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Add a WooCommerce Store to an Existing WordPress Site

As much as possible, we try to make WordPress tutorials that answer specific questions our readers have posted via Comments. This tutorial addresses  a number of questions that have come up more than a few times since launching [...]

Canvas Theme Business Page Image Slider

The Canvas theme is one of the most versatile themes we've ever worked with mainly because of the number page templates within the theme.  With Canvas it's possible to have a magazine style blog, normal blog, business website, [...]

Safely Customize your Site with Child Themes

The vast quantity of available themes is a big reason why WordPress is the platform of choice for so many people.  A theme provides an excellent starting point for your WordPress site.  However, not all themes are as [...]

WooCommerce External / Affiliate Product Setup

Have you ever thought about building an eCommerce site but decided against it because of a lack of products?  Fortunately, WooCommerce makes it easy to supplement your eCommerce site with third party affiliate products through the use of [...]

WooCommerce Up-Sells and Cross-Sells

WooCommerce makes it easy to setup an unlimited number of up-sells and cross-sells.  Up-sells and cross-sells are essential to developing a long-term profitable eCommerce site because they help to increase the Average Order Size.  You've most likely heard [...]

WooCommerce Page Setup – Blog and Contact Pages

If you've been following this series on how to build a professional eCommerce site with WordPress, WooCommerce and the WooStore theme then you know that we're building WorldCupTees.com from start to finish.  In the last couple tutorial videos [...]

Welcome to the next Upload WP tutorial on how to build a professional eCommerce site using WordPress, WooCommerce, and the WooStore theme.  Before we begin with our product setup tutorial I want to take a moment to Thank [...]

Embed an Amazon aStore in a WordPress Site

This video shows you how to create an Amazon aStore and insert it into a WordPress website.  The WordPress theme used in this video is the Lifestyle theme by StudioPress.  Please note that although we use the LifeStyle [...]

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