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WooCommerce Makes Coupon Creation Easy

Let’s face it, these days everyone is looking for a good deal.  Most people simply won’t pay full price for anything, myself included.  Before I make a purchase online, I always search Google for coupons.  No matter whether I’m shopping for an iPhone case on Amazon or a premium WordPress theme, I always search for coupons before making a purchase.

When conflicted between two sites that sell the same items, I decide to buy based on which site has the better coupon offers.  Coupons are among the main factors that drive my buying decisions and I would guess I’m not alone.  Coupons not only save people money but they also make them feel better about their purchase.  When people feel good about the things they buy, they’re more likely to buy from the same eCommerce site again in the future.  They’re also less likely to complain about the product or service because they know they got a good deal.WooCommerce Coupons Setup

Coupon marketing is an essential part of all successful eCommerce sites.  Therefore, you should take full advantage of the WooCommerce coupon capabilities.  In this Upload WP tutorial you’ll learn how to create four different types of coupons in WooCommerce.  You’ll learn just how easy it is to create coupons with WooCommerce and hopefully it will spark some ideas on how to use coupons to generate more revenue for your eCommerce site.

How to Create Coupons in WooCommerce

WooCommerce Coupon Example 1:  20% Off Entire Order

In the WordPress admin go to WooCommerce > Coupons > Add Coupon > enter the Coupon Code > in the Discount type drop-down select “Cart % Discount” > in the Coupon amount text box enter 20 >  scroll to the bottom of the screen and select an “Expiry date” > Publish the coupon

WooCommerce Coupon Example 2:  $5 off a Specific Item

In the WordPress admin go to WooCommerce > Coupons > Add Coupon > enter the Coupon Code > in the Discount type drop-down select “Product Discount” > in the Coupon amount field enter 5 > make sure the “Individual use” box is checked > in the “Products” field begin typing the name of the specific product that the coupon will apply for > give the coupon an Expiration date > Publish the “$5 Off a Specific Item” coupon

WooCommerce Coupon Example 3:  Free Shipping Coupon

This coupon will result in free shipping for any order no matter the size of the order…

In the WP admin go to WooCommerce > Coupons > Add Coupon > enter the Free Shipping coupon code > in the Discount type drop-down select “Cart Discount” > check the “Enable free shipping” box > give the free shipping coupon an expiration date > Publish the coupon

WooCommerce Coupon Example 4:  35% off Entire Order for a Specific Customer

This coupon is used to reward your best customers with  special / insiders deals…

In the WordPress admin go to WooCommerce > Coupons > Add Coupon > enter the Coupon Code in the title field > in the Discount type drop-down select “Cart % Discount” > in the Coupon Amount field enter 35 > check the “Individual use” box > in the Customer Emails box key in the email address of the specific customer(s) this coupon will apply for > give the coupon an Expiration date > Publish the coupon

Important Notes on WooCommerce Coupons

  • Make sure that you always test each coupon to verify it works as you intend it to
  • The coupon codes can be whatever you want
  • Give every coupon an Expiration Date

Coupon Marketing – Post your Deals on the Popular Coupon Sites

After creating your coupons in WooCommerce, you should post them to as many free coupon sites as possible.  Posting your coupons to sites like will create valuable links to your eCommerce site.  Consistently posting your deals to the popular coupon sites should result in a consistent increase in site traffic as well as revenue overtime.  Below is a list of recommended sites for coupon marketing


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  1. Hi, I created WooCommerce Coupon Example 1: 20% Off Entire Order. and I also Excluded Clearance Categories.
    Now I tested it in shopping cart by entering coupon code. Coupon is only available for item that is not in the Clearance category which I have expected. It worked wit a regular price item that is not in the clearance category.
    Now I put one regular item from a regular category and I put another item in the shopping cart from Clearance category. But coupon won’t work for the regular priced item. I understand it won’t work for item from clearance category but it should work for non clearance categories. I did not exclude the other cateogries.
    Can you tell me why is this happening? Thank you for your great post.

  2. Great tutorials! I can’t say enough how much your site has helped me figure out the WP craziness! Right now, I can’t get the free shipping coupon to work on my site. Do I need to specify a coupon amount even if I checked the free shipping?

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for the positive feedback and I’m glad to hear that the tutorials have been helpful! In addition to checking the “Enable free shipping” box and creating a free shipping coupon, you also need to do to the following… In the WordPress admin go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Free Shipping > check the “Enable Free Shipping” box as well as the “Free shipping requires a free shipping coupon” check-box. Please see the screen captures below and let me know if this helps solve the issue. Thanks again for your support! Adam

      WooCommerce Free Shipping Coupon

      enable WooCommerce Free Shipping Coupon

  3. Thank-you for your informative site & videos.

    Initially I could not get my coupon to appear – I then worked out Woocommerce>Settings>General> tick enable use of coupons

    Voila they appeared.

    Testing how the coupon worked

    The coupon only works on one product – that is great and what I wanted.

    I entered ‘EMAIL RESTRICTIONS’ and entered only those email addresses I wanted it applied against and that does not seem to have made any difference. I opened different browser and tried different email addresses and all different email addresses – whether they were listed in the EMAIL RESTRICTIONS field were able to use the coupon. Any idea there?

    My scenario is that I sell books and I have developed mapping videos for the books. I wanted to offer anyone who actually bought a book from me a discount to purchase the videos. Hopefully that makes sense… So I only want to offer the discount to particular email addresses, and as it is VIDEOS they only need to buy them once so I wanted to restrict the use of the coupon to one per email address.

    Do you think that can be achieved?

    The usage limit seems to apply to the number of times anyone can use the coupon – do you agree?

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Hello Teddy,
    thanks for the great and helpful tutorial.
    Being able to work with coupons now I am having hard time figuring out how to apply a coupon code to an order in the back-end. Alternatively I am looking to manually discount the cart amount by percentage. Any thoughts on that?

    Thanks and best regards,

    • Hey Fergo,

      You can apply a discount / coupon to any Order from the back-end (in the WordPress admin) by doing the following…

      In the WP admin go to WooCommerce > Orders > click on the Order Number that you want to apply a discount on > on the right-hand-side of your screen you'll see and "Order Totals" widget and in there you'll see Discounts > enter the discount amount > click the blue "Calc Totals" button which will apply the discount > click Save Order and you're good to go.

      • Hello Teddy,
        thank you for the quick response. That would be working with a defined currency amount only. I'm looking for a way to give e.g. a 10% cart discount. I created a coupon for that, but cannot find a way to apply it in the back-end.
        Thanks again,

      • Hello Teddy,
        thanks for your quick reply.
        The solution you are showing is working for great for currency amounts.
        I am looking to discount the cart by percentage though. I created a coupon for that, to give e.g. 10% discount on the cart – this works as it should in the front-end, I cannot find a way to apply the coupon (or a discount percentage) in the back-end though.
        Thanks again for your help,

        • Hi Fergo,

          I see what you mean now. I'm not seeing an option for a cart percentage discount in the back end either. I'm going to do some research on this and see if it's possible to apply a percentage cart discount with WooCommerce from the WordPress admin. I'll update this comment if/when I find the solution.



  5. Hi Teddy,

    Thanks for the great and helpful tutorial. I was wondering is there a way to enter a coupon code to the cart and it adds a free product to the cart?

    Thanks Pete

    • Hey Pete – Thanks for your question and positive feedback. I'm glad to hear that our WordPress tutorials have helped and have to say your site is awesome. It's making me vary hungry! Do you deliver to Panama City Beach, Florida? – the Lamb loin chops are making my mouth water…

      My suggestion is to check out the "URL Coupons" extension for WooCommerce. That extension / plugin should give you the functionality that you're looking for. Let me know if that helps.


  6. Hi Teddy,

    I'm having a problem that I can't fix, please, help.

    In the email restrictions I write my email but whenever I apply the coupon and proceed to checkout I get this message: "Sorry, it seems the coupon "we2p45a4" is not yours – it has now been removed from your order."

    If I leave the email restriction field with no emails, it works fine.

    Any idea why it's not working?

  7. My scenario is… I want to offer new subscribers to my site discount 10% off of their first purchase. So I made a coupon called: join10%off

    I would like each of them to be able to use it only once, but I do not want to type each email address in the field. How do I do this please.

    • Hi Kloshar,

      Thanks for your question. I believe you're asking if there is a way to limit the use of a coupon in WooCommerce. In the WordPress admin go to… WooCommerce > Coupons > Edit the join10%off coupon > on the Edit Coupon page scroll down to "Usage Limit" and set it to 1

      Usage Limit controls the number of times a coupon can be used before it is void. Let me know if that helps answer your question.

    • Hi Nivedita,

      Thanks for your question. It's actually really easy to setup a Free Product Coupon in WooCommerce with the out of the box functionality. Here's how to setup WooCommerce Coupon, free product when coupon code is entered at check or in the cart…

      In the WordPress admin go to… WooCommerce > Coupons > Add Coupon > Enter the Coupon Code (can be anything you want) > Discount Type choose "Product % Discount" > Coupon Amount enter 100 > select the products that the coupon is valid for > Publish the coupon

      The screen capture below shows how I set it up in my WooCommerce site…

  8. Hello,

    We do lots of off-line orders via the Admin Orders page and we advertise with coupons quoted. We can't add the coupon code to an offline order which is a real pain.
    Do you know how to display the coupon field on the Admin Orders page please?

    • Hi Guy,

      On the admin orders page / in the WP admin if you go to WooCommerce > Orders > view and order under "Order Totals" > there is a Discounts option for both Cart Discount and Order discount. Please be more specific / provide more info as to exactly what you're looking to do with offline orders. Are you manually adding them by going to WooCommerce > Orders > Add New? And then trying to apply a discount? Let us know so we can hopefully find a solution. Thanks

  9. Hi,

    For the expiry dates, if I want the coupon to end on December 31, 2013 (one can still use it until 11:59pm of that night), do I put the expiry date of Dec 31 or Jan 1, 2014?

    Same with sales, if I schedule sales for this coming weekend from black friday to cyber monday (Dec 2), do I use end date of Dec 2 or Dec 3? I would like people to still have the discount on Dec 2.

    thanks very much!

    • That's a great question Grace and one that I've not yet tested. My suggestion would be to test it today. Set the coupon expiration for today or tomorrow and see what happens. Do the same with the schedule sale. Once you have an answer, please let us know / update this comment with the results. I'm curious myself and I'm sure many other people are as well. Thanks for your help!

  10. Sorry, one more question…. I have woocommerce out of the box… I can see I can set up bulk sale prices for groups of products, but I don't see any scheduling option during bulk edit, but when I go back into each product, then I can schedule the sale prices. Is there a way to schedule the sale prices in bulk?

    • Another good question Grace. I spend some time searching for an extension for WooCommerce that allows you to schedule Sale Prices in Bulk. I've not yet found one but will continue my search and update you when/if I do.

      If anyone out there knows of a plugin that allows you to schedule sale prices in bulk with WooCommerce please let us know. Thanks

  11. Hi Ted,

    Is there a way to add a discount for each product when manually adding a new order?
    Maybe a premium plugin of some sort that has this type of feature?


  12. I have created a "cart total" coupon that will go out on an email to 1500 people. Is there a way to set it up so that each recipient can only use the coupon once? For instance, what is the mechanism to prevent someone from using the coupon today and then coming back and using it again tomorrow, next month, etc. I was wondering if the "usage limit" setting addresses this if you set it to "1" that the system somehow remembers the email or customer name that used the coupon prior… the "usage limit" strictly a once the coupon has been redeemed "x" amount of times it is void.

    • Hi Susane,

      I'm honestly not sure if the "Usage Limit" settings will restrict each person to only use the coupon once… Or, if you set the usage limit to ONE, it only allows the coupon to be used once. Before you send the email, you should test it out… Set the limit to 1 and then try to make multiple test purchases using the coupon. You could setup a test product and set the price to $1 so testing is easy. Use the same email for the first couple tests, then try it with a different email. You might find that setting it to 1 works well. If you find it does not, then try setting it to 1500. You could also use the "Expiry Date" option which will allow you to set an expiration date on the coupon. That might be a better option because it will create a sense of urgency and possibly result in more sales.

  13. I have an e-commerce site with woo-commerce.
    For that i created the automatic coupons for above $100 and $150 purchase.
    it works in the cart page , but my problem is the amount after discount is not shows in the other part of pages like menu cart and cart sidebar…
    It shows only the cart subtotal not the order subtotal

  14. Hi,
    I wonder if you can help. For some reason when I am selecting bulk edit with my coupons I have no options available to me. Is this function meant to work and if so how?

    How do I fix it please.

    Thanks for any advice

  15. Hello Teddy,
    I was wondering if you could help me… I’ve been trying to apply a free shipping coupon to my site and have followed the steps you’ve recommended ie. set up the coupon and enabled free shipping (a valid free shipping coupon) but the Free Shipping option appears regardless and the use can use it regardless of the coupon.
    I would be so appreciative if you could help, this is driving me a little crazing!

    Thank you so much,

  16. Hello,

    I have created a product discount coupon that needs a minimum order amount of $150.00. It is for the price of a specific product that will be mentioned where we advertise the coupon code. I have entered SKUs for the products it can be used on and I have also entered the category which these products are assigned to as well…

    I totally expected the coupon to work right but when I put an item worth 165.00 in my card and then add one of the products I added the SKU for and apply the code it says “Sorry, this coupon is not applicable to your cart contents.”

    I am confused 🙁

  17. Hi Teddy. Thanks for this helpful page!

    We have our coupons working beautifully – but have a very strange box that is showing up next to the billing info field that says, “Weekly Coupon”, then the price of our one month subscription. Then “This is set up to give people who get a coupon for a week free”.

    We didn’t enter that copy anywhere and are wondering how to either get rid of this box, or change the copy inside. The line above this, with the coupon code entry link, is perfect.

    Thanks for any help

  18. Hi there! Thanks for the how-to.
    Question: I’ve entered all the coupon info correctly – 25% off the total cart. However, the percentage removed appears to be rounding up to the nearest dollar. Is there some setting somewhere that I need to adjust to get accurate dollar amounts? For example, it takes $2 off of a $6 order, instead of $1.50. Thanks!

  19. Hello,
    I am having trouble with one of my coupons. It’s a coupon that is specific to only six of my products. It allows a 100% discount, so customers have been loving the free stuff! However, I have it set up as a Product % Discount, so they have not been able to buy two items at once and get their discount. It only discounts one item and leaves the other at full price. Any idea how to make the coupon apply to both items? I don’t want to do a Cart % Discount because they may also decide to buy other items at the same time that don’t have a coupon. Does that make sense? Getting tired of apologizing for the coupon not working!

  20. Hi Teddy,

    We have added a $50 cart discount coupon, but when customer checkout and they receive the order confirmation email, the discount was shown on individual products instead of saying the order deducted $50 coupon
    Any solution for this?

  21. Hi Teddy

    We have recently set up a “Gifts Website”, and i am trying to apply a coupon of 20% to one of our categories ,but each time i save it ,then go and test the coupon the following message appears in the cart.

    Sorry, this coupon is not applicable to your cart contents.

    I have followed the setup steps correctly i think , can you tell me what the issue may be ?