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How to create email link wordpress

Learn how to use HTML script to create email link.

Create a link for your email on your website using WordPress, or any other platform. This makes it much easier for your customers, and new visitors to contact you, when you’re only one click away.


Ready to use HTML Email link Script

We use a HTML script that you can copy and paste in your own information with a few easy steps.

This is an example of the Email link we use here on, and you find the example in the footer.

<b>Email:</b><a href=””>This is the email link text</a>

All you need to do now is to change the text EmailYourEmail@gmail.comThis is the email link text.

See live example: Email: Contact Us Today

HTML Code explanation

<b>Email:</b> = This will make the Email text Bold

<a href=””>This is the email link text</a> = This will create a link to your email, and change the text of the email link.


How to add email link on your WordPress Website

If you have your website on platform WordPress this is a step by step guide how to add Your contact information in footer:

  1. Go to your dashboard
  2. Choose Appearance
  3. Go to Widgets
  4. Find a widget called Text and click on add widget to footer 1, 2, 3 or 4 depending on how many you have in your theme.
  5. Copy the Email HTML link scrip and add your information.
  6. If you add other contact information don’t forget do insert <br> after every line.
  7. Click on Save and double check on you website.
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