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Setting Up WooCommerce Product Categories

In the first couple tutorials we covered the basic settings for the WooCommerce plugin and the WooStore theme.  Moving forward with our series on how to build an eCommerce site using WordPress, WooCommerce and the WooStore theme we’re now going to show you how to setup your WooStore Product Categories.  The most part of this step is deciding how you want your eCommerce site product category structure to setup.  You’ll find that the actual setup of the product categories is simple.

Give Much Thought to Your Product Category Structure

Before we can begin adding products to our new eCommerce site we must first setup the product categories.  It’s very important to take time to really think about how best to structure your product category setup so that it makes the most sense for your eCommerce site.  Once your categories are setup and you have products live on the site it is very difficult to go back and modify the category hierarchy.  So I really need to stress the importance of thinking throWooCommerce Product Category Setupugh your product category pyramid before actually creating it.

Personally, I like to map out the product category structure on paper so that I can see it before creating it.  Visually seeing it on paper allows me to take a step back and decide if it really makes sense for the long run.  This exercise also allows me to see if it’s built to scale so that the site can grow to it’s full potential.

Determining your high level categories is most important because you can always add “child categories” later if you need to drill down and get more specific.  For your high level categories you should be as broad as possible.  Creating far reaching top level categories will allow the site to grow to scale.

How to Create Your WooStore Product Categories

In the WooCommerce tutorial video below, I choose to setup the top level product categories for by teams that participate in the World Cup of soccer.  For example, the first three product categories that I setup were Team USA, Team Brazil, and Team Italy.  Structuring the high level product categories by team gave me the greatest amount of flexibility with my category structure going forward.  As the site grows and more products are added, I can always drill down and add sub-categories if needed.  In the beginning however, I like to keep the high level product categories as general as possible.

Creating Product Categories in the WordPress admin

After you’ve decided on your WooStore product category hierarchy, log into the WordPress admin and go to:  Products > Product Categories > enter your product category name in the “Name” field > enter the Slug (all lower case with dash between each word) > upload a product category image (this is optional but highly recommended) > click “Add New Product Category” > repeat this process for each of your high level categories as demonstrated in the WooCommerce Product Category tutorial video below…

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  1. hi,

    I’m a unlocker just need to setup a wordpress website and i couldn’t figure out y there are 2 home pages in the woostore and if you can help me with setting up my unlock store it would be a great help.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Hisham – You can control the layout of the WooStore home page via the WooStore Theme Options settings in the WordPress admin. Go to WooStore > Theme Options > and in the Homepage Content drop down you have the option of selecting a page or blog post to display on the home page below the featured image slider. Also, you have the option of Disabling the Homepage content section. On the demo site ( used in our tutorial videos, we chose to Disable the Homepage Content section so that just our featured image slider and products display on the home page. My recommendation is to play around with the WooStore Homepage Layout settings until you get the layout that you’re looking for. Below is a screen capture of how we have the WooStore Homepage Layout setup for the demo site,…

      WooStore Homepage Layout Setup

      Please let me know if this helps. Thanks for your support!


  2. You are simply amazing, keep up the good job.
    I have indeed benefited from and I do not need anyone to tell me that you are an expert in web site creation.
    I need your help on WooCommerce Currency editing and adding of new currency.
    Please, my country’s currency is not reflected and I am buying an online store, specifically for my country.
    Your kind help will be appreciated please.
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Eric – Thanks for the positive feedback and I’m glad to hear that these WooCommerce tutorials have been helpful. If your Country’s currency is not among the list of available currencies then you’ll have to look into using one of the WooCommerce Payment Gateway Extensions. You’ll find the list of available currencies in the WordPress admin by going to WooCommerce > Settings > click on the General tab > and you’ll see the “Currency” drop-down. To the best of my knowledge, the currencies available for use in WooCommerce out of the box, is based on PayPal’s supported currency list. So if your Country’s currency is not supported by PayPal then you’ll have to look into using a payment / currency extension. My recommendation is to do a Google search for “WooCommerce Extensions” and there is a good chance you’ll find an extension that will support your Country’s currency.

      Thanks again for your support and best of luck with your site!


  3. Hi, is there any way to remove or change the “Product Categories” title via css/php or something? the same for “SKU” label? thanks

    • Hi Manuel,

      You can change the Product Categories title via the Widgets section in your WordPress admin. In your WP admin go to Appearance > Widgets > open the WooCommerce Product Categories widget > give it a new title > save changes

      WooCommerce Product Categories Widget

      Here’s how to remove the SKU label in the WordPress admin… Go to WooCommerce > Settings > scroll down to Product Data > Product fields > un-check the “Enable the SKU field for product” check box > save changes and the SKU label will no longer show up on your site.

      WooCommerce Enable the SKU field for products

      Please let me know if this helps answer your questions and best of luck with your site.


  4. Hi Adam and Teddy,

    Love this site and thanks for the great info as always! This is my first time posting a question to you as I’m totally stuck! :0

    I was wondering if you knew of a bug with the WooCommerce plugin that fails to show Product Categories after adding them via Products>Categories. The product categories are not showing up under Appearance>Menus in order to add them so that they show up in the navigation for the site.

    This has happened to me before while designing another website using the free WooCommerce Artificer theme and WooCommerce plug-in and somehow fixed the issue but for the life of me, cannot figure out what I did. I’m also reading about other people on other forums having the same issue but with other themes.

    I would greatly appreciate any light you can shed on this problem. I figured you would know how to fix it. 🙂

    Thanks in advance!

  5. hello..
    got this problem .. added a new category (shoes) then a new product. put the new product in the shoes cat. if i click on the productspage the product displays wthout a problem but if i click on the breadcrumb nav above the item i get a empty site .. “products not found” … shouldnt here display the products from the “shoes” category ?


    • Hi Francisco – Complements on your site, it’s very well done from a “look and feel” perspective. Have you solved the issues of categories not showing up on the site? If not let me know and we’ll take a closer look.

      • I am having the same problem. I added products but its not showing up on the pages. Also my pages are linking properly where it says shop-shoes-heels the other pages says shop-wedges, shop-flats, etc. Please help. I cant open until I fix this problem.

        • Hi Tashea,

          Please be more specific / provide more info in terms of the issue with products not showing on pages. I went to your site,, and went to the Shop page and it appeared to be working properly. So if you can be more specific in terms of the exact issue it will help us try and figure out the solution. Thanks,


  6. Hello
    I first want to thank you so much for creating these easy to follow tutorials for woocommerce. they are awesome!! I am completely new to woocommerce and my current website is under a very old format/design which is why I am updating it now 😉
    I do have 2 questions I am hoping you can help me with….I have the Artificer theme installed. I followed the video on this page, but there is something that seems off to me and I cannot correct it. I am having no problem creating categories, however, I would like my products and categories to be a page/tab/link along the top menu bar. Is there a way to set this up? Here is an example website (a friend of mine) so you can see what I am trying to do:
    He uses wordpress and has a tab along the top menu bar titled “store” with drop down menu and subcategories. when you click on the subcategory it brings you to the page where he sells his items. this is how I would like to set up my menu bar since my site will have other pages that will not be selling items.
    Also, in one of your videos you mentioned that you would list on this website the sizes that you recommend for the logo and fiver logo, but I cannot seem to find it, can you please direct me or let me know what sizes you recommend?
    thank you

    • Hi Deanna,

      Thanks for the positive feedback! I took a look at both of your sites (old and new) and have to say that I really like your art work! You bring up 2 very good questions and I’ll do my best to answer them both now…

      Question 1: I would like my products and categories to be a page/tab/link along the top menu bar. Is there a way to set this up?

      My Response / Answer: For the demo site in this example I’m using the Mystile theme (another free woocommerce specific theme) and you can go to to reference the demo site. I’m guessing that the Artificer theme should support up to 2 custom Menus just like the Mystile theme does. So, you’ll want to use one of the Custom Menus to setup your top / main navigation.

      To customize your site’s main navigation you’ll want to do the following…

      In your WordPress admin go to Appearance > Menus > create a menu named “Primary Menu” > in the Theme Location widget select Primary Menu from the drop-down and click Save > from the Pages widget add the Pages that you want to display in the navigation by selecting the check-box and clicking “Add to Menu” > to add your Product Categories you’ll need to go out to your site and click on each product category > copy the URL for each category category > go back to Appearance > Menus > in the Custom Links widget Paste the URL to your Product Category and click Add to Menu > repeat this process for each of your product categories.

      Once all of the Pages and Product categories that you want to display in your main navigation have been added to the “Primary Menu” go ahead and drag-and-drop them into the order that you’d like them to actually display on the site as shown in the screen captures below…

      Mystile theme custom navigation

      How to Setup Mystile theme Custom Menus

      Mystile Custom Navigation Example

      In regards to the recommended Artificer theme logo size… It looks like 190x65px would be ideal dimensions for the Artificer theme. My recommendation would be to go to and search for freestyldesign (go to fiverr and search for “freestyldesign” and you’ll find the gig) – I’ve used this gig for the logo creation of many WordPress sites and they do a really good job.

      Just remember to request request the following when having your logo made…

      1. The Logo should be made much Larger than what you’ll use for your site so that you can use it for other purposes. You can always make it smaller but cannot make it larger. So I’d request that the logo dimensions be at least 5 to 6 times larger than the recommended dimensions (950×325)

      2. Request the Photoshop files (PSD) so you have them going forward and can make updates to your logo.

      3. Request that the logo be created on a Transparent background so that it blends into the background color of your Artificer site.

      Please let me know if this helps answer your questions or if it leads to more. Thanks again for your support and best of luck with your site going forward!


      • Hello Adam
        Thank you so much for your response and detailed directions. However, I was unable to complete my task because for some reason my top menu bar with the links to home/about the artist/shop/etc. has disappeared. I have gone everywhere I can think of in WP and I cannot find anything that would re-activate it. any advise? sorry this is getting a bit overwhelming for me and I think I am clicking on too many things and screwing myself up even more! lol

      • Hello Adam
        Thank you so much for your detailed response. However, I ran across a weird problem. I was able to follow your instructions until I got to the part where I have to copy and paste the URL of the pages I created…..for some reason my entire menu bar (with the links for the home page, about the artists, shop, etc.) is gone??… I don’t know what I did but I have been clicking all over and maybe I deactivated something? I tried to fix the problem but cannot seem find where or why my menu bar is gone. I even tried to reinstall the Artificer theme but that did no good. Sorry to bother you, but by any chance can you help me? Thank you so much

        • Hi Deanna,

          It’s difficult to say exactly what might be causing the menu issue without being able to see in the WP admin. When you go to Appearance > Menus what do you see? Do you see a custom menu setup or is the custom menu you were creating gone?

          If you want to send me an email with login credentials I can take a closer look at it on Monday or Tuesday. Just use the form on our “Contact” page. The Contact form forwards to my email. Thanks,


          • Hello Adam
            Sorry, I understand that this is difficult without seeing what is going on. Here is a screen shot of what I see under Appearance > Menus in my admin. I think I will send you my login info too so you can dig around if you need to. Thank you a thousand times for all of your help. I really appreciate it 😉

      • Hi Adam,

        I had this issue of Product Categories not showing up in the Appearance page where I am creating custom menus. I was thinking of addign them as URLs as you mentioned here.

        Then I found the WordPress Wp-Admin's Screen Option on the Top right corner of the page. Clicking and expanding it revealed that Product Categories was not checked/selected by default and hence I could not see Product categories while adding to custom menus. Selecting the option, ensured that i could directly add Product Categories to Custom Menus.

        Hope this of help to everyone here.


  7. Hi,
    Love the video’s and they helped me solve problems I had 🙂

    There is one thing that bugs the heck out of me and that is adding a new product. There I have the option of adding 3 pix (4 incl the popup). Now where can I find the settings to change the size of the images shown in the browser. I can’t find it anywhere and I suspect it’s a fixed size and not being able to change it at all. Am I correct or is there a settings option to change the size when viewing this in the browser.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.
    Best regards,

    • Hi Joann,

      I’m happy to hear that our WooCommerce tutorials have been helpful – thanks for your support.

      In terms of product images, it’s best to try and make them all the same size / dimensions if possible. Photoshop is the image editing software I use to manage my product images, however, a free tool such as Gimp would work just as well. But editing your product images so that they are all the same size before uploading them to your site should help.

      I’m not sure that I’m completely understanding your question when you ask, “where can I find the settings to change the size of the images shown in the browser”?

      The WooCommerce specific themes will automatically re-size your product images to fit in the theme. However, when they are clicked on they should display the full size of the image. I’ve not spent much time testing Image settings in the WordPress admin. However, I do know that if you go to Theme Options > Dynamic Images > you’ll see “Resizer Settings” and “Thumbnail Setting” > I would recommend starting there and see if that helps.

      If you can provide more information / be more specific on the issue you’re experiencing in regards to product images I’ll do my best to find a more detailed solution. Thanks again for your support!


  8. Hey there,

    Subscribed to your youtube channel after watching a few of your videos, and they are most impressive. Have done a bit of searching, and was hoping you might guide me in the right direction with your knowloedge of WooCommerce. It is to do with menu heirachy, and sub category names.

    I am helping setting up a commerce site for newborn to teenagers, and looking at the following top menu structure as an example :


    However, my issue arises because i will have product categories of T-Shirts, Pants, Tops etc. that are used for all main categories. Will i have to rename them, or are they assigned seperately when i link them to the parent menu category. Example :

    KIDS > 2 TO 8 > BOYS > SHIRTS

    etc. etc. Hope this makes sense.

    • Hi Rob,

      Thanks for subscribing to our Youtube channel and for the positive feedback – your support is very much appreciated! The quick answer to your question is that you’ll need to make unique product sub-categories / child categories for each main / parent product category.

      For example, the way I would structure the your product categories is as follows…

      Main Product Categories / Parent Categories


      Product Sub-Categories / Child Categories

      Newborn shirts
      toddler boys shirts
      toddler girls shirts
      Boys 2 to 8 Shirts
      Girls 2 to 8 Shirts

      and so on…

      When you create your products, select both the parent / main category and the corresponding child / sub-categories. Please let me know if I’m following your question and if this helps answer it. Thanks again for your support.


  9. How good is this site !!!!

    Thanks for the feedback. I guess the critical part is when i am adding each product, i am assigning it to the specific Product Category (parent)/Sub Category (child), and not to a general Category.

    Thanks again for you help.

  10. As a first timer trying to develop a website, the videos have been invaluable, so a huge thanks for that. I have struggled on, but do have a couple of issues I hope to get help for.
    1) Is it possible to change the font style for the product descriptions?
    2) Everytime I go to Mystile>Themes>Customize the site crashes.
    3) Am I stuck with the size of the homepage image as it’s huge and not the way I’d like it to look ?
    Many thanks for any assistance on any of the questions.
    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Simon,

      I’m glad to hear that our WooCommerce tutorials have been helpful. I’ll try to answer you questions in order…

      1. I believe that it is possible to change the font style for your product descriptions via the use of the WooThemes Custom Typography Shortcode. To use the custom typography shortcode go to the product in the WordPress admin and click the Woo icon > you’ll see a list of woothemes shortcodes > select the Typography > Custom Typography shortcode and you’ll be able to customize it from there.

      WooThemes Custom Typography Shortcode

      2. I’m not sure I’m following you in regards to the site crashing every time you go to Mystile > Themes > Customize… Are you referring to Mystile > Theme Options in the WordPress admin? Please provide more information on this issue.

      3. I believe you’ll need to keep the width of the homepage banner image the same but you can shrink the height. You can definitely compress the image so it does not take up so much space on the home page. The banner will stretch across the width but the height can be reduced. If you have Photoshop or any image editing tool, simply make the banner image smaller and then re-upload it. If you look at the homepage banner image on one of our Mystile theme deomo sites you’ll see it’s not as large as the one on your site…

      Thanks for the positive feedback on our WooCommerce tutorials and let me know if this helps answer your questions.


  11. Hi, Fantastic info, thank you… has helped a lot.

    I’m having real trouble sorting the homepage on the Mystile template to only show the main product categories and not subcategories.

    is there a place I can edit the template php so it doesn’t show these?


    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the support and for letting us know that videos have helped.

      In regards to the issue with sorting the Homepage of the Mystile theme to only show main / high level product categories… Are you referring to the WooCommerce Product Categories widget / categories displaying in the sidebar? Or, are you referring to actual subcategory products displaying on the homepage? Please provide more detail and I’ll do my best to find a solution. Thanks again for the positive feedback!


    • I am having this exact problem. On the main part of the home page not the side bar widget. The sub categories are showing up along with the main categories but I only want the main ones to show up and once the customer clicks that then it will show the sub categories. For example on my site the die cut villians that is showing up with the other 2 is a sub category to the marvel series 3. Hope this helps as something for you to look at.Thanks

  12. Hello, really finding your video’s super helpful! I am having a problem getting the category widget to work. I set up my category’s in the woocommerce tab. The widget just has uncategorized, and no product categories.

    • Hey Logan – I’m glad to hear that our WooCommerce tutorials have been helpful. Thanks for the positive feedback! In regards to the issue with the category widget… It sounds like you’d like to display your Product Categories on the sidebar but your blog categories are showing instead. If that is the case, make sure that you are using the “WooCommerce Product Categories” widget and Not the “Categories” widget. The “Categories” widget will only show the normal categories that are associated to your blog. However, the WooCommerce Product Categories widget will display your product categories which I think is what you’re looking for. Let me know if this helps answer your question.

      Thanks again for your support,


  13. Hi Adam

    I’m using woo commerce for the first time. Your videos are amazing so thank you! Where I’m struggling is that I’ve created Product categories and subcategories. The Categories appear on my nav bar and the sub categories appear as drop downs. However, when I click the drop down boxes the blog pots are empty?! Ive no idea what I’m doing wrong. Any ideas please?

    Kind Regards


    • Hi Emma,

      I’m glad to hear you’ve decided to build your site with WooCommerce and that our tutorials have been helpful. Thank you for the positive feedback and encouragement.

      I took a quick look at your site and I see the issue that you’re referring to. For example, when I click Lingerie > Corsets I get a page that says “No Results Found”. The same happens for each category and sub-category…

      Check to make sure that your products are assigned to a specific category and/or sub-category. I’ve not yet worked with the Style Shop theme but my guess is that if you don’t have any products assigned to a product category you’ll get a “no results found” page. So make sure that the products you’ve created are assigned to specific product categories. Please start there and let me know if that helps resolve the issue. If not, please use the Contact form (link to contact page is in footer of to send me more specific information on the issue and I will take a closer look and hopefully find a solution.

      Thanks again for your support.


      • Hi Adam

        I’ve done this under the ‘footwear’ category with the sub category ‘burlesque’. I’ve filled in a contact form with my details on I’d be very grateful if you can assist me – I’m tearing my hair out lol!

        Kind Regards

        Emma 🙂

  14. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for your tutorials, they have been a great help!
    I’m working on woostore theme
    A question concerning breadcrumbs: why is the breadcrumbs on cat pages displaying fine but not on single product page? For simple product page I get
    Home > shop > Products > name of the products
    wereas on cat pages
    Home > cat > subcat > name of the products.
    Is it a problem in my settings?
    Thanks a lot for your reply.

  15. I recently transferred my store to woocommerce in WordPress from Zen cart. So far it’s worked well, however, when I view the Product Categories panel in the Admin, it’s not listed hierarchically… any way to accomplish this because it would be extremely helpful!

  16. Hello There,
    Thank you so much for your tutorials. I’m a first timer building a website. My problem is my images being of different sizes. Specifically on my Essences page. I would like them all uniform. I have my settings all ticked to hard crop in the WooCommerce/Settings/Catalog. I downloaded & installed Regenerate Thumbnails & haven’t had any luck with this either. Do I need to re-size the images before i upload them or can I do this easily in Shelflife? If I need to re-size them before uploading then could you recommend me a program that will be easy to learn!!! Many thanks

    • Hi Colin,

      Thanks for your question and for your support. Try resizing your images before uploading them. I typically use PhotoShop to make all of my images the same dimensions. However, a very good free alternative to Photoshop is Gimp. Gimp is a freely distributed image manipulation program that has much of the same functionality as Photoshop. If you do a Google search for “Gimp” you’ll find the link to download it. Go ahead and install Gimp and make all of your images the same dimensions. Let me know if this helps. Thanks,


  17. Hi Adam,

    Sorry that this is an old thread but I am working on a woocomerce store and was hoping you’d offer your advice on sub category permalinks.

    I want the permalink for sub-categories to look the same as the main categories.
    I would like to show up as without the master category prepended. I jut think it will be better for SEO and tidier. I know the shortened URL currently works but this is not the main URL WP see’s.

    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m honestly not sure so I’m going to go ahead and publish your comment with the hope that someone out there can chime in with a good answer. Thanks again for contacting us.


  18. Hi Adam,

    I want to display my products on the catalog page by category, however when I go in the settings under catalog options, sort by category is NOT one of the option!

    Could you please help me with this?
    Thank you

    • Hi Leyla,

      You raise a really good question. I just took a look at the WooCommerce > Settings > Catalog > Catalog Options and see what you mean. There is no option in the Default Product Sorting drop-down for “Category”.

      It’s possible that there’s a Extension that would add that functionality. If you do a quick search for WooCommerce Extensions you’ll find the full list.

      A possible work-around to the issue is to remove the default Sorting drop-down from the /Shop page altogether. Then create a custom side-bar for that page that clearly displays your Product categories so people can easily see and click on them. If you want to give this a try, here’s our tutorial on how to “Remove Default Sorting Drop-Down from WooCommerce Shop Page“.

      If anyone else out there knows how to add sort by Category to the Default Sorting drop-down on the WooCommerce Shop page please let us know.



    • Hi Leyla,

      To make all your product images look uniform / the same size on the site, make sure to edit them first in Photoshop (or any image editing program). Make a “product image template” and then use that template for all of your products. For example, on our WooCommerce demo site ( we made a product image template that was sized at 420 x 420px. We then used Photoshop to appropriately re-size / edit our product images to fit nicely in the 420×420 product image template. That ensures that everyone of your product images is the same size out on your site.

      If you don’t have Photoshop then I recommend using a free program called Gimp. It has much of the same functionality as Photoshop and will allow you to make a product image template. Just to a google search for Gimp to find the download.

      Please let me know if this helps.


  19. Hey Teddy!

    Are you familiar with the Bellissima theme for woocommerce? I was having an issue with setting up pages and wanted to know if you would help me out!!! Great site, by the way!!!

    • Hi Julie,

      I've not yet had a chance to work on the Bellissima theme. However, my guess is that other Upload WP readers have worked with it or are currently working with it so I will go ahead and publish your comment with the hopes that someone can chime in. What is the specific issue that you're experiencing in regards to setting up Pages?

      Thanks for the complements on our site!


  20. Hello – i have asked this before and you provided the answer, however i can not locate that old post. How can i increase the number of products on my Shop page so that they all show in one screen. I have to navigate to the next page to see other products.

    i recall i had to modify a file and add some code.

  21. Thank you so much Teddy – on a second question, is there another theme other than the WooStore that you would recommend for a apparel business, specifically T-shirts.

    I went with WooStore because i followed you from the beginning during your t-shirt setup videos. WooStore is great but I wonder if there is another out there even better.

    • Hi Luis – I know that ThemeForest and Mojo Themes have a bunch of WooCommerce compatible themes. I've not yet had a chance to work with any of them but many of them look great and would be perfect for an apparel eCommerce site. So my recommendation would be to start with ThemeForest and Mojo Themes. Let me know if that helps.

      Adam (a.k.a Teddy Triton)

  22. On my shop page ( i use sub categories) the images are different ranging from 107*107 to 127*127

    I have no clue why this is as both my pix are exactly the same 125*125

    I have seen that in right click on both images.

    What and where can i change this to one size.

    I use the canvas template.

    Thanks a million.

    • Hey Jo,

      Let me play this back to your just so I make sure I'm understanding the issue. It sounds like you have two products and when you added the products you used featured images that were the exact same dimensions (125x125px). However, when you view the thumbnail versions of them on the Woocommerce Shop page they appear as different sizes. Is that correct?

      If so, start by playing around with / tweaking the Image Options. You'll find them by going to WooCommerce > Settings > click on the Catalog tab

      Also, try tweaking the Canvas theme Dynamic Images settings and see if that make a difference.

  23. Hi I am using the mayashop theme with woocommerce. For some reason my product categories are not showing up correctly on internet explorer. When I use google chrome it shows up correctly. I have the images set to each product category but I shows up incorrectly on ie. Any help would be greatly apprectiated. Thank you so much in advance

    • Hi – it depends on the theme that you're using. However, I recommend using Custom Menus and / the pagemash plugin. Please let me know the theme you're using and the URL to your site so I can take a closer look. Thanks

  24. Hello, I have a question regarding products categories on sidebar.

    I know that if you go to widget-> woocommerce(product categories), you can change whatever title you want for product category. But if you don't type anything in the title, the default "Product Categories" name will appear. I don't know how to delete that default name. I don't want to have an "title" so I set it empty, but "product categories" appear.


  25. Thank you so much Teddy!

    I have another question, currently I use woocommerce shopping cart and maya shop theme, and I need to have category sidebar for shop and also the category page.

    For example, on the shop page, my sidebar is product category (greeting card, birthday card), when I click greeting card, all greeting cards appear. However, the sidebar is not exist anymore. Do you know how to solve this?

    Thanks a lot ^^

    • Hi Kathy,

      Thanks for your question. I've not yet had a chance to work on the Maya Shop theme but my guess is that it has separate widget sections setup. For example, in the WordPress admin, if you go to Appearance > Widgets and look on the right-hand-side of your screen you'll most likely see multiple widget sections. You'll probably see something like… Primary, Footer 1, Footer 2, Footer 3 and so on… those control the widget display for specific sections of your site. Most likely, there is a Category widget display and that is where you need to drag-drop the widgets you want to display on the sidebar of your "All Greeting Cards" category. Does that make sense? Please let me know if that helps.


  26. Good day,
    I would like to ask a question about woocommerce ….
    We all know that when you create categories and products in the woocommerce you can go after in each product and by editing to tell which categories it belongs (if it belongs to multiple categories) … my issue me is the other way around … there's a plugin or any other way I can go to the categories and tell that belong to such and such products; You understand that in an eshop that has 500 categories and 3,000 products where each product falls into many categories to make it easier and faster to edit than 500 charges 3,000 products … Please be very interested in your response …Thank you very much for your time

  27. I have Parkinson's and it's difficult to find the answer I need. My host, HostGator recently upgraded equipment and migrated sites… most of the problems have been resolved, but one. When my site recieves an order it doesn't send me the address in the order email… any ideas? It was working fine before migration.

  28. Is there anyway to add a main image on the category pages above the listed products for sale? For example, one of my categories is notepads, when I click on that category I'd like to have a banner photo at the top and the listed thumbnail items for sale below.



    • Hi Carla,

      You can add images to product categories when you create them. For example, when you go to create a new Product Category in the WordPress admin by going to…

      Products > Categories > you'll see the option to Upload/Add image at the bottom of the page > upload your product category image there and you should be good to go.

  29. Hey Teddy – just ran into your site and it is amazing how much info I can get here. Great work! Could you give me a hint on my problem? I just dont see how to make it. I have 3 main Categories (books, ebooks, cds). Now in each Category the subcategories are always the same (adventures, true stories, fiction…) I want to be able to click on "books" and get all the products and then drill down to any of the subcategories. Also I would like to be able to click on "adventures" and get all products and then drill down to books, cds or ebooks. I just don't see how to do it.
    Any idea? Thank you so much!

    • Hi Gabster – Thanks for the complements and for the encouragement to keep making more WordPress tutorials! I'm working on a full tutorial that should answer your question. I've had many people lately that have asked the exact same question so it warrants a detailed explanation. Please check back soon and I will let you know when it's ready. Thanks

  30. Hello Dear..
    Tks a lot for all.
    Please, need help..
    I have a lot categories of products
    category a
    category b
    category c
    category d
    category d1-a
    category d-b
    category d1-c

    How can exhibited Only the categories separated (category a, category b category c – the category are general items in alphabetical order..) in a sidebar + category "d" and subcategories (d1a,d1b,d1c – manufacturers) in the drop-down menu in the sidebar?


    Tks, and, success! Ever..

  31. Hi there, thanks for all of your hard work. Your videos have been very helpful. I thought this would be a good start to my question and have read through all of your questions and answers on this page. I, however, cannot figure out how to solve mine.

    I am currently working on adding all of my products onto the products page in WooCommerce. First, I had one page, "SHOP" and that took me to all of my products. I have 5 pages and counting. I want to seperate my products by categories. I want to hover over the "SHOP" link and get a drop down menu with the different product categories I offer. I tried to follow your advice above and added a few categories but I cannot determine how to separate my products into those pages. If that makes sense. I get either an error page or the products remain all jumbled together.

    Please help 🙁

    • Hi Kristina,

      Have you tried creating custom menus? That should allow you to display product categories as sub-categories of the Shop page. In the WordPress admin go to…

      Appearance > Menus > Create New Menu

      If that does not work and/or you need more help with this, please join the Upload WP Community Forums here…

      Them Upload WP Forums is the best place to get WooCommerce and WordPress questions answered. Thanks

  32. Help!!! My product categories are no longer in my menu on the backend. You can still see them on the menu bar on front page but they are completely missing under my primary menu

  33. Hi. I am using WooCommerce with a Themes Forest template. I can only ever see 3 categories on the 'shop' page no matter what changes I make. I have 6 categories in all and I need to display them all on the shop page. Each category has at least 1 product in but the ones that show up seem to be randomly chosen – no logic to the categories showing or being hidden. All have products in-stock, some are downloadable products other physical. A little help would be appreciated. Thanks

  34. Thanks for your help to all of us! I have a question. I make one-of-a-kind jewelry. Once an item sells I change the product category to "Sold Items" but it still shows on the front page catalog. I want to keep the items in a sold items category that can be accessed by customers from the menu so that they can see my past work, but I don't want it to show in the catalog. Is there a way to do that? Thank you!

  35. Out of the blue, my catagories have disappeared from the appearance-menu section. Using the MyStile theme and wooCommerce. All catagories are visable in the catagories section. I created a new on and when i went to add it to the menu as a subitem, there were no catagories listed? I have done the plugin removal and add, even deleted and installed the theme and wp but they are still hiding? please, someone,,,,anyone,, Help! Thanks

  36. Hi! Great article!

    When working in admin view, is there a way to hide/unhide (IE nest/un-nest IE expand/contract) sub-categories and products within those sub categories?

    I have a site with tons of sub categories and I would like to be able to "hide" ones I am not actively working with at the moment so I don't have to constantly be clicking and scrolling through a massively long list and going to other pages.

    This would be a tweak not for the visitor but for the site admin.

    Thanks for any tips or ideas!


  37. Hi Teddy!!!
    Its really a great work, keep going. I need some help from you. I want to add some content on the category page. I could find one option which is the product description that comes above the products in the category page. Is it possible to get this product description tab below the products in the category page so that I can add the contents.
    My site theme is Shoppica with woocommerce pluggin!!!

    Thanks in advance!!

  38. Hello Teddy!!
    I found the solution & fixed it. There is a file called archive.product.php. We just need to cut and paste the code after the main product content.

    Thanks for everything!!!!

  39. Hi Teddy,

    A quick question, how do i add a space between my product categories?
    Currently on my side bar, it shows:


    and I would like to add a space in-between so it appears like this:



  40. Greetings Teddy!
    I am trying to find the solution to my client’s need to show sku’s in addition to price, title, etc. on the product category pages. We’re using the DIVI theme and I’ve implemented a shortcode onto each page in order to pull in individual categories. ([product_category category="stickers" per_page="999" columns="4" orderby="price" order="asc"]) My challenge is that wholesale customers reference the product by sku and this presents an added challenge to their order process. Do you know of a way in which I can accomplish this? Thanks so much for your willingness to assist us novice/rookies. 🙂

  41. Hi Teddy, i would like to know that how many pages, categories & sub categories can be created in a menu navigation coz i am stuck now in the middle of the construction of my ecommerce website. I would like to create more than 500 pages, categories & sub categories but its not letting me to create so please let me know its possible to create or not. You can visit my website & let me know. I am really new in developing website so please help me…

    Thank you.

  42. Hi there, I am working with Bazar theme and I like to add more categories but its limited me to add more then what they offered. How can I add more categories and subcategories in the shop? Thanks in advance 🙂 Dorit wordpress bazar theme how to add Parent category and subcategories

  43. Hi Teddy:

    Just want to build a commerce page for businesses that want to sponsor my weather forecasting services. All products are on-line, nothing physical to ship. I am a bit confused how this works to build a page so they can just check there level of sponsorship packages they want and pay their fees. I am using BrainTree and have the added plugin for that. Can you help?


    Jay in State College PA

  44. Hi,

    I am still puzzled by something:
    I have set up categories and subcategories.

    My question is if I tick a product belong to a subcategorie, do I still have to tick the maincategory as well.

    Your opinion is highly appreciated.

    Thanks, Arien

  45. Hello,

    What will I do so that the one item available for sale once purchased by a customer will be automatically don’t show up in our website?

    I need help from you. Currently, I am manually removing each item sold in our website. There should be a way so everything is automatically removed once a customer purchased the item. We only have one inventory on stock per item on sale.

    Please reply as soon as possible.


  46. Hi! Could you please advise, is it possible to access products via the main page of the web site by clicking on categories at once rather than going to the SHOP first?

    I would like all the categories to be displayed at once when the site loads up. like: HOME FACE BODY ACCESSORIES but not HOME SHOP.