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Upgrading the Clipper Theme to Latest Version

If you own a coupons style site and use the Clipper theme then you just might find this video helpful.  AppThemes, the creator of the Clipper theme is very good about constantly improving Clipper as they are with all of their themes.  On average, AppThemes seems to release an upgraded version of the Clipper theme about once a month.  If you use the Clipper theme, or plan on using it, then you’ll definitely want to take advantage each new release of the theme.  With each new version of Clipper, new features are added and bugs are fixed.  So it only makes sense to upgrade when a new version becomes available.  The video below will show you exactly how to upgrade Clipper.  However, before we talk about upgrading, I need to warn those of you that have made significant modifications / customizations to the Clipper theme

How to Ugrade Clipper to Latest VersionUpgrading Clipper – Be Careful if You Customized Clipper

It’s very important to understand that if you’ve customized the Clipper theme, all of your custom work with go away / be overridden when you upgrade to the latest version of Clipper.  AppThemes suggests that you use a Child theme version of Clipper if you plan on making major modifications.  If you use a child theme, your customizations will not be effected each time you upgrade to the latest version of Clipper.  A child theme is basically just a skin / shell that sits on top of the actual core theme.  So you can customize a child theme as much as you’d like and not loose those customizations when you upgrade to a new version of the theme.

However, to the best of my knowledge, AppThemes does not currently offer child themes for any of their themes.  So, you would have to hire someone / outsource the creation of a Clipper Child theme.  It would definitely be worth the time and money to develop a child theme for Clipper if you plan on making major custom changes to the look and feel of the site.  You’ll find plenty of people that are capable of making a child theme for Clipper on sites like Scriptlance, Elance, ODesk and just about any outsourcing site.

How to Upgrade Clipper to the Latest Version of the Theme

Having said that, this particular video focuses on how to upgrade Clipper to the latest version.  It is a relatively easy process which includes doing the following…

1.  Log into your AppThemes account and download the new version of Clipper

2.  Unzip the zip file which contains the latest version of Clipper and paste it into a folder on your computer Desktop

3.  Connect to your server via FTP using FileZilla (any FTP client)

4.  Once connected via FTP, find the latest version of Clipper on your desktop

5.  On your server side go to: public_html > MyWebsite > wp-content > now Drop the latest version of Clipper into the “themes” folder > it will ask if you want to overwrite the current files – say Yes to All

6.  Once the latest version of clipper has been uploaded, log into your WordPress admin and go to Appearance > Themes > refresh the page and you should see that the latest version of Clipper is active.  In this example video, we are upgrading to Clipper version 1.3

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  1. The above tutorial seems nice. Pls also post article on “How to replace Clipper theme thumbshot with store logo”. I need for my website

    Me and other users too required this functionality for their website with Clipper Coupon Script.

    • Hi – I’ve had a few people as the same or very similar question. After looking into it briefly I found that there does not seem to be a quick / easy way to replace the Clipper theme auto-generated screen capture with a store logo. However, I’m going to spend some more time trying to find the solution and as soon as I have it I will create that tutorial.

      If anyone out there has a solution for this and is willing to share, please do so. You will be helping many people that are struggling to figure this out.