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Let Us Help You Launch your eCommerce Site the Right Way with WordPress and WooCommerce

Many small business owners begin their online presence by selling their products on popular sites such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy among others.  As time goes on however, they realize that it makes sense to invest in an online property that they can completely control and have full ownership of, an eCommerce site.  An eCommerce site allows businesses to grow their brand, build equity, gather a large email database of loyal repeat customers and create sustainable long-term revenue.start an ecommerce site today

The main barrier to getting started is usually a lack of knowledge and experience in regards to building an eCommerce site or any website for that matter.  That’s where we at Upload WP come into play.  Our goal from the first day we stared this site (June 2010) has been to help as many people as possible succeed online with WordPress.  Over the past year or so, has grown in big ways.

Our WordPress WooCommerce tutorials have helped thousands of people but we’re ready to take it a step further by providing a Free eCommerce site setup service.  We will help you launch your eCommerce site the right way using a combination of WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin.  In addition to our installation service, both WordPress and WooCommerce are completely Free so you don’t have to worry about ongoing monthly cost.  Let us build a strong foundation for your eCommerce site so that you can hit the ground running.

Here’s what’s Included in our Free eCommerce Site Setup Service…

  • Secure installation of WordPress on your BlueHost server
  • WooCommerce installation and complete configuration which includes; shipping, email, coupons and PayPal / payment gateway setup
  • Creation of all WooCommerce pages
  • Installation and configuration of all other Essential WordPress Plugins.  Some of which include Google Analytics (to track statistics) as well as important security plugins to prevent your site from being hacked
  • Parent and Child Theme installation (learn more about the importance of using a Child theme) –  we will install the parent theme and will create a child theme to ensure your customizations are not overridden – if you need a theme we’ll help guide you in the right direction
  • Setup of your first 5 products so that you have a clear blueprint for adding more products.  No matter if you sell physical products, digital download products, variable products or external affiliate products we will get your first 5 setup.
  • Ongoing WordPress and WoooCommerce support

With this free service, launching a professional eCommerce site has never been easier.  Don’t get bogged down in the technical details.  Instead, let us help you get your WooCommerce site setup the right way so you have a solid foundation to build on.

How can we Offer this Free WooCommerce Installation Service?

This service is made possible by our hosting provider of choice, BlueHost.  You’ll need to have a hosting account before you can launch your eCommerce site or any self-hosted WordPress site for that matter.  From our experience in building websites, there is no better hosting provider than BlueHost.  All of our WordPress sites (including live on their servers.  Their 24-7 live chat support is top notch, cPanel is user-friendly, their site up time is world class and best of all it is incredibly affordable.

In return for our free service, we receive an affiliate commission from BlueHost when you sign up using our link below.  They make this business model sustainable by paying us a commission for sending them business.  In the end, we all benefit and it’s the definition of a Win-Win-Win scenario.

How to Get Started…

To get stared, simply click the link below which will take you to BlueHost and give you a discounted hosting rate of $4.95 per month.

Click Here to Create your BlueHost Account (our affiliate link – discounted rate!)

Professional WordPress Hosting

After creating your hosting account, use the form below to send us the following information…

  • BlueHost receipt and cPanel login info (you will get this in an email right after your account has been created)
  • Site domain name
  • Title of your site
  • Description for your site (tagline / slogan)
  • The theme you want to use (don’t worry if you don’t have one – we’ll help you find a good fit)
  • Any other important info you want us to know about your site including the type of products you’re going to sell

In the Subject field please write “Free WooCommerce Setup



In most cases we will have everything setup within 24 to 48 hours of the time you create your account with BlueHost and send us the information listed above.  We’ll take it from there and have your new site up in running in no time.

Click Here to Create your BlueHost Account and start your eCommerce site (our affiliate link – discounted rate!)

Already have a hosting account but still need help setting up WooCommerce?

No problem – for a small fee we will get you setup.  Just use the contact form above to send us information on your site.  In the Subject field put “Already have Hosting need WooComm Setup” and we’ll go from there.

We can help you setup Any Type of WordPress site

In addition to eCommerce sites, we can help you get any type of WordPress site started.  No matter if it’s a simple blog or a business style site we can help launch it.  Simply create your BlueHost account (using our link above) and use the form to send us the info we need.

So if you’re ready to start your eCommerce site, head on over to BlueHost and create your account.  Then let us launch your site the right way.  Please fee free to contact us if you have any questions or need more info.

Start your eCommerce Site Today (our affiliate link – discounted rate!)

Additional Info…

For more reasons why it pays to own your own eCommerce site check out our tutorial on “Building an eCommerce Site with WordPress and WooCommerce“.

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  1. Wonderful service. Didn't know about it. Anyways, I already have a hosting account at BlueHost. And I second your opinion that they are the best in the business.

    I am following your tutorials to see if I can set up woocommerce on my own. So far it has been great. In fact, your tutorial on setting up in a sub-directly a 2nd WordPress installation dedicated for WooCommerce and linking it to main site was what brought me to here. I did follow your instructions, but due to the kind of permalinks I have for my existing blog posts, I could not set it up the way you had instructed. Instead I had to create a a subdomain and install it. Works well so far. And I am following your tutorials to set up the store. I am using Mystile theme and am facing some issues with the WoDojo's countdown?maintenance screen. I am unable to find the theme WooStore that you have used in your tutorials. is it a premium theme? Am I missing something? Thanks for the tutorials once again.

    • Hi Nishant – Thanks for the very positive feedback on our WooCommerce tutorials. I'm glad to hear that they've been helpful in building your site. To answer your question, WooStore is a premium theme by WooThemes. However, most of the tutorials we've created will work with just about any WooCommerce compatible themes. Mystile is a great free WooCommerce theme to start with. Thanks again for your support and let me know if I can help going forward.


      • Hi Teddy,

        Thanks for the reply and for letting me know that WooStore was a premium theme. Till now I was doign a futile search for it on WordPress theme repository :).

        I am using Mystile theme as I said earlier. And while I develop my store on the subdomain, I have tried to hide the store pages temporarily with WooDojo plugin's Maintenance mode and Launchpad. I have bypassed this screen only for myself (administrator user). Though as a normal user when I access the site, i do get to see the countdown ticker or LaunchPad. But, I see error messages being thrown up on my screen. The link to URL of the Woocommerce store is .

        The error messages begin with the following "Notice: Undefined index:" lines.

        Any idea what could be causing this error?



        • Hi Nishant,

          This is the first time I've seen that particular error message. I'm actually seeing two error messages. The first is…

          "Notice: Undefined index: woocommerce_archives_fullwidth in /home3/nishantr/public_html/shop/wp-content/themes/mystile/includes/theme-woocommerce.php on line 281"

          and the second message is…

          "Notice: Undefined index: woocommerce_products_fullwidth in /home3/nishantr/public_html/shop/wp-content/themes/mystile/includes/theme-woocommerce.php on line 285
          class="gecko alt-style-grey two-col-left ">"

          Again, I'm not sure what's causing that but I'll go ahead and publish your comment because chances are good one of our many Upload WP readers will be able to chime in with insight on this.



  2. Hello, I am working on an ecommerce site and have a pricing question. I have set up 2 sets of global attributes Size, Quantity. How do I add pricing to all the variations of the global attributes? What I want is when I load in all the variations on a product all the pricing is there too. Instead of having to go in and add pricing to each variation. THANK YOU for your HELP 🙂

    • Hi Jessica,

      Great work on your site! That's an awesome product that until now I did not know existed. I live in Panama City Beach, Florida and a unique product like that would sell like crazy here. You raise a great question in regards to pricing and variations in WooCommerce. When using global attributes and adding the variations the pricing should be there so you don't have to input it each time you add a product. I'm testing it out now and have not yet found a good solution. Each time it's making me input prices for each variation.

      Does anyone out there have an answer for this? If so, please let us know. You'll be helping many people that are trying to figure this out.



  3. Hey, is it pssible to make the hole site with woostore theme into another language ?

    Like THE hole website to Dansih ?

    Is there somewhere i can change all the text ?

  4. Can you suggest a e-commerce elegant theme that would allow me to show products on the home page along with the blog and 3 areas category descriptions.


    • Hi Terri,

      StyleShop is the one Elegant Themes eCommerce theme that I know is integrated with WooCommerce. It fits all of your requirements in terms of displaying products, blog posts and categories on the homepage. So if you already have an Elegant Themes membership then I'd recommend starting with the StyleShop theme.

      Let me know if this helps,


  5. Here's the custom CSS for changing the background color of the WooStore theme…

    #content {background-color:#ccc;}

    Simply copy the CSS and go to…

    WooStore > Theme Options > General Settings > Display Options > and paste it in the Custom CSS text box.

    Change "ccc" to any color code you like. There are a number of great free color picker tools like

  6. How do I get started with you guys setting up my woocommerce site? I will change to bluehost. My current host is Arvixe, too slow.
    When I click on the link from your site it just goes to bluehost.

    • Hi Steve,

      To get started, simply click our Bluehost affiliate link here…

      That will take you to Bluehost where you can create a new hosting account. Once your hosting account has been created, send us an email via our Contact form found on this page…

      From there, we'll begin the process of setting up your WooCommerce powered site. Congrats on making the decision to build your eCommerce site on WordPress and WooCommerce!

      Looking forward to working with you.

  7. Hello, I found your videos on youtube and it was so helpful to understand how a woocommerce website works, thank you! I already have a website set up with a WPEC theme and I'd like to install a new theme where Woocommerce is already integrated. I do not need to keep products or anything from the WPEC site. Do I need to deactivate the WPEC plugin first and then upload the woocommerce plugin even if it will already be included in the new theme? Or do I upload the theme first in that particular case??? Any additional help would be great!!!
    Many thanks!

    • Hi Muriel,

      Start by installing you're new theme. Even though it's a WooCommerce integrated theme, you'll still have to install the Woocomm plugin. The way I would do it is, 1. install and activate new theme 2. install activate Woocommerce plugin 3. deactivate the WPEC plugin

  8. I have hosting with go daddy – just got it 🙁 Wish I'd have known this before hand. I have been watching your videos and learning some but certainly am impatient about getting things going and live. I am using the free Wootique template. I make milk soaps among other things and sell by the ounce. I have got the different ounces to show up correctly but in the main amount area it says From: Free ! I can't figure out why or where to change that. I will fill out your form to check out help pricing. 😉

    • Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for your question. Make sure to give the item a price or it will default to Free. Once you give the product a price, Free, should go away and your price will display. Since you're just starting, it's not too late to cancel your current hosting and go with Bluehost. Having worked on sites hosted with your current provider I can say from experience that it's worth it to switch over now. You should be able to get a full refund.

      If you do decide to switch and would like to take advantage of our free WooCommerce setup service, here's our BH affiliate link…

  9. Hello,

    I am watching your WooCommerce plugin tutorials to set up my store and had a few questions. I know these tutorials are older, however, when researching if I could use non-compatible themes with this plugin, it stated I could. Do you know if this is true? If so, will I be able to configure it with the Itheme2 or Denitto themes?



    • Hi Diamond,

      It looks like the Denitto theme is compatible with WooCommerce but the iTheme2 theme does not appear to be compatible. So your best bet is to go with the Denitto theme to make things easier on you.

      • Thank you for your response. I was hoping it worked on the iTheme theme. That's the site I'm testing all this on to go live on the Denitto theme. I'll test on the Denitto theme and hope I don't mess my site up. lol. I really appreciate your thorough tutorials. They've been much help compared to all of the other plugins I've tried.

    • In response to your question on Mijireh Secure Checkout and the error. If you've not yet setup any products (you're still just getting started) then try doing the following…

      1. deactivate the WooCommerce plugin
      2. uninstall the plugin
      3. re-install and active that plugins and recreate the woocomm pages

      Let me know if that works, if not, I'll take a closer look.

  10. here is part of the latter question that I could remember. I would like to set up a preview hover over an image (like how Amazon does a hover over image preview when place cursor over the product). How do I get woocommerce to behave the same way?

  11. I'm sorry but I do have another question that just came to mind. Say I was creating a T-Shirt as my product and allowing consumers to choose their logo or print colors but I want them to be able to preview it before purchase, does the woocommerce have a plugin or stying that I can use to do that? So far, I was trying to just create each T-Shirt color and logo style and that may not be the best way to showcase the item.

  12. I don't see all my other posts from last night so I'm just reposting in a more summed up fashion. I ultimately would like to set up my store to where the single product shows on the page and customers can make all their transactions on one page. I would like the sidebar to display my options like size, logo color, t-shirt color. If I can set it up to where each variable is seen as a preview for the customer and where they can zoom in. i would like to customize the woocommerce shop without compromising the other pages in my theme.

    If I can't customize it that way, I would like my store to be similar to the set up on Amazon like this page: This displays the zoom and options avail for the product effect that I would like to have and the checkout process.

    Please let me know if you are able to help out or need any more info. Any and all assistance is appreciated.


    • Hi Diamond,

      My suggestion would be to start by finding a woocommerce compatible theme that most closely looks like / is setup the way you want. I'm not super familiar with the Denitto theme but from looking at the demo site it doesn't appear it's the type of layout you're describing. It would be much easier to find a theme that's built closer to what you're looking for. In terms of getting the single product page to look like Amazon's product pages with the changes variation swatches you'll need to use an extension for woocommerce. Specifically, the extension that adds the functionality you're looking for is called… "Variation Swatches and Photos" and the link to it is here…

      • Hi,

        Oh my, I was afraid you were going to say that. I actually am trying to integrate the woocommerce into the current theme (basically just adding a store to a site that is already up and running). I will definitely give it some thought before I alter the site with a different theme. I didn't want the site to have an entire store look. Hmm. I really appreciate all your feedback and if I have any other questions, I will let you know.

        Thanks again. You've been great help!!!!

  13. I recently took advantage of having Adam setup my eCommerce site with WordPress and wooCommerce. I can not say enough about this service and how helpful Adam has been in setting up my site, He always responds in a timely manner to all of my questions. Over all Adam and UploadWP have exceeded my expectations and I would recommend this awesome service to anyone wanting to setup an eCommerce site with WordPress.

  14. Hi Teddy!

    I'm launching a simple online clothing store soon and my biggest obstacle with using woocommerce currently is getting a membership plugin that is suitable to my needs. I've consulted both the Woocommerce support and the internet but most of the information I received did not help.

    Basically, I'm hoping to have a simple membership plugin in which my customers can create accounts. In doing so, 1) firstly, I gain a customer database, 2) secondly, I can give refunds using store credits, and 3) thirdly, customers can purchase when logged onto these accounts to have even more benefits. It's a basic concept or all online store concepts. However, when researching for said plugins, I was only able to find 'content dripping' membership plugins which apparently dont seem suitable for me – one example is DAP.

    Hopefully you could advise me on this issue. Thank you for your reply in advance!

    • Thanks for your question Felicia. I'm going to go ahead and publish this question while I do some research on the available membership plugins for WooCommerce. If anyone in the Upload WP community knows of a good WooCommerce membership extension please share it with us. Thanks

  15. Hi Teddy!

    Just completed watching your YouTube tutorials on the WooCommerce set-up. WOW!!! THANKS for providing them. Only wish I had found them sooner!

    I am having problems — still — with setting up my ecommerce store, despite watching your tutorials. The problem I'm having is with the variable products and setting up the pricing along with choosing flavors of products. For example, I want to sell biscotti. They come in a variety of flavors and some are more expensive/less expensive than others based on the ingredients. It is confusing to me on which way to set things up! I've tried setting up a category of "cookies", then created a product "biscotti". Under the attributes, created "flavors" and listed (say, for example), 10 flavors in the box . Then — after saving — the attribute, went to variations. There, using the drop-down box, chose ONE of the flavors, say vanilla, and created the first variation and entered $1.00 / pound. The second variation was $2 / 2 pounds, etc., etc. The next variation would be chocolate and the prices would be, say, $5 / 1 pound box, $10 / 2 pound box, etc etc. Then in viewing the page, the only thing that shows up is "vanilla". That's it! None of the other flavors, NO PRICING whatsoever, nothing!!!

    I have tried various other ways to get this up but nothing seems to be working! I have even tried making attributes for quantity and using 1 pound, 2 pounds, 1 dozen, 5 dozen, etc., and still nothing! I'm also getting pricing of "FREE!" (which I read the above comments for that) but even when entering a price, the FREE still remains! I'm sure that has to be because I'm doing SOMETHING wrong with setting up the attributes and variations.

    Can you P—L—E—A—S—E help me figure this out?! I have been literally struggling with this for over a week now, 8-10 hours/day and it is absolutely frustrating. It can't be THIS difficult. Can it? LOL!

    So this is what I would like to do. I would like to have categories of say cookies, confections, books, utensils, etc. to sell. Under cookies, I would like to list the various TYPES (biscotti, chocolate chip, oatmeal, etc). Would also like to offer options, such as with nuts, without nuts) and then pricing (1 pound, 2, 3, 1 dozen 2 dozen, etc).

    Can you help me set this up, please?

    Currently, I am hosting and registered with NameCheap (have 12 names registered and 5 sites up); and only switched to them in late July so doubt I can come over to BlueHost just yet, but would be happy to switch once the contract with them is up.

    Any help you can give will be so greatly appreciated!

    THANKS SO MUCH in advance!

    • Hi Linda,

      Thanks for that positive feedback on our WooCommerce tutorials and for your questions. I think it will be easier to help solve the issues you're experiencing with variations if you can create a WP admin user account for us. Please us our Contact form to send us login info and we'll go from there. Here's the link to our Contact page…

    • Hi Dejan,

      Were you able to make the customizations you were looking for to the homepage of the Mystile theme? Specifically, moving the logo to the center and the main navigation down so that it's just above the image slider? If you were able to figure that out, we'd be grateful if you'd share how you did it with us. Thanks

  16. hi
    Just wondering where and how to upload the edited woocommerce.css file to be read from a child theme ? I have tried various ways but can't seem to get the child theme to read the NEW woocommerce.css. – I uploaded it to my child theme folder using the same file folder tree format as the primary WooCommerce folders. Do I need a functions.php file to read it ? How do I do this >?
    I don't want my changes to be overwritten if It is read from the parent site.

    • Hi JJ,

      Here's the process you should follow in terms of using a child theme to ensure customizations are not overridden when you upgrade to the latest version of your theme…

      1. Install the parent theme
      2. Install the child theme and activate it
      3. In the wp admin go to Appearance > Editor > click on style.css and that's where you should paste in your custom CSS

      If you're looking to override woocommerce template files then please take a look at our tutorial on how to do that…

      • Hi
        you have to tick off ' Enable WooCommerce CSS ' to have the changes read however since I am using my own theme – it now jumbles up the default layout. The products are NOT across the page etc etc I tried copying the whole file woocommerce.css to my own style.css but it did not fix the issue ? are there any other .css files that I need to add to my own theme style.css to get the layout to look exactly as is should be when the ' Enable WooCommerce CSS ' is ticked!



  17. I simply just want to change

    1. The colour of the fonts
    2. The sizes of the fonts

    to match my theme

    I note that you can change the product title in PHP – but what about the colours ?