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If you have just started your online business and want it to look professional and elegant at the same time, the StyleShop theme by ElegantThemes will be your best choice.

The powerful and sleek theme from ElegantThemes will do all the hard work for you. It is designed beautifully and one of its best features is responsiveness – which is an essential factor in every successful online store. StyleShop has everything you need in order to satisfy your potential customers.

StyleShop Theme Features

Built-in eCommerce Functions

You most probably do not have time to start an e-commerce website from scratch and that’s what makes StyleShop the best theme for you. With this theme, you can add items to your store and organized your items by simply categorizing them. You also have the option to add relevant information such as its price, product highlights, and so much more. If your items are on sale, it is easy to do so. It is easier for your customers to make a purchase since you can also put additional information like reviews, related items and other elements that can make them trust your online shop more and before hitting that checkout button. Everything is easy to set up with the StyleShop Theme.

Page Templates

Our page templates make your life easier by giving you access to pre-made styles and functions. Each template can be applied to an individual page, transforming the way it looks and functions to create additional and unique forms of content. Easily create galleries, contact pages, sitemaps, blog feeds and much more using the Elegant Themes Page Templates.

StyleShop theme makes everything a breeze for you since it will give you unlimited access to pre-designed styles and awesome functions. If you have several pages, the templates can be applied individually and it will change its appearance and functions in order to create more unique forms of content. Galleries, contact pages, sitemaps and blog feeds are easier to create with the StyleShop Theme Page Templates.

Compatible with several devices

Not everybody uses the same device anymore. With the StyleShop WordPress Theme, your website will be equally viewed on all kinds of platforms easily through its responsive design. CSS media queries are used so that different screen sizes will be able to trigger various layout sets. Whether you’re using an iPad or an Android device, Vertex looks great in portrait or landscape mode and in all types of browsers.

Lots of color schemes and theme options

Theme Options

Via the WordPress Theme customizer, you can easily change everything and customize your web site with any background image and color scheme that you wish. You can freely tweak the font colors, navigation bar colors, background colors, background images and a whole lot more.

Always updated

The StyleShop WordPress theme is always updated and is always made sure to be at par with the latest version of WordPress. Once you become a member, you will have free access to all the theme updates perpetually. With that being said, you can just sit back and relax knowing that your website will not have downtimes, errors or lags.

Utter localization

For easier translation, the theme is localized so that customers do not have to waste precious time in editing PHP files. Sets of .mo and .po files are already included in the theme that can be used for better and faster translation.


ElegantThemes has an enormous collection of shortcodes where you can easily come up with brand new layouts. You do not have to exert extra effort when it comes to organizing and designing all your posts. The collection of shortcodes will ensure that the effectivity, quality and efficiency of your content will not disappoint your customers.


If you are going to purchase the Personal option, it’s $69. But if you want unlimited access to themes, the page builder and all other plugins from ElegantThemes, it will only cost you $89. For the lifetime membership, the tag is priced at $249.

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