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Changing the Links in the Footer of the JobRoller Theme

JobRoller is a very unique Job Board premium theme for WordPress.  The JobRoller theme was created by AppThemes.  In addition to the JobRoller theme, AppThemes is well known for other premium themes such as Clipper (coupons theme), ClassiPress (classified Ads theme), Quality Control (Issue tracking theme) and Vantage (Business directory theme).  I personally am using the Clipper, JobRoller and the ClassiPress theme for some of my more successful personal sites so I’m a big fan of the AppThemes products.

I like to use the JobRoller, Clipper and ClassiPress themes to develop “local sites”.  By local I mean sites that focus on a specific geographic location.  I live in Wisconsin so I’ve focused on building Coupon, Classified Ads and Jobs site for some of the larger cities in my State.  This approach has been successful thus far and I plan to apply it to other cities across the United States in the coming months.

Why You Should Change the JobRoller Footer Links

Anyway, in this post I want to focus in on the JobRoller theme.  Specifically, I want to show you how to change the links that are in the footer of the JobRoller theme when you instal it.  By default there are two footer links which go to AppThemes and  You’ll definitely want to change the links so that they go to pages on your own site.

Personally, I like to change the links so that they go to my Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy pages.  In my opinion, if you plan on using the JobRoller theme, it is very important to have both a Terms and a Privacy page to protect yourself.  Also, if you plan on using Adsense on the site you must have a Privacy Policy page in order to comply with their Terms of Service (TOS).  Instead of having the Terms and Privacy links in the main navigation, I like to put them in the footer so that they are a little less intrusive to the look of the site.  However, you obviously have the choice to link them to whatever pages you feel best fit your site.  The video below will show you how to change the JobRoller footer links…

Some Important Things to Keep in Mind before Changing the JobRoller Footer Links

  • –  In the WordPress admin go to Appearance > Editor > scroll down and find “theme-footer.php”
  • –  Make a copy of “theme-footer.php” before you make any changes to it so that you have an original copy of the file just in case something were to go wrong.
  • –  If you want to change “powered by” to the Pipe symbol like I did in this video simply hit:  “Shift \” — In other words, hold the Shift key and then hit the back slash key and the Pipe symbol will appear.
  • – Keep in mind that each time you upgrade / update to the latest version of the JobRoller theme your footer links will revert back to the original links (appthemes and which means you’ll need to repeat this process.  The good news is that after you change the footer links once, you’ll be able to do it very quickly the next time around.
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  1. hi want to have that jobroller to a site of ur article on that and really do like ur informations.
    want to add new fields to the pages like SUBMIT JOB AND ADD RESUME in jobroller,can u plz explain how to do tht .
    thanks waiting for reply