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How to List a Website on


In this video you’ll learn how to list a website for sale on   You’ll also learn some valuable tips that will increase the chances of your website selling for the price that you desire. Below are some tips that will help you sell more sites on Flippa:

– Make sure that you accurately describe the amount of traffic the site gets and the amount of revenue it’s made over the life of the site.  Do not mislead or over estimate the traffic volume and/or the revenue.   You always want to be more conservative with your claims on traffic and revenue.   Also, make sure to always include screen captures that prove the site’s analytics and revenue.

– List your site for at least 5 days so that it has time to be seen by a fair amount of potential buyers.  If you can list it for longer than 5 days you have better odds of it selling.

– Find a sales template that works and re-use it to save time and maximize efficiency.

– Schedule your listings to end in the evening rather than early morning.  If the listing ending at night it will be seen by more potential buyers.  Listings that end early in the morning will often go unsold.

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