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Just What is WordPress?

If you are thinking about blogging and have asked friends about how to start, you may have heard people mention WordPress many times. But the thing is, just what is WordPress?What is WordPress?

WordPress was first released by its developer Matt Mullenweg in 2003. It was meant to be a simple blog engine. It has since grown into a content management, as well as, blog publishing application that has become very popular on the web. Now what is WordPress built on? It is built using open source database management tool called msSQL and scripting language called PHP making it free software which can be easily downloaded from

The Answer to – What is WordPress?

What is WordPress?  Well, it is now the most popular packaged application because aside from being available for free download, it can be installed anywhere and used as the structure, basis, and platform for an entire website. If you are more of a novice blogger, you can take advantage of free blogging services at

What is WordPress? It is also “open source” which means that all of the code and the files that it uses are available for free for everyone to make use. People can customize it. People are free to enhance it. This “open source-ness” had allowed it to be among the favorites used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe.

What is WordPress? It is an application that includes many powerful features like workflow, template system, highly advanced content categorization, link structures that are search engine friendly, and many, many more. These features allow users to customize and manipulate content and functionality without the need to learn HTML or PHP code.

What is WordPress? It is an application which allows non-developers to manage websites. It allows non-developers to try out many functional, cosmetic and structural elements like “themes”, “widgets”, and “plug ins”. These elements can be easily changed or customized with no adverse effects to the site’s content as it sits on another database.

What is WordPress? It is a very versatile technology that helps businesses to achieve their goals, manage content, engage in social media activities, do well in search engines and minimize costs. This is because WordPress has the flexibility and interface with which businesses can manage their websites without the need to learn or hire people who know website designing or coding.

What is WordPress’ biggest advantage? It is that the user is in control as it is hosted on your own server and is not like most remote-hosted scripts. It can be installed easily and can be configured without any problems. There are no large files to download nor are there hundreds of things to edit just to set up a site.  Blog pages are also generated instantly whenever you require a page so there is no need to have archived pages eating up a lot of web space.

What is WordPress’ second biggest advantage? It is that it is easy to use. WordPress can run on Macintosh, Linux, or Windows operating system. The base package can be installed in as little as 15 minutes and requiring nothing more than knowing how to set up a database on the web host. To make things much simpler, those who use shared hosting tools can install WordPress software in one click.

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