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How to Resolve the “Firefox Enter Key Not Working” Issue

If you’re like me, Firefox is your browser of choice.  I’ve been using Firefox as my default browser the past 6 years or so and could never go back to Internet Explorer.  However, after updating Firefox to the latest version (Firefox 12.0) I ran into a very annoying issue in that the Enter key did not work.  Specifically, each time I entered a new site URL into the browser I had to use my mouse to click the green arrow to go to the site.  Whereas is in the past, simply clicking the Enter key would take me to a new site.How to fix the Firefox Enter key issue

Having to take my hands off the keyboard and use the mouse to click on the green arrow was very annoying and time consuming.  Therefore, in this tutorial I’m going to show you exactly how to fix the Firefox enter key not working issue.  However, before I show you the solution, let’s talk about the cause.

AVG Security Toolbar extension is the Culprit

The “Enter key not working” issue was really driving me crazy so I was determined to find a solution.  After searching for what seemed like hours without finding a fix, I was about ready to revert back to an older version of Firefox or use a different browser all together.  Luckily I kept searching and finally came across a Firefox forum thread that pointed me in the right direction.

I discovered that the AVG Security Toolbar extension was most likely the cause of the Firefox Enter key not working issue.  The forum thread said that the AVG Security Toolbar extension would have to be disabled in order to resolve the issue.  Unfortunately the forum thread did not explain or show me how to disable the AVG Security Toolbar extension which is why I decided to make this tutorial.

It’s important to point out that disabling the AVG toolbar will not disable your anti-virus protection.  Instead,  it will simply remove the AVG Security Toolbar extension from your Firefox browser and ultimately it will fix the issue.  The AVG anti-virus protection will remain fully active.

How to fix the Firefox Enter Key Issue

To resolve the Firefox Enter key not working issue, complete the following steps…

Step 1:  Open the Firefox browser and click on Tools > Add-ons > Extensions

Step 2:  Disable the AVG Security Toolbar extension by clicking the Disable button on the right side of your screen

Step 3:  After disabling the AVG Security Toolbar click Restart Firefox

Firefox will automatically restart and the issue will be resolved.  You’ll no longer need to use your mouse to go to a new URL.  I hope that this tutorial helps you go back to browsing the Internet in comfort!

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