Flippa Sites System

This is the System / Process for building and selling WordPress sites on Flippa. Follow this system every time…

System Overview – The Big Picture…

DeskAway is the Project Management System that we will use for this entire process to keep track of where we are at with each website.  Here is a quick DeskAway Overview Video.

Phase 1:  Front End / First Half of the Process

Phase 1 is the first half of this process and includes all the steps through listing the website for sale on Flippa.com.  So Phase 1 includes Steps 1 through 12 of this process.

Step 1: Keyword Research / Domain Name Research

The General Manager conducts Keyword research / Domain Name research to find great domain names to build niche sites on.  These niche sites will be sold on Flippa.

Step 2: Purchase the Domain Names

The G.M. (general manager) purchases the domain names that you (Virtual Assistant) will be building sites on.  These sites will be built with speed and quality in mind and listed for sale on Flippa.com.  The GM will purchase the domain names with a Godaddy account that is used solely for this process.  You’ll find the Godaddy login credentials in our Project Management System (DeskAway).  Log into DeskAway and go to the “Flippa Sites” project > Docs > open the “Important Accounts – Login Info” template and search for Godaddy login credentials.

Step 3: Enter New Sites into DeskAway

The General Manager enters the new domains (which will become websites) into DeskAway in the “Flippa Sites” project as new Task Lists.  Each domain name is it’s own Task List to indicate it’s a new website to be created.  The GM will then create a task with in the new task list called “create site”.  The GM will then assign the task to the Virtual Assistant.  The GM will make sure the box is checked next to, “Do you want to send an email Notification?” when creating and assigning this task.  This will trigger the P.M.S. (DeskAway) to send a notification email to the chosen V.A.

Note:  At the start of each week – Sunday night or Monday morning, the G.M. should assign a full weeks worth of work to the Virtual Assistant.  This is the work that load that is expected to be completed for the week.  This allows the Virtual Assistant and G.M. to have a clear goal in mind when starting the week.  If the V.A. can maintain a high quality level and exceed the weekly goal, they have a good chance of getting bonus.

Step 4: Update the NameServers to Point Domain to Hosting Account

Next, the Virtual Assistant (V.A.) will log into our Godaddy account and update the NameServers on the new domain names to point to our hosting account.  We have a Hosting account with BlueHost that is dedicated for this process.  You’ll find the NameServer info, Hosting account info and Godaddy login info in DeskAway in the “Flippa Sites” project > Docs section.

Step 5: Add On Domains to Hosting Account

The Virtual Assistant will log into our BlueHost hosting account and Add On the new domain names to the hosting account.

Step 6: Install WordPress

Once the domain names are Added On to the hosting account, the V.A. will install WordPress on each domain name.  They will also create an email address for each new installation.  The email will always be:  info@thedomainname.com

Step 7: Save Website Admin Login Info in DeskAway and Google Docs

Save the WordPress login credentials and email address login credentials for each site installation in DeskAway and in Google Docs.  We want the login credentials for every site to be in both DeskAway and Google Docs so that we always have a Backup just in case.  To save the log-in credentials in DeskAway you’ll go to the “Flippa Sites” project > Docs > open the “Flippa Sites Login Credentials” doc and save the login info for the WP admin and the info@ email address credentials.  In addition to DeskAway, save the site login credentials in our Google Docs account.  The Google account is, “TeddyTriton18”.  You’ll find the login credentials for the “TeddyTriton18” Google account  in DeskAway.

Step 8: Build the Site

It’s now time to build the website.  We currently have 2 premium themes that we use for sites that we sell on Flippa. The 2 themes are both built by StudioPress and they are the Lifestyle Theme and the Serenity Theme.  Here are the links to videos that show you how to build a site using each theme.  Follow the steps in these videos to build the sites…

Lifestyle Theme Tutorials

Serenity Theme Tutorials

Step 9: Log Time – Check Off Site as Complete in DeskAway

After the site is complete the V.A. will Log Time and update the task in DeskAway as complete.  So in DeskAway, go to the Flippa Sites project > Task Lists > sort the task list to “Show all Projects Assigned to Me” > find the site you just completed > click “Add Time” enter the number of Hours it took to create the site and click “Add Time” > check the box to indicate the task of creating the site is complete.  This will trigger DeskAway to send an email to the General Manager notifying him that the site is ready for review.

Step 10: Site is Reviewed – Task Created to List Site

The General Manager will then review the site which will result in 1 of 2 things… 1. he will create a new task asking for something with the site to be tweaked / fixed and will assign it to the VA that created the site.  2. he will determine the site looks great and will create a task to List the site for sale on Flippa and assign that task to the proper V.A.  He will indicate the date the site should be listed, the time that the auction should start, the length/duration (in days) of the auction and any other special instructions in the task description.  The virtual assistant will then receive an email notification from DeskAway letting them know they have a new task assigned to them that tells them to List the site for sale on Flippa.

Step 11: Create a Task to Make Tweaks to Site  (or skip if site is good)

If in step 10 the GM determines there are tweaks needed to be made to the website, the V.A. will receive notification from DeskAway that they have a new task assigned to them.  They will then make the requested changes to the site,  Log time and mark the task as complete.  This will trigger an email notification to the GM who will then re-review the site.  If it looks good he’ll create a task that says to List the site and assign to VA.   If the site needs more tweaks he’ll repeat the process until it’s ready to List on Flippa.  Skip this step if there were no tweaks needed.

Step 12: List Site For Sale on Flippa

The virtual assistant Lists the site for sale on Flippa.  After the site has been listed the V.A. will Log Time on the task in DeskAway and then check off the task as complete.  This will trigger an email notification to the GM letting him know the site auction is live.  Here’s a quick video that shows you how to list a site for sale on Flippa…  How to List a Site for Sale on Flippa

Phase 2:  Back End / Post Listing Steps

Step 13: Keeping Track of Live Auctions in DeskAway

Now that the site Listing is live on Flippa we are in Phase 2 of this Flippa Selling Process which is monitoring the listing, processing the sale and providing excellent support.  In this video I’ll show you the steps we go through in DeskAway to keep track of the live site Listing…

Step 14: Monitoring Live Auctions on Flippa

The focus now turns to monitoring the listings, customer service and processing the sale of a website.  It’s very important to be quick to respond to customers and potential customer questions / inquiries.  There will almost always be at least 5 to 10 live auctions going on at all times so monitoring the listings is very important.  This video gives you an overview on how to monitor the listings…

Step 15: Update DeskAway to Indicate the Outcome of the Auction

The auction ends and there are 3 possible outcomes.  1. the site sell on the Buy It Now (B.I.N) option.  2. the site gets a bid that is higher than the reserve price and therefore is sold to the highest bidder.  3. the site does not get a bid that meets or exceeds the reserve price and therefore does not sell.  The virtual assistant that is in charge of monitoring the live auctions / site listings will also be in charge of updating DeskAway according to which of the 3 possible scenarios happens.  In addition, this virtual assistant is also in charge of completing the transfer process and providing support for the new website owner.  The transfer process includes swapping out Adsense, ClickBank, Amazon and installing Google Analytics.  It also includes pushing the domain name to the new owners Godaddy account, completing the hosting transfer and providing support.

Step 16: Process the Sale of the Site

The next step is to process the sale of the websites.  It’s important to try and be as pro-active as possible when processing the sale of websites.  If possible, we want to contact the winning bidder before they contact us.  If the site sold on the BIN then the money will already be in our PayPal account.  If the site sold to the highest bidder (not the BIN) then we’ll need to direct them to send payment to our PayPal account.  We’ll then have to wait for the customer to respond.  If they say they sent payment, the V.A. will log into our PayPal account to verify the payment has been made.  If we have received payment then you can continue with the transfer process.

Important note: do not start on the transfer process until we have received payment from the customer.

If you look in the “Sale Completion Area” of past sites that sold you’ll see that I use a similar post sale template for almost every site as illustrated in the videos below…

Step 17: Transfer Hosting to New Site Owner’s Hosting Account

Hosting Transfer – after you’ve swapped out Adsense, Amazon aStore, ClickBank, installed Google Analytics and pushed the domain name to the customers’ Godaddy account it’s now time to transfer the site to their Hosting account.  If the buyer does not currently have a hosting account always recommend HostMonster and give them our HostMonster affiliate link to create an account.  Here is a our HostMonster affiliate link


Here is a video that shows you how to Transfer Hosting accounts for a WordPress site…  How to Transfer Hosting Accounts

Step 18: Update DeskAway When Transfer Process is Complete

When the hosting transfer is complete, notify the customer via the “Sale Completion Area” of Flippa that the hosting transfer is complete and the site is live on their account.  In addition, update the task in DeskAway to indicate the hosting transfer and the entire transfer process is complete.  Also, make sure to Log Time on the task.

Step 19: Provide Customer Support

Provide excellent customer support after the transfer process is complete.  Remember, most of our customers are newbies to Flippa and owning a WordPress website.  So it is very important that we continue to support our customers by answering questions they have about the sites going forward.

I created an entire page of Videos designed to give you specific examples of me interacting with customers and potential customers on Flippa.com.  Use this videos as a training tool / guide to get up to speed on how to provide excellent customer service on Flippa.  Here is the link to the Customer Service Training Videos…

Flippa Customer Service Tutorial Videos

Below are some links to other helpful Flippa related videos…

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