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From the WordPress plugin directory, Huge-It Forms has a 4.5-star rating which makes it a necessity to every WordPress website. Without Huge-It, it is almost impossible for users to maintain a relationship with their customers. If you are looking for plugins that will give your website a professional impression, Huge-It Forms will be your website’s best friend.

With its Form Builder plugin, you can create forms with good quality and efficiency. It has a comprehensive configuration page that is very easy to install and customize. You can add a delivery, contact US, reservation, website visitors, employment and even an order a t-shirt form.

Why Should You Choose Huge-It Forms?

The WordPress form plugin from Huge-It is simply configured and is popular for being the best functioning form builder among other existing plugins. It allows you to create several kinds of forms and have the results sent to your email box. One simple way to use the plugin is to use the shortcode that is made up of a single line and from there, you can insert the contact form to any page or post you like.

What makes it stand out?

Here are some features that make Huge-It Forms standout from its competitors:

  1. It has customizable fields.Screenshot 2016-06-09 21.37.44


    Every field in the plugin can be customized according to your preference. You can do whatever you want with each field – may it be editing, deleting or even hiding fields that do not belong in your form.

  2. It has a Drag & Drop function.

    The Drag & Drop function is ideal for those who would like to see what the form would look like after each edit. If you do not like the position of a certain field or would like to try new field positions, then this plugin function will be your best friend. Drag and DropYou can add simple fields, delete some, change the theme, get the shortcode and paste it anywhere on your website.

  3. It has Live Preview.

    With this feature, everything that you have set before saving can be reviewed before it goes live on your website. No need to save and then edit again after several revisions.

  4. It has unlimited themes.

    You can choose from the predesigned themes or even customize a theme of your own. You can change the way the forms look how you want it, anytime you want.

  5. It has an email newsletter feature.

    If your website has a lot of visitors, turning them into subscribers is the best idea. Since the newsletter form is also customizable, you can configure a lot from its frontend. Send newsletters and keep them updated by letting them know what you are currently up to.

  6. It has a responsive design.

    The forms can be viewed on all kinds of platforms. It does not matter if you are using an Apple or an Android device, the forms will look good and function the way it should be in all types of screen sizes.

  7. It has widgets and shortcodes.

    As mentioned earlier, Huge-It plugin forms are very easy to configure. You can put it anywhere on your website and even integrate it as a widget.

What’s in the General Options?

General Settings

From the screenshot above, there are a lot of customizable options from the general options page. In your form settings, you can change the name of the email sender, the email that will send the emails, Captcha private and public keys, and choose if you want the submissions to be saved in the database or not.

In the email administrator settings, there is an option to send email for every submission or not, input the administrator email, the message subject, and the message content.

You can also change the messages that will appear in different kinds of instances – like if the sender’s message was not successfully sent.

In the Email to User’s Settings, enable and disable the feature, change the message subject and its content.

There is also a tab for “All Submissions” where the number of submissions for each tab can be closely monitored and managed.

What if I purchase the Personal, Multisite, and Developer Version?

If you want to purchase the plugin, there are three other versions that give you a lot of options for design. This is available in the Theme Options sub-menu. There are five pre-installed themes from the free version that you can modify and customize according to your own preference when you purchase the plugin. The purchased versions only differ from each other by the number of websites that can have the usage license and the length of customer support (6 months, 1 year to lifetime support).

With the other three versions, you can modify the following:

  • Form Block Styles
  • Label Styles
  • Textarea Styles
  • Input-Text Styles
  • Checkbox Styles
  • Selectbox Styles
  • Input-Radio Styles
  • File Uploader Styles
  • Button Styles

Design Options

Purchasing the plugin is ideal for those who are not familiar with CSS and HTML. If the changes you have made did not satisfy you, you can choose the predesigned themes again and its default settings will show.

Newsletter Manager

Another feature after purchasing is the “Newsletter Manager” tab. It allows you to choose which forms will receive the newsletter, the number of emails in each flow, the interval in between each mailing, subject and content of the newsletter, and the number of email addresses that should receive the newsletter.

If you think Huge-It plugins are the best, you can purchase all 11 WordPress plugin for only $199. The limited offer includes Image Gallery, Forms, Google Map, Slider, Catalog, Portfolio, Video Player and more, which saves you $400. Hurry up and purchase the plugins before the offer ends!



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