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Some Of The Best Free WordPress Themes 2012

The most popular free WordPress themes 2012 will provide numerous unique features. Most of these will include features that assist you in better management of your site content. Additionally, the templates will be simple to use making these user-friendly and convenient. You can be assured of these designs because these are provided by some of the most leading providers of free wordpress themes.

More than fourteen percent of current websites are powered by this popular CMS. Therefore, developers are constantly vying to provide new and innovative designs to keep up with the increasing popularity of WordPress. Another factor that makes the WordPress CMS popular is the availability of free themes, which makes it convenient for people who are just beginning in this field.

Free WordPress Themes 2012

The Shuttershot design displays pictures in the background while the visitors continue viewing the pages or blogs. The Platform template is a unique drag and drop design, which makes the entire process of designing your site simple and quick. This will be one of the more popular free WordPress themes 2012 in that it provides numerous widget locations in  the Retro fitted design.Free WordPress themes 2012

Another design specifically targeting photographers, graphic designers, and illustrators is the grid portfolio theme.  It’s an excellent free WordPress theme 2012 that is appropriate for displaying your portfolio in grid layout form. This design is available in a number of customizable page layouts to provide an attractive appearance to your site and/or blogs.

Another popular free WordPress theme for 2012 is a blogging design that includes social media network integration in its header and a post slider on the homepage. Online magazines can choose a design that features thumbnail supporting, integration of social networking, and a homepage slider. An excellent design for blog and portfolio designers is a theme integrating portfolio display, built in advertising and forms for email subscriptions.

A minimal design with an image slider featured on its home page is ideal for video sites, portfolio sites, and blogs. The Parallax theme design displays a huge slider on its home page and is suitable for portfolio template page designs. A design focused on selling children’s toys and other kid products provides an attractive homepage slider, integration with Facebook, and a customizable shopping cart.

More Fantastic Free WordPress Themes 2012

The Wootique  theme is an excellent design for eCommerce sites provides a slider, customizable homepage, and customizable widgets. The free WordPress theme 2012 is an excellent design appropriate for blogs, magazine sites, and news sites.  It displays a featured slider to show your important videos, pictures, and articles. It is another popular WordPress theme for 2012 that provides customizable homepage, slider, widgets, typography, and several color combinations.

The business and portfolio designs will provide sliders and homepages that can be easily customized to meet your personal requirements. Some of the other popular WordPress themes include revelation, professional, go green and prime themes.  These free themes offer users a wide range of customizable options to make their sites and blogs, appear attractive. Finding some of the best free WordPress themes 2012 is easily done with Google, Bing or Yahoo. You can procure a large number of results with a simple search operation. The free WordPress themes 2012 will focus on simplicity, ease of use, and the customization provided by the designs.

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