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Clipper Theme Settings Overview

After installing the Clipper theme, the next step is to complete the theme settings which is what we’ll do in the video below.  In the WordPress admin go to Clipper > Dashboard.  In the Clipper Dashboard section of the WP admin you’ll get a high level snapshot of the current state of your coupons site.  The Dashboard will tell you the total number of live coupons on the site, total number of pending coupons and the current version of the Clipper theme that you are running.  The Clipper Dashboard section of the WordPress admin is a good place to start each time you log in to manage your coupon site.Clipper Theme Settings

Clipper Theme General Settings

Next, we’ll move on to the Clipper > Settings section of the WP admin.  The first tab in the Settings section is the General tab.  In the General Settings section of the WordPress admin you’ll be able to choose the overall color scheme for the Clipper site, upload a custom logo, favicon, feedburner URL, Twitter ID, Facebook page ID and your tracking code.  In addition, in the General Options section you get to choose options such as Moderate New Coupons, Prune Expired Coupons, Moderate New Stores, Require Registration to post coupons, Allow Coupon Editing, Allow HTML and Show Coupon Views Counter among other things.  In my opinion, the most important of the general settings are the “Moderate New Coupons” and “Require Registration”.  I always set both of those settings to “Yes” and the main reason is to prevent spammers from junking up the site with bogus coupons.  Moderating new coupons is always a good idea and is highly recommended.  Requiring users to have an account before they can post coupons also helps cut down on the amount of spam you’ll have to deal with.  Moderating coupons is quick and easy.  It only takes a few minutes of your time each day but it has a huge effect on ensuring that your site is of high quality.

Clipper Theme Security Settings

The next tab in the Clipper theme settings is the Security/Reports tab.  In this section you’ll be able to setup your Back Office Access, enable reCaptcha, and Reset Votes.  In this section, I highly recommend setting the Back Office Access to “Admins Only” so that site users are not able to access your WP admin.  Also, setting up reCaptcha is highly recommended and will help to greatly cut down on spam.  You’ll need to get a reCaptcha Public Key and Private key in order get it properly setup.  The good news is that it’s free and easy to get both keys by simply creating an account with reCaptcha.  There is a link in the Security/Reports section that will take you right to the reCaptcha registration page.

Clipper Theme Advertising Settings

Advertising is the next tab in the Clipper theme settings section of the WP admin.  In the Advertising section you can paste in 336×280 Ad code of any type.  The Ad will show up on each Blog post that you create.  This is a good place to paste your Adsense code or possibly a site sponsors’ banner Ad.  However, I recommend building up the site user-base for a couple months before enabling the Advertising section of the site.

Clipper Theme Advanced Settings

You will not need to make many changes in the Advanced tab section of the Clipper Theme settings.  By default, everything is pretty much setup how it should be.  The only update that I recommend making in this section is to set the “Disable WordPress User Toolbar” to Yes.  Setting this option to Yes will hide the WordPress toolbar when you view the website which gives you a better idea of what your site users actually see when they visit the site.

Clipper Theme Email Notification Settings

The final steps in setting up the Clipper theme settings is the Email notifications settings.  Here, you’ll choose the email address that Clipper should send new coupon notifications to.  If you’re going to moderate new coupons, make sure you use an email address that you check everyday.  Also, in the email notifications settings of the Clipper theme you get to create the messages that are automatically sent to site users when they create an account and post coupons.  I recommend playing around / testing out a few different messages until you find one that works well for your site.  Also, make sure to test the system from both the admins and site users perspectives just to make sure the emails are going out properly.

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  1. Hello Teddy

    Excellent work with the Clipper videos. I am thinking about buying clipper. I was just wondering if I can put adsense link units or other adsense ads in all my pages apart from the default 336 X 80 unit in the advertising section. If not , will be able to edit the theme in the developer version of clipper?


    • Hi Roy – Thanks for the complements on our Clipper tutorials. The answer to your question is Yes, you can put adsense (or any banner ad) on every page of the site via the use of text box widgets. You could also install one of the many adsense plugins that would allow you to embed any size ad on every page and post of your site. Please let me know if this helps answer your question and thanks again for your support.


  2. When I add a coupon in Clipper theme it does not shown in the coupon box, but appears in the details? Instead a generic clipper pic shows in box, how to change or modify?

    • Hi Judy – It sounds like there might have been some type of issue when you installed the theme. If you can create a user account for me to access the WordPress admin I’d be happy to take a closer look. Please use the Contact Page form (link to contact page is in footer) to send me the login info and I’ll do my best to help. Thanks,


  3. Hi Teddy,
    There are some questions that I am not not able to solve regarding this theme. Give theme a look
    1) how to hide coupon codes, saw on, this site writes “click to redeem” option, which can really improve conversions

    2) images thumbnails doesn’t many times
    Would love to hear from you.

  4. Hi , I am testing clipper 1.4 on my local machine. I have an issue , when I click to redeem. I see quite a few users have the same problem. NOt sure how they resolved it , would you be able to help


    • Hi Mo,

      What exactly is the issue? Is it when you click the coupon on the front-end it doesn't work because you're developing the site locally? Please provide more detail and I'll do my best to help. Thanks

  5. Hi Teddy,

    Can you tell me how I can remove primary navigation bar which has registration and rss link in header?

    thanks in advance

    Rajesh Kumar

  6. hello, for some reason my clipper app theme will not display pictures of the coupon. like there is no place to even upload a picture. i thought maybe connecting a coupon from a site it would automatically appear as the coupon logo, or that maybe i could set a featured imagine… neither work? any thoughts, thanks