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Adding ShareYourCart to your WooCommerce Site

Have you been searching for a way to increase conversion rates, lower cart abandonment, and take advantage of social media marketing?  If so, you should consider adding ShareYourCart to your eCommerce site.  ShareYourCart is a social affiliate marketing tool that is tightly integrated with WooCommerce.  The tight integration makes it simple to add ShareYourCart to your WooCommerce site.  You’ll see in the tutorial video below that it can be accomplished in about 10 minutes.  However, before we dive into the mechanics of adding it, let’s talk about exactly what ShareYourCart is and why you should consider using it.WooCommerce and ShareYourCart Integration Tutorial

ShareYourCart Explained

ShareYourCart is a social affiliate marketing tool that turns your customers into sales reps by giving them an incentive to share their shopping carts (and/or products they like) with their Twitter followers and Facebook friends.  In return for sharing their cart, they receive some type of instant discount.  The type of discount and the amount of the discount received is up to you, the eCommerce site owner.  You gain new customers, valuable back-links, and satisfy existing customers via the use of ShareYourCart.

Overview of how ShareYourCart works with your WooCommerce site…

  • The ShareYourCart button is placed on the product detail page (for every product) and on the Cart page.  You do have the option of limiting the button to just the Cart or just the Product detail page if so desired.
  • Site visitors click on the ShareYourCart button and share their carts with their Twitter followers and Facebook friends.
  • In return for sharing their carts, they receive an automatic discount on their current order.
  • The site owner gets the order and the exposure of their customers’ social networks.
  • A Win-Win has just taken place.

Why You should Consider using ShareYourCart on your WooCommerce Site

  • Increase your conversion rates.
  • Take advantage of viral social media marketing.
  • Decrease the number of people that abandon their shopping cart.
  • Most online shoppers only buy discounted products.

How to Setup ShareYourCart in WooCommerce

Here’s how to take advantage of the tight integration that WooCommerce has with ShareYourCart…

In your WordPress admin go to WooCommerce > Settings > click on the Integration tab > click on the ShareYourCart link > click the blue “Create an account” button > check the “Enable ShareYourCart Integration” box > the Client ID and App Key fields will be automatically populated > the Product Page and Cart Page check-boxes should be checked > for Button style choose Standard Button > Button Skin choose Dark > Button Position choose Normal > Save Changes > go out to your site and refresh the page > go to a product detail page and the ShareYourCart button will appear

After confirming that the ShareYourCart button is live on your site, go back into the WordPress admin and click on the “Configure ShareYourCart” button.  The Configure button will take you to your ShareYourCart account where you’ll be able to update the settings to your preference.  In terms of configuring the ShareYourCart account, you have 3 Discount Type options to choose from.

ShareYourCart Discount Type Options…

  • Percentage off the order
  • Fixed Amount off the order
  • Free Shipping

WooCommerce and ShareYourCart Important Notes:

  • You choose the type of discount to give as well as the amount of the discount by clicking on the “Configure ShareYourCart” button.
  • ShareYourCart is free up to 10 coupons per month.  You have the option of purchasing more coupons if needed.
  • All WordPress users can take advantage of ShareYourCart via the “ShareYourCart” free plugin.  In other words, you can implement ShareYourCart even if you do not use WooComemmerce.
  • Any eCommerce site owner looking to increase conversions should give ShareYourCart a try.

If you use ShareYourCart, please let us know how it’s working out for your eCommerce site by posting a comment below…

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  1. Hi,
    Could you please tell me why my cart total figure of say $20 plus $5 GST(total of $25), shows as $20 in the checkout section(the total payment is only the cost excluding the tax) and how can I fix this(I don’t know if it has anything to do with the theme,but I am using Mystile)?thanks