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Why Simple WordPress Themes Make Sense

The great thing about WordPress is that there are so many different themes to choose from for your website.  Odds are good that there is most likely themes for just about every type of website need.  However, so many choices often creates confusion and can make it very difficult to decide on which theme to actually use.  That is why we believe in the acronym  KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) when deciding on the right WordPress themes for our sites. is among the many places on the internet that offers great, user-friendly themes. The site, owned by Casey Lee, offers free and premium WordPress themes that are easy to use for both the site user and site visitor. Each of the simple WordPress themes have a thumbnail preview, a link for the theme’s download, and a demo of the theme in action.

Importance of Simple WordPress Themes

It’s obvious that having a great, simple WordPress theme is critical to building a great website.  Therefore, being able to get versatile simple WordPress themes will allow you to lead the pack in your particular niche. Themes help give sites, not only a professional look, but also showcase the sites’ content in an attractive way. As catching the interest of the site visitor has become more and more difficult due to the sheer number of sites on the web, offering a site using simple WordPress themes that engage the visitor and hold their attention or interest means a lot.Simple WordPress Themes

A Closer Look at Some Simple WordPress Themes

Among their very best simple WordPress themes is Prestige. Prestige is a theme that features six color styles and includes the Photoshop files and layered Adobe Fireworks. This allows the user to customize the theme for their specific purpose. The great thing about the simple WordPress themes which the site offers is that the vast majority offer shortcodes. Shortcodes are small pieces of text which help novice site owners to make use of great functions which would normally require knowledge of PHP or HTML code. Site owners can make full use of the integrated slider which helps with the creation of amazing slideshows.

Live Demo of Presstige

Another exciting simple WordPress theme from is the Element theme. This theme is very mobile-friendly which allow users to provide mobile and tablet browsers to enjoy your site without any problems or visual issues. The background of the theme can be customized without difficulty. It is also widgetized fully and users can make use of their most preferred widgets on featured blocks, sidebars, below content, and above the content.

Live Demo of Element

Onyx is also among the best of the simple WordPress themes available at The theme offers 5 layouts for the content templates which enable users to give their content a professional and clean look. The theme also allows users to insert tabbed panels without making the content look crowded. It is a great theme that is perfect for use with corporate sites.

Live Demo of Onyx is a wonderful resource for people who are on the lookout for versatile, functional, and visually appealing WordPress themes. The site offers different types of themes which suit almost every need that users may have. It is a simple WordPress themes directory where people can browse and demo many interesting WP themes. It is easy to take a tour through an entire theme and to discover exactly what it offers in terms of features, color styles, typography, and many other options that are made available. Choosing simple WordPress themes has never been so interesting and easy.

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