme? I need to remove the “store” base from the URLs of each store.


  10. Hi! All the coupons that I’ve made featured, still only have the default image in the slider, rather than the featured image that I’ve put it as in the post. How can I get this to work properly in the slider? Can you help? Thanks!

  11. How do I prevent all the coupons I’ve created from appearing on the front page? For instance, if I’ve created 10 coupons for Amazon, I only want ONE to show on the front page. When the person clicks on the amazon store link, then they will see the other 9 coupons. How do I fix this issue?

  12. Is this thread still active because I need quite a bit of help. I can’t get my pages to show up on the tab. I cant get cupons to save correctly either with the images.