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How to Update JobRoller to the Latest Version

In this Upload WP tutorial we’ll show you how to upgrade JobRoller to the latest version of the theme.  JobRoller  is one of the most popular premium job board themes on the market today.  AppThemes, creator of JobRoller, comes out with new versions of the theme about every 4 to 6 weeks on average.  Each updated version of the theme usually includes bug fixes as well as new or enhanced features.  If you have a website that is powered by JobRoller then you’ll definitely want to take advantage of each updated version.How to Upgrade JobRoller to Latest Version

In this tutorial video, we’ll show you how to automatically update JobRoller to the latest version via the WP admin.  AppThemes have done a great job of making it easy to upgrade with one click of the mouse.  Here’s how to automatically update to the latest version of JobRoller:

Simply log into your WordPress admin and go to Appearance > Themes > you’ll see a notification that a new version of JobRoller is available with a link to Update Automatically > click the Update Automatically link > a script will run that updates JobRoller to the latest version > you’ll see a successfully updated message > mission accomplished!

Important Note when Upgrading JobRoller

If you’ve customized your JobRoller site in any way your updates will be overwritten when you automatically upgrade the theme.  In other words, if you’ve made any changes to the JobRoller theme files those changes will be overwritten.  You’ll need to redo all you’re custom changes which could very time consuming.

For example, in the video below we update one of our local job sites,, to the latest version of JobRoller.  Before automatically upgrading we show you the customizations that we made to the footer links.  We changed the theme-footer.php file so that the links went to our Privacy and Terms pages.  After using the “Update Automatically” link and the WordPress admin, our Privacy and Terms links were overwritten with the original AppThemes links.  So the point is, make sure to take into consideration any custom changes that were made to the JobRoller files before upgrading.

There is also the option to manually update JobRoller.  However, this method is much more complicated in that it involves using an FTP client and uploading individual files.  A manual update should only be done if you’re an advanced WordPress user / developer.  Outsourcing a manual update of the JobRoller theme is another option.  You could probably have this done for as little as $15 to $20 on sites like Scriptlance or ODesk.

JobRoller Child Themes

If you plan on highly customizing your job board site then you should use a JobRoller child theme to avoid having your customizations overwritten each time you update to the latest version.  A child theme is basically a shell or a skin that sits on top of the engine (JobRoller).  A child theme is similar to a cell phone case in that it does not change the functionality of the phone, it simply provides a different look / style.  Child themes are not affected by theme upgrades so you will not loose any of your customizations.

There are a number of developers that specialize in making child themes.  Simply do a Google search for “JobRoller Child Themes” and you’ll find a few to choose from.  Another option would be to have a custom JobRoller child theme made for your site.  This can be easily outsourced at sites like Scriptlance, Elance, ODesk and any other outsourcing site.  Thanks for taking time to read through this post and hopefully the video below will give you a clear understanding of how to upgrade JobRoller to the latest version of the theme…

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