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Install WordPress themes

In this WordPress tutorial we are going to learn how you can install a theme from your dashboard, and with a Zip-file from a theme you bought.

How to install a free WordPress Theme

  1. To add a new them for our WordPress site, we go to “themes”.
  2. Click no “add new”. Choose on of these, we can choose “popular”.
  3. Here we have many free themes. Choose the one you like click “preview”.
  4. This is the theme in a live preview. You can also check the ratings and read about the theme.
  5. If you like the theme just click on “install”. Choose”activate”, go back to the website and we have the new theme installed.


Install a theme with a ZIP-file

If you want to buy a high premium theme, I personally recommend (Affiliate)

  1. Choose WordPress and choose in what category your website fits in.
  2. Here you can change what you are looking for. If you want the best themes choose best sellers.
  3. You can go in to the theme, take a live review, then click no”buy now”.
  4. After that you go to your account, click on “downloads”.
  5. Choose the theme, click on “download” and choose “installable WordPress file only”. This will download the folder to your  downloads.
  6. Go to your downloads, right click on the folder , choose “compress Sahifa for all your theme”, this will create a “zip-file” we will need a zip file when we are uploading our theme.
  7. Go back to your website, go to themes. Choose “add new”, click on “choose file” and find the zip-file. Click on “choose”, then click o “install now”. Click on “activate”.
  8. Very often the high premium themes comes with recommended plugins, click on “begin install plugins” chose all plugins. Click on “install and apply”.
  9. Go down and click on “return to required plugin installer” choose all the plugins again, then click on “activate” choose “apply”. All the plugins are now installed in the new theme.
  10. Go back to the website. This is how you install a free theme for WordPress dashboard or how you buy a theme and upload the buyer zip-file.

Buy Premium theme at (Affiliate)

See Full Video: How to install a WordPress theme – 2016

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