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Configuring the WooCommerce and WooStore Theme Options

Welcome to the second tutorial in our series on how to build a robust eCommerce site with WordPress, WooCommerce and the WooStore theme.  Today we’ll walk you through the WooCommerce plugin settings as well as the WooStore theme options.  We’ll show you what is most important on your first pass through.  It’s important to point out that there are 2 separate areas that need to be be configured which are; the WooCommerce plugin settings and the WooStore theme options. The videos at the bottom of this post will cover both the plugin and themes settings in detail.  Before we get to the videos, lets talk about some of the most important things to think about when configuring your WooCommerce site.

WooCommerce Plugin SettingsWooCommerce and WooStore Settings

When building a website (especially an eCommerce site) it’s best to think ahead as much as possible to avoid running into major obstacles as you go deeper into development.  There are a few important things you’ll want to decide on before you begin full out development of your WooCommerce site.  Specifically, you’ll want to have a basic plan for the following…

  • How you will accept payment (e.g. PayPal or on site Credit Card via Payment Gateway like )
  • How you’ll setup your product Category structure
  • Will you be tracking inventory on the site?
  • Tax – how do the tax laws effect your site based on where your business is setup
  • Shipping – determine where you will ship to and what shipping methods you’ll use

So my recommendation is to think about payment processing, product category structure, inventory tracking, sales tax, and shipping before you attempt to configure the WooCommerce settings.  You can always go back and tweak your setup but it really helps to have a good idea of how you’re going to handle these important elements that go along with owing an eCommerce site.

Personally, I use PayPay for all my eCommerce sites and have had good success with it.  Eventually I will turn them into full-blown on-site credit card accepting sites by implementing an SSL cert and a payment gateway such as or PayFlowPro.  However, when just starting out, PayPal is more than adequate in my opinion.

WooStore Theme Options Settings

The look and feel of an eCommerce site is almost as important as setting up the infrastructure. Therefore, before you begin configuring the WooStore options, decide on a basic layout, logo and color scheme.  In terms of color scheme, I recommend starting with the logo and then basing the rest of the site colors off of the logo.  It’s very easy to modify the WooStore colors so start by creating a professional logo and then base the site colors off the logo colors. Creating the logo first and then basing the color scheme off the logo will tie the site together nicely.

The Importance of a Great Looking Logo

Having a clean, professional logo goes a long way in determining the success of your web store because lets face it, we’re all much more likely to buy from a site that looks great than from a site that looks like a kindergartner built it.  Also, you’re going to use your logo for more than just your website.  Most likely it will be on business cards, postcards and any other marketing materials you use in the future.

If you’re like me and lack graphic design skills you can always have someone else create the logo for you.  When I need a logo created I usually turn to  Fiverr is a site where you can get just about anything done for $5.  There are a bunch of excellent graphic designers on Fiverr that are more than capable of creating a highly professional logo for your WooCommerce site.   I do have a favorite gig that I’ve personally used many times and I recommend you start with.

The Fiverr logo design gig that I recommend is:   Clean Professional Logos – by:  freestyldesign (go to fiverr and search for “freestyldesign” and you’ll find the gig)

WooStore Theme Logo Details:

A few important things to remember when creating your logo are as follows:

1. The logo should be created on a transparent background so that it blends into your site.

2. Make sure to get the Photoshop (PSD) version of the logo so that you can make updates to it in the future.

3.  Make it larger than necessary for the site.  You want the original version of the logo to be much larger than what you actually need for the site so that you can use it on other things like postcards, letterheads and t-shirts.  You can always shrink the logo to fit your site but you cannot make it bigger so have a large version of the original logo created.

Recommended large version logo dimensions:  846 x 210

Recommended Website logo dimensions:  306 x 76

WooThemes Footer Customization – How to Customize WooThemes Footer Links

WooThemes makes it easy to customize the footer of your site.  You no longer have to modify PHP files to change footer links as we’ve had to do in the past with most other WordPress themes.  With WooThemes, it’s all done through the theme options page.  Here’s exactly how to customize the footer of your WooThemes site…

In the WordPress admin go to WooStore (name of your specific WooTheme) > Theme Options > Footer Customization > check the “Enable Custom Footer (Left)” and “Enable Custom Footer (Right)” boxes > paste in your custom HTML (see below for specific HTML) > click “Save All Changes” > go out to the site > refresh the page and confirm the changes have been made

Below is the exact HTML we used to customize the footer of our WooCommerce demo site,  Simply copy/paste the HTML into your “Custom Text (Left)” and “Custom Text (Right)” boxes as shown in the “WooThemes Footer Customization” tutorial video below.  Just make sure to change the links so they go to pages on your site and not our demo site.

Custom Text (Left) HTML:

<p>© 2009-2012 World Cup Tees. All Rights Reserved.</p>

Custom Text (Right) HTML:

<p><a href=””>About</a> || <a href=””>Contact Us</a> World Cup Tees</a></p>

Please use the new Upload WP Community Forums to post questions and comments on configuring WooCommerce general settings.  Thanks

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  1. Hi Teddy,

    Thank you for the great job you do by sharing WP knowledge!
    As a suggestion, could be great to have a tutorial “how to set up payment extensions”.
    Actually, I’m trying to find detailed and simple info on this two days already and literally nothing 🙁 where to find SHA-In and SHA-out parameters to make the extension work? big mystery and frustration for me…

    • Hi Alfi – Thanks for the positive feedback and for the tutorial suggestion! I’ve been getting quite a few questions regarding WooCommerce Extensions (especially WooCommerce payment extensions) lately. I will do my best to create a detailed tutorial on this subject ASAP so please stay tuned. Thanks again for your support.


      • I’m building a fashion site and i added the woocommerce pages at the top navigation (cart/checkout/my account etc.). I want to know if it’s possible to complete change the top navigation to “Just in, Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Accessories, Specials,” and have the appropriate products under each of those pages.

        Also, throwing “check out” at the top right where log out is.

        I hope that makes sense.

        I’m doing this for a client and that’s how she wants it. Thank you for your time!

        • Hi Shelly,

          Thanks for contacting me. I think I’m understanding your question… Off the top of my head, I would recommend installing the page management plugin called “pageMash”. Using pageMash you’ll be able to arrange the pages that show up in the top navigation however you’d like. I recently customized the top navigation for one of my t-shirt sites using pageMash and you can see that example here:

          So, my recommendation would be to start with the pageMash plugin to rearrange the top navigation pages. Once you have the pages you want in the top navigation, you could then link to the corresponding products and categories.

          Please let me know if this helps and if you have any additional questions.



  2. You are amazing, keep up the good job.
    You have made me fall in love with Woothemes.
    keep up the good job.

    Please, I want you to help me on theWooCommerce and woostore currencies editing and add of more currencies.

    I tried to add my country’s currency symbol in function.php without success.

    It even crash my site and thank God that it is new site.
    I had to delete and reinstall it again.

    Kindly send the solution to my email.

    Thanks in advance and God bless

    • Hi Eric – It’s great to hear that you decided to go with WooCommerce and the WooStore theme. Also, thanks for the kind words in terms of our tutorial videos. You support is very much appreciated and keeps up motivated to make more WordPress tutorials.

      Regarding your question about adding currencies to WooCommerce… What is your Country’s currency that you’re trying to add? Also, have you checked in the WooCommerce General settings to see if your currency is among the list of available currencies? If so, then you will most likely need to use one of the WooCommerce Product Extensions. WooCommerce simply pulls in the list of currencies that PayPal supports. So if PayPal does not support it then you’ll most likely need to try one of the Extensions for WooCommerce. If you send me the URL to your site I can take a closer look and provide a better answer.

      Thanks again for your support!


  3. Hello,
    Am a new fan to your tutorials – thank you very much for them. Helps us noobs!
    My quez is as ff: I installed as per your tutorials theme Sentient & plugin, Woocommerce. All fine thus far. I like the way the sample data is structured / arranged on the pages.
    Am I just able to change the images with my own images & write-up + prices. I can’t seem to find anyway where to do that?
    2ndly… Can I copy the same sample page (in this instance, T-shirts) to another page, my own – again only to use their data structure but change the product details to reflect my own. I also can’t seem to find a way to achieve this. For example, if I click edit T-shirt page….there is no visible data there nor is there any HTML code.
    My idea was to copy the HTML code on to a new page & edit from there. I thought I screwed something up in the installation, but redone it twice with same results. Am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you and Kind Regards,
    South Africa

    • Hi Theo,

      Thanks for your support of our tutorial videos and I’m glad to hear that you decided to go with WooCommerce and the Sentient theme. Let me answer your question regarding copying products so that you do not have to re-type / reconfigure product data for every product. The answer is Yes, it’s easy to copy / reuse product data once you have the first product setup exactly how you want it. You’d simply have to change a few things for the new product such as Title, Permalink and Product images. If all of the other product data (e.g. Price, Variances, etc…) is the same, then you definitely want to use this feature and here’s how to do it…

      How to Copy the setup of your Base / Benchmark product to create a new product and save time…

      In your WordPress admin go to Products > click on the product you want to update > on the right-hand-side of the screen in the Publish widget section you’ll see a “Copy to a new Draft” link > click on the Copy to a New Draft link > all product data from your benchmark product will be copied to your new product > now you’ll only need to change the Product Title, Permalink, SKU, Product Description, Product Short Description, Product Category (if necessary) and product images > please see the screen capture below…

      Copy Product to New Draft in WooCommerce

      In regards to your first question about simply changing the Sample Data to your own product data and images… Yes, that’s exactly what you do. Just swap out the product data (Title, Description, Images, etc…) with your product data. If all or most of your products are similar, then you’ll be able to use the “Copy to a new Draft” functionality.

      Please let me know if this helps answer your questions and thanks again for your support!


  4. You have great tutorial videos. I have watches a few of them and they are very clear and easy to understand. You mentioned that you used certain sources for to buy decent logos. Who or what would you suggest?

    • Hi James – Thanks for the complements on the WP tutorials and I’m glad they have been helpful. The gig I recommend on Fiverr for logo creation or any graphics you need is janstastny. janstastny has created a bunch of really good logos for my sites one of which includes the logo for a t-shirt site ( My experience with janstastny has been all positive and their turnaround time is usually a day or two. If you go to Fiverr and search for “janstastny” you’ll find all of their gigs.

      Fiverr Logo Creation

      I hope this helps and good luck with your site!


  5. I am having trouble with the Taxes on Woo Commerce. Do I have to figure out all the state and city taxes for all 50 states…? If so is there a fast way of doing this?

    • Hi TJ,

      Thanks for the question regarding taxes. Tax requirements vary depending on the location of your business / state you live in. Taxes are often a point of confusion and frustration for eCommerce site owners. However, I do know that for the majority of states, you are only required to charge sales tax for orders that come from the state you live in and do business in. For example, we live in Wisconsin so we have to apply sales tax only for orders received from Wisconsin addresses. We’re not required to charge sales tax on orders we get from outside Wisconsin. The one state that I know has different rules from almost all other states is New York where you have to apply a different sales tax rate based on Boroughs.

      To the best of my knowledge, an eCommerce site is required to apply sales tax to orders received from the same state in which they do business. However, they are not required to apply sales tax to orders that come from out of state. Having said that, please do thorough research on the state you live to make sure your in compliance with their tax laws. It might even be worth reaching out to a certified CPA to get their feedback as to what you need to do in terms of tax setup with your site based on where you live.

      If anyone out there wants to add to this please feel free to leave a comment and let us know how you setup Taxes for your eCommerce site based on your location. Thanks for the question TJ and best of luck with your site!


    • Hi Wan – Thanks for your question and for your support of! To remove the “Sale” image simply use only the “Price” option and not the Sale Price option when creating your variations. Please make sure that the “Sale Price” field is not used for any of the variations for the product and the Sale round tag will not show up as detailed in the screen capture below…

      WooCommerce Sale Price

      Thanks again for your question,


  6. Hi Teddy, My wife and I really appreciate the videos that you and Adam have created. I check back frequently to see new ones you post. We both are novices at the lowest level, so we almost rely on your videos to helps us through a jam. My question is regarding image sizes on the Page/Category. The way we are building our site is by using mostly Categories (as pages). For example on the home page (and all category pages), the images are way too large (size shown). We want to have a uniform look and have all images the same size on these main pages/category pages but cannot figure how to do it. We are using the Canvas theme from WooCommerce.

    Keep up the great work on these videos, I just opened a Pinterest account and am going to start pinning them.
    Best, Eric

    • Hi Eric – Thanks for the complements on our tutorials! Your positive feedback keeps us motivated to make more WP tutorials. Regarding your question on page/category image sizes… Can you provide a couple specific examples of the images you’re referring to? That will help me give a more specific answer. I know that for the WooStore theme, you can adjust thumbnail image sizes. Here’s how to adjust thumbnail image sizes…

      In the WordPress admin go to WooStore > Theme Options > Dynamic Images > you’ll see the settings for “Thumbnail Image Dimensions” as illustrated in the screen capture below…

      WooStore Thumbnail Image Dimensions

      I’ve not yet worked with the Canvas theme but my guess is that it has very similar settings to the WooStore theme. Please let me know if this helps and/or provide a few specific examples of the images you need to re-size on your site and we’ll go from there. Thanks again for your support!


  7. Hi Teddy,

    Great articles and video tutorials! Unfortunately I can’t find an answer for my issue, or I missed it. Before I start to import all my products, I decided to test it with two of them. I set prices and sale prices, but only prices are displayed on the site. Could you give me some clue what I should do.

    Thanks a lot!

    • I’m glad to hear that the WooCommerce Tutorials have been helpful. Regarding Price and Sale price not showing properly I have a couple follow up questions… What type of products are you setting up (e.g. variable product, simple product)? What theme are you using?

      If your products are variable products, make sure that the “Price” and “Sale Price” fields are set for each variable. Also, make sure that the “Enabled” check-box is check for each variable as shown in the example below…

      WooCommerce Price and Sale Price

      Sale Price Item WooCommerce

      Please let provide more info, including your site URL so I can take a closer look and hopefully help solve the issue. Thanks for the positive feedback.


  8. Hello Teddy… I love your tutorials and am really glad I found them.. They are so easy to follow, especially for beginners (hence me 🙂 ) Because I am a beginner, I must start out with the free themes. I downloaded two woocommerce themes, mystile and wootique, I’ve followed the tutorials on how to build a woocommerce store and am having problems uploading a logo… I’ve had one made with fiverr and its not uploading. Can you give me any pointers or advice as to what I’m doing wrong and point me in the right direction, so I can get my site up and running. I would greatly appreciate it… Thanks so much.

  9. Hi Teddy and Adam,

    What a wonderful gem of a website you’ve created. I can only imagine how much work has gone into it!

    I have a few questions:
    1. I’m currently with Westhost for my other sites, and I pay around $14.95/Month for three sites and don’t even use a tenth of the capacity. I don’t find the control panel user friendly but the customer service is great for a novice like me. Do you recommend another web host?
    2. I’m thinking of using WooCommerce (WooStore) but I’d like to know about how the payment integration works. Do you set it up yourself via paypal or another provider? Or does WooThemes offer some type of integration.
    3. The content on my website (the non-commerce pages) is something I’d like to be partially data-driven. Restaurants fill out a short form and it populates a section of the webpage. Something similar to how local businesses can edit their Google Local profiles by logging in. Is there something I can use within the WooStore theme or a plug-in to enable this? I think it maybe possible with Wufoo (the survey tool) but not entirely sure how to do it 🙂

    Thank you so very much for all you do.


    • Hi NM,

      Thank You for the complements on our site! Yes, many hours of work have gone into developing into what it is today and we plan on producing many more quality WordPress tutorials in the near future so stay tuned. Regarding your questions, please see my responses below…

      Q: 1. I’m currently with Westhost for my other sites, and I pay around $14.95/Month for three sites and don’t even use a tenth of the capacity. I don’t find the control panel user friendly but the customer service is great for a novice like me. Do you recommend another web host?

      Answer: BlueHost or HostGator are the two hosting providers that we use for our sites (including We pay roughly $9 per month for an unlimited number of sites. Both BlueHost and HostGator’s cPanels are very user-friendly. They have 24/7 live chat customer support and I’ve always had good experiences with their support. So my recommendation regarding hosting would be to take a serious look at BlueHost and/or HostGator.

      Q: 2. I’m thinking of using WooCommerce (WooStore) but I’d like to know about how the payment integration works. Do you set it up yourself via paypal or another provider? Or does WooThemes offer some type of integration.

      Answer: WooCommerce is tightly integrated with PayPal and that’s what We use to process payments through our WooCommerce sites. Setting up PayPal with WooCommerce is very easy and is done in the WordPress admin by going to: WooCommerce > Settings > clicking on the “Payment Gateway” tab > PayPal > enter your PayPal email address > Enable PayPal > Save Changes. WooCommerce is also tightly integrated with most of the mainstream / popular payment gateways out of the box. In addition, there are many “WooCommerce Payment Extensions” available that make it possible to accept payment just about any way that you want.

      Q: 3. The content on my website (the non-commerce pages) is something I’d like to be partially data-driven. Restaurants fill out a short form and it populates a section of the webpage. Something similar to how local businesses can edit their Google Local profiles by logging in. Is there something I can use within the WooStore theme or a plug-in to enable this? I think it maybe possible with Wufoo (the survey tool) but not entirely sure how to do it.

      Answer: There are a number of plugins that I know of that would most likely work for gathering data. In addition to Wufoo, I recommend taking a good look at “Gravity Forms”. It’s a premium plugin so it’s not free but it might be worth the investment if it provides that functionality you need. If you do a Google search for “Gravity Forms” you’ll be able to learn more about the functionality that the add on provides.

      I hope that my answers to your questions help move your site forward. Please let me know if you have additional questions and best of luck with your site!


  10. Thanks for responding Adam… I’m sorry but, I’ve tried what you’ve advised me to, but when I try to up load the logo it says:
    Use as Custom Logo Use featured image Delete. And also my logo is saved as an jpeg image… Thanks so much for your help, I hope this information can help you to help me… 🙂 I’ve tried several times to upload the Logo with no success…

    • If you’d like, we’d be willing to take a closer look. If you email us ( your logo and wp admin info we’d be happy to see if we can get it to work. It’s just difficult to say exactly what might be causing the issue without being able to test it.


  11. Thank you Teddy and Adam for sharing! The steps in the tutorials are so easy to follow and helpful.
    I have been trying to setup my website. However, I kept running into a problem whereby the site is in text format instead of web based when I used Mystile woo theme. Is there any way you can help me fix this?

    When I use another wordpress theme, the site is fine in web based.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Laura – Thanks for the positive feedback! I just looked at your site,, and everything seemed to be working as it should. Are you still experiencing the “text format” issue? From what I can see it looks like the site is normal and ready to start customizing / adding products. If there is still an issue, please provide as much info as possible / be as specific in regards to the issue as possible and I’ll do my best to help. Thanks,


      • Hi Teddy,
        Thank you for your help!
        I realized that my cache was not cleaned out therefore the site was in text format. (I think)..It looked fine after I asked for your help.
        By the way, I have 3 more questions please. I just setup the products and images.
        1) Is there any way to make the thumbnail image darker? It seems like it is transparent until I click on the thumbnail. The images I have is in .png format.
        2) How do I add a new tab called “Size Information” where Product Description and Review are?
        3) My site only sells one product. Is there any way to fill the image on home page so that it doesn’t look that empty on the right side?
        Thanks again!

        • Hi Laura,

          In regards to your first question on making product thumbnail images darker… I just looked at your site (product detail page) and see what you mean. The thumbnail images of the hat appear to be a grayish color until you hover over or click on them. When you hover-over or click on the thumbs they go to their proper black color. It seems to be functionality specific to the Mystile theme you’re using. I’ve not worked with the Mystile theme but my guess is there is most likely an option to turn that functionality on/off via the Mystile Theme Options settings in the WordPress admin. Please go to Mystile > Theme Options > General Settings > Display Options and see if there is an option to turn off “thumbnail image hover over”. Without actually working with the Mystile theme it’s difficult to say for sure how to turn that off but my guess is it can be done through the Mystile Theme Option settings so please start there.

          In regards to adding a “Size Information” tab at the product detail level. This can be done via the use of a WooCommerce extension call, “Custom Product Tabs Lite”. If you do a Google Search for WooCommerce Extensions > click on the Products check-box > Search you’ll find the Custom Products Tabs extension and that should do the job.

          Please let me know if this helps answer your questions and best of luck with your site!


          • Hi Adam
            Thank you so much for the additional help. I downloaded the custom product tab plugin. I will check the theme option about hover color. Really appreciate your help in this.

            Adam, how do I make my home page to be a separate page instead of shop page? I had to do a post and use it as home page but I don’t like the look of it. I want the the homepage to have a sliders and some text info with a link to shop. I am using mystile theme and just downloaded WP imageflow plugin but I can’t increase the size of the slider to fill the page. I saw your tutorial on Flyer image plugin and will try that.

            Can you please guide me to how to have a homepage separate from the shop page without doing it as a post?

            Thank you again Adam


          • Hi Laura,

            The easiest way to make the Home page of your site separate from the Shop page is to do the following…

            Create a new page called “Home” (put whatever type of content you’d like on the Home page). After creating the Home page go to Settings > Reading > for the Front Page Displays setting select the “A Static Page” radio button > in the Front Page drop-down select Home > in the Posts page drop-down select Blog > click Save Changes

            WooCommerce Static Home Page - Reading Settings

            I think this will give you the layout you’re looking for. Please let me know if this helps.


          • Hi Adam,
            Thank you again for your help! I really appreciate it.
            1) I followed the steps you provided above to set up a new “Home” page and update the Settings. There is no “Blog” option under “Post Page” so I left it “blank”.
            Somehow there are 2 “Home” page on (one at the beginning and one after “Contact Us”). I think one of the Home page was from Mystile theme and the other one was the new one I created.
            The Homepage in the theme was not visible. How do I correct this?
            2) Is there any way to move the logo so that it will be above all the Pages?
            3) I used the The Fly Image plugin which is now called “TheThe Image Slider”. Some of my pics are vertical so
            it is cut off when I upload it as a slider photo. Is there anyway to have the pics inside the frame of the
            slider regardless if the photo is taken vertical or horizontal?
            I formatted the Slider Width as 1200 pixels and height as 600 pixels and resized the pics to 267×400 but it is still cut off.
            4) It seems like there is someone trying to login to my other wordpress site as I have a limit login plugin and it showed me the ip address. Is there any security measures you can suggest to improve security of the site?
            I tried installing “Better WP Security” once but I somehow locked myself out and had to redo the whole site.


          • Hi Laura,

            Your welcome – I’m just glad to hear that we’ve been able to help. I’ll take each question in order…

            1. You’ll need to create a Blog page template in order for the “Blog” option to be available for “Post Page”. To do that, simply go to Pages > Add New > title it “Blog” > on the right-hand-side of the page you’ll see the Page Attributes widget and in that widget is a “Template” drop-down > select the Blog template > Publish the Page > go back to Settings > Reading and set the “Post Page” to Blog

            Blog Page Template Setup

            2. It looks like the issue with the logo being below the top navigation is due to the Size of the logo. You might want to try making it a little smaller and re-upload it to see if that solves the issue. You could also try reducing the font size of your top navigation to create more room. Another option would be to reduce the overall number of links that you have in the top navigation to make more room for the logo.

            3. It doesn’t really matter if the images you use for the slider or horizontal or vertical images as long as you first format them in an image editing program like Photoshop. Start with a template of the exact slide size and then re-size the original photo so that it fits in the image slide template. But if you start with the same image slide template each time and then rework your original photos to fit within the template you shouldn’t have an issue with them getting cut off when displayed in The The Image Slider. If you don’t have Photoshop to edit images / create your slides, then I recommend using Gimp. Gimp has almost the exact same functionality as Photoshop except it’s Free / an open-source program much like WordPress is open-source. If you Google “Gimp” you’ll be able to download it.

            4. From my experience using the “Limit Login Attempts” plugin it’s normal to receive notifications that someone was blocked / stopped from accessing your admin. There are automated programs hackers use to try and guess your WordPress admin so being notified is just a confirmation that the plugin is working and you should not worry about your admin being hacked. If you can eventually get the “Better WP Security” plugin working in conjunction with the “Limit Login Attempts” plugin that will only help to increase the security of your site.

            I hope this helps – let me know when more questions come up.


          • Hi Adam,

            Thank you so much for all your help in answering all the questions that I had in setting up my online store (

            I really appreciate all your help since the beginning!

            Everything is up and running now. Thank you!

            I have one more question, the slider width seems to be very wide on the mobile version after I downloaded the plugin. Is there anyway to correct this?

            Thank you again.

      • Hi Adam & Teddy,

        I have a quick question that I’m stuck on, hopefully you can help. I’m using the latest version of WP & WooCommerce, and my site will be strictly digital downloads, no physical products at all.

        On the individual product page, do I need to check BOTH Virtual & Download boxes or just the Download box? 

        I read the WooCodex, but there’s a contradiction to their explanation. Also, I emailed WooCommerce about three weeks ago with the same question and they haven’t responded.

        A quick suggestion. How about creating a video showing how to setup only digital downloads using WooCommerce?…I’m sure many will benefit from it (I know I would lol)

        Anyhow, thanks for putting out these awesome videos and tutorials…you guys rock ! Keep up the great work.


        • Hi Dave,

          Thanks for your question and for the positive feedback. On the Product update / edit page in the WordPress admin you should check both Virtual and Download check-boxes.

          WooCommerce Virtual Products

          Also, thanks for the suggestion on creating a tutorial on setting up only digital download products with WooCommerce. I’ve added it to our tutorials pipeline and hopefully will have it ready in the very near future. Please let me know if you have any additional questions going forward. We’ll do our best to helps as much as possible. Thanks,


  12. Dear Teddy,

    I read a bunch of comment about the custom logo not showing in woothemes(Mystile e.g.) and none of the answers(jpeg, png, use this image etc) here or else on www are helping. So a lot of guys have the same problem and no solution. How odd. Can you please help me(us). As so many different people have this problem, i guess it must be a theme problem and not a problem we(the users) create. Is it something with a folder setting(755), or php memory size(32MB) or some simple setting in wordpress itself that i need to disbale or able? I’ve tried everything and it is so frustrating that it does not work. I’ve even started from fresh with prestashop and opencart but returned to wp. Please help.

    • Hi Momo – Thanks for your question regarding your custom logo not showing up. The first thing I would try is disabling all of your plugins and then re-upload the custom logo. Sometimes plugins can cause the issue. If that doesn’t’ work let me know and I’d be happy to to a closer look at it. Thanks,

      p.s. make sure to clear your cache and/or look at the site in a different browser after trying it again.

      • Dear Teddy,

        You’re a great guy. Taking time to answer all these petty questions.. one day I’ll come to your place and I’ll buy you a beer. Probably I wont be staying too long, cus me always chasing tail.. catching the small ones you throw back in the water..;).. ot: will try tommorow… and get back to you… what else you do, besides uploadwp.. can i hire you for a custom job?

        ciao, momo

  13. Hi Adam,

    Many thanks for your tutorials which are super useful as i’m currently developing my first eShop using WooThemes Mystile theme with WooCommerce.

    However, I wonder if you can please advise me with one stumbling block i’ve encountered with WooThemes?

    I’ve created a static home page for my shop, but for some reason I can’t get a Banner image or logo to appear on the homepage… I’ve been into the Mystile theme options and uploaded images for both banner and logo, but nothing appears… It must be something obvious but i’ve hunted right through the theme and can’t spot it. Mega frustrating!

    Greatly appreciate any advice you could offer.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Jon,

      I’m glad to hear that our WooCommerce tutorials have been helpful – thanks for the positive feedback!

      The main thing to look at regarding the issue of your logo not showing for the Mystile theme is…

      Make sure the “Text Title” check-box is not checked. If it is, un-check the “Text Title” box > save changes > re-upload your logo > Save changes > go out to your site and do a CTRL F5 to refresh the page.

      If that doesn’t work, please send me the URL to your site so I can take a closer look and/or send me an email (via our Contact form) and I’d be happy to log-in and see if I can solve the issue. Please send you logo and banner image as well.



      • Hey Adam,

        Many thanks for the advice. Following your steps I’ve managed to get a ‘logo’ image to appear on the home page.

        However, I still can’t get a banner image to appear… Do you have any ideas? the site URL is (site is right at start of development)

        Greatly appreciate your help,

      • Hi Adam,

        Apologies for the delayed reply to your advice – i’ve been away from things for a couple of weeks.

        The video’s great thanks – i followed the steps through. However, i’m still having an issue getting the homepgae banner to show. I’m starting to suspect it must be something local to my wordpress install perhaps?

        I created a test header (same dimensions and png file type, as the one in your tutorial) and went through the process of uploading and attaching) – but still no joy…

        I’m perplexed. You previously very kindly offered to log in and take a look – would you still be willing to do this please, if I send you a login across?

        Kind regards,

        • Hi Jon – I’d be happy to log in and take a closer look. Please send the login info via our Contact form and I’ll do my best to get the banner to show. The contact form goes to my email so I’ll contact you via email if I need more info. Thanks,


  14. On my home page I want to show the Product Categories but when I enable my theme to show the Product Categories, it shows the number of products in each category and that is fine except it has a yellow highlight over it! How can I get rid of this? Or if it’s easier, just get rid of the number of products in each category.

    Hope you can help!

  15. Hi Adam, found your helpful postings and videos here and wondered if you could advise me.

    When viewing the products in category view I want to move the product price from the red flag on the right-hand side to the below the thumbnail but above the Product title & Add to Cart button.

    I cannot find anywhere how to do this, any advice?


    • Hi Anthony,

      I’m glad to hear that the WooCommerce tutorials have been helpful. I looked at your site (you’ve done a great job with it) and I see the red flag at the product category level that you’re referring to. It appears that’s built into / part of the Wootique theme which means modifying it would require changes to the CSS. I’m honestly not sure what the exact change to the CSS would be. However, a great place to find someone that could quickly modify it for you is You’ll find a bunch of WP programmers on Fiverr that would quickly create the custom CSS for you. If you do have someone make the custom CSS make sure to paste it in the “Custom CSS” box which you’ll find by going to…

      Wootique > Theme Options > General Settings > Display Options

      Wootique theme custom css

      Let me know if this helps. Thanks,


  16. Hello! …thank you so much for all the useful information you have to share! Your site has been a big help to me! 🙂

    I am wondering if you can help me figure out something on my primary navigation. I have installed the Canvas V5 Wootheme but I cannot figure out how to recreate the right hand shopping cart display ( “icon 0 items – $0” ) section to appear in my primary navigation as Woothemes shows on their Canvas theme demo site:

    My explanation might not be the best, but I am referring to the little cart menu item between the “shop” menu link and the “RSS” icon on the right hand side of the navigation menu bar.

    I can find the option to toggle the RSS icon on and off in the theme options etc, but how can I recreate this cool display as they have it in the demo?

    Thank you SO much!!
    Newbie Derek

    • Hi Derek,

      Thanks for your support – I’m glad to hear that our tutorials have been helpful. You bring up a great question. I spent a few minutes looking into it but couldn’t figure it out either. However, I’m going to look into it further on Monday and hopefully figure it out. When / If I do, I’ll create a quick tutorial on it and post the link here so please check back this coming week. Thanks again for your support.


  17. Hey guys, great work and keep them coming. When are you going to start charging us for these tutorials. I know other sites would 🙂

    Using the WooCommerce + Mystile theme, and stuck on how to standardise the page layouts for product categories. At the moment they all seem to be on a full page, but i would like to default all product pages with a right sidebar, so i can add a cart, search, filter etc.

    Any thoughts on this process ?

    Thanks again.

    • Hi Rob,

      Thanks for the support! I believe the best way to add a sidebar (so you can use widgets) to the product and product category pages for the Mystile theme is to do the following…

      In the WordPress admin go to Mystile > Theme Options > WooCommerce > Layout > select the “Display the sidebar on shop archives” and “Display the sidebar on product pages” check boxes.

      I tested it on our Mystile demo site ( and it worked.

      Mystile Theme Product Category Page Layout

      Please let me know if this helps answer your question and thanks again for the positive feedback.


  18. Hi Adam, ist seems that you are the right one I may ask:

    I have setup a page Blog too and it worked fine til few weeks before. Now I have a bug in there, as if I post a new post and call the page Blog, first the latest post was listed two times, but only on Blog page. Today I posted a new post and violá, I see on Blog page the three latest posts two times: the latest three show up newest on top, then second new one and thirs new one and then the newest again and so on. After the third newest I see older posts only one time. If I move over to page two of Blog page, there is a older post on top listed twice.

    Any idea?

    • Hi Adrian,

      I took a quick look at your site,, and I see the issue that you’re referring to in regards to the Blog displaying duplicate content. Off the top of my head it’s hard to say what would be causing that issue. I’m going to go ahead and publish this so other people can chime in with their thoughts.

      Recap of issue: The issue is that the Blog is displaying the same Posts multiple times.

      Theme used: Mystile

      If anyone else has experienced the same / similar issue please let us know how to fix it.



  19. I am having a ridiculous time on my website. Its killing my time when I cant figure out one freaking thing. if you goto you will see all the products say Free. But when you click on the product. It will show its price. I am tired of this thing,. I cant remove the Free label. Am I missing something? I assume it just needs to be unchecked. But where?

  20. hello, I just watched your Mystile Theme Tutorial – Uploading a Custom Logo and Featured Banner Image on YouTube which was great, but I can not get my banner image to display. I have made my front page static and blog page is on another in the settings control, but I don’t know why this would make the image from not displaying. Please please please help!

    I see someone else has had the same issue. Did you find a resolution?

    Many thanks

  21. Hi Adam,

    The training is focused around the Woostore theme. Will the training still benefit and make sense to those who are not using this theme?


    • Hi Stephen,

      Great question – Overall, the WooCommerce tutorial videos will still apply to people using themes other than the WooStore theme. There are times where we talk about things specific to the WooStore them but overall, they are mainly about the WooCommerce plugin and that will apply to any theme.

      Thanks for your support.


  22. Was loving the Woocommerce tutorials. Went through the first four but can’t find number five or any more. A little help?

    Thanks for such an informative series. The best I’ve found.

    Fairhope Alabama

  23. Hi Adam,
    Great work. I have watched your videos. They were very helpful.
    I checked the QA above and hope I didn’t miss a prior answer provided to my question.
    I have installed Mystile theme with WooCommerce 2.0.9. Really great combination.

    One question: I want to change the background of the top menu and the primary menu.
    What is the name I should use when using css to change both menu backgrounds?
    I think the top menu name is #TOP.
    I also want to change the font color of the menu item.

    Could you provide some suggestions on CSS I could use to change both menu backgrounds and the font color?

    Your help would be much appreciated.

  24. Hi Adam!

    Thank you so much for creating such a detailed and thorough and helpful website! You are a great and generous resource to the WP community!

    I am just beginning the process of migrating my current website to Woocommerce. Everything seems to be going ok, except …

    When creating or editing a product within Woocommerce, right atop the big text box for product description, I have four tabs, from left to right:
    Add media … Add form … Visual … Text
    I haven't tried the first two yet, as I don't (yet) need them.
    But a description I do need.
    So here's the problem.
    When I try to click, "Text," hovering over it makes it turn red (from gray), as if to say that that option is not available. Ok, so that sucks.
    Which seems to leave me only "Visual" — whatever that means. I am assuming it allows for HTML markup and/or special text effects.

    But check this out. I can write in the box. I can paste in the box. And the text will appear on the final live product page.

    BUT: When typing in the box, or pasting in the box, the text is completely invisible. White on white. This is going to make it challenging to manage my product descriptions! 🙂

    Would you have any thoughts or suggestions or resources for further reading?

    I have tried to find documentation on Woocommerce … but they don't even seem to discuss these "Visual" or "Text" tabs at all! At least, my googling didn't turn up anything.

    Thank you so much for any assistance you can offer!


    • Hi Robert – Thank you for the very positive feedback and support of our WordPress tutorials!

      The issue you're describing with the Text editor sounds more like a WordPress issue than a WooCommerce issue. The "Text" tab is what you'd click on when you want to add HTML / Code to a post or page. So if you wanted to embed a YouTube video for example, you'd click on the "Text" tab and paste in the video code. The visual editor is what you'll use most of the time when typing in your product descriptions. Are you running the latest version of WP and WooCommerce? If you'd like to create a user account, I be happy to login and take a closer look. Just use the "Contact" form (link in footer of to send me that info. But from what I hear it sounds more like a WP issue than a WooComm issue.


  25. Hi,

    Thanks for your tutorials, I've been using them every day for the last two weeks as I set up my shop!!

    I have a quick question. I’m trying to figure out how to have more than one price for international shipping. I have two product sizes (8.5×11 prints and 13×19 prints), so just two shipping classes. The 13×19 sized print needs to be shipped in a mailing tube, so is significantly more expensive to ship than the 8.5×11 print. So it won’t work to assign one flat fee for international shipping – if I don't assign shipping classes the flat fee will either be too high or too low depending on which size is purchased. Is there a way to make the shipping classes apply to international shipping? It seems like this should be a no brainer.


    • Hi Shira,

      Thanks for your question and for letting us know our tutorials have been helpful. Specifically thanks for your question on applying shipping classes to international shipping methods in WooCommerce. Because it's easy to apply classes to Flat Rate shipping one would think it would be the same for international shipping. However, the shipping classes option does not seem to be available for international shipping with the base version of WooCommerce. My guess is there is most likely a shipping extension that would provide that functionality if it's not included in base WooComm… I am honestly not sure though.

      If anyone out there knows how to apply shipping classes to International Delivery in WooCommerce please share it with us. In addition to Shira, I'm sure many other people are looking for a good answer to this.



  26. I'm having a problem with the Wootique free theme, when i create the wordpress site i put in my "Site name" for my website but when i load in the woodojo plugin and go up to check my site name it reverts back to Wootique…HELP i have loaded and deleted Aamps and Wootique about seven (7) times today, Any assistance would be much appreciated…Jon

    • Hi Jon,

      If you have not already, try doing the following… In the WordPress admin go to: Settings > General > in the "Site Title" field enter the name of your site and enter a Tagline below > Save changes and that should solve the issue. If you've already done that let me know and I'll investigate it further.



  27. Hello Adam,
    Thanks for your tutorials, I have used them for my Internet-shop. You are doing really great job, and I can say that without your tutorials my shop could has no feature, so thanks you one more time! I have a question for you, its really impotent for me: How to set up Facebook and other URL on my site, and to connect them (site and URL). Like you did on your site?
    PS: sorry for my English, it's not my mother language.

  28. Hello Adam,

    On my website the review and discription tab dont show up as it does on your site or the woostore demo site,
    Can you please tell me what to do so it show up like original.

    Thank you!!!!

    • Hi Linda,

      Thanks for your question on WooCommerce product reviews with the WooStore theme. First, make sure product reviews are enabled in the WooCommerce settings. In the WordPress admin go to WooCommerce > Settings > click the "Catalog" tab > scroll down to the Product Ratings section and make sure all 3 fields are checked.

      The next step is to test it out by leaving a few "test reviews" on a couple of your products. Do the test reviews in a different browser than the one you're using to manage the site so that it's a true test. After leaving the reviews, log into the WP admin and approved the reviews. Approving product reviews in WooCommerce works much the same way as approving blog comments in WordPress.

      After doing this test, you should see the reveries show up on the site. Let me know if this helps.


  29. Sometimes taxes are included in the checkout totals in my store and sometimes they aren't. Seems like the subtotal has to be over $100 for woo to add tax. How do I fix this?

    Also curious if there's a way to change the font colors on the buttons in the checkout process? Currently mine are blue on blue and you can't see them.

    • Any thoughts on the taxes? I still haven't been able to find an answer anywhere about why they aren't always calculating.

      I figured out all the font stuff.

      Thank you!

      • Hi Lisa – I apologize for the slow response time. I've been trying to find a solution to the tax issue but have nothing thus far.

        If anyone in the Upload WP community is well versed with WooCommerce tax functionality and can help Lisa please chime in. You'll be helping many people that are wondering the same thing.


        • Thanks for responding. I know I can't possibly be the only one that has experienced this. Would love some help from anyone that can answer as I've had to put my store launch on hold because of this. Can't believe I've done so much work and come so far and now can't launch this thing.

          Is there any other good resources where I might be able to find an answer?

          • Ok, I think I figured this out. I had Shipping Tax Class set to "shipping tax class based on cart items." When I changed it to "standard" it seems to work.

            Not sure why I was using the other one other than it makes most sense to me. Is there any reason to not use this setting?

  30. I have been watching your videos and they are a great help. I have come across a strange thing setting up the wooshop site that I have goggled without success. For some reason I don't seem to have the product categories under the menu section, only the categories from the posts section. So I cannot add product categories to my menu. Any ideas. This is just a test site. I intend to use this a template for creating multiple selling sites.
    Thanks Andy

    • Hi Andy,

      Thanks for your question. So, when you're logged into the WordPress admin and go to… Appearance > Menus > Create Menu > in the Categories widget select View All > and you're not seeing any product categories? I'm I following the issue correctly? If so, you can always use the Custom Links option to add your product categories. Let me know if I'm understanding the issue and if so, I'll go more in-depth on how to use "Custom Links" to display product categories in your navigation.

  31. Hey,

    I can't figure out how to make the customer select a size, I followed step by step from WooCommerce's and your tutorial but I'm still not being able to get it right.


  32. Hi Teddy,
    After trying lots of things, it ends up to be a very easy solution…
    I just needed to re-upload my logo on my wp-admin online, and all was updated (logo, footer, css…).

    • Hi Sarah,

      It looks like you're logo is a little bit too large and that's causing the large space between the logo and nav bar. Try reducing the size of your logo and re-uploading it. Make the logo a bit smaller should solve the issue.

  33. Hi,

    Thanks for the great info – you've really helped me get my site going. I'm using woocommerce on a digital download site. I'm trying to avoid having my customers enter any personal info on my site. Would it be possible that once a customer checks out, they are immediately directed to paypal where they then enter the necessary info, and then do the download? If so, how can I make that happen? Thanks.

  34. Hi,

    Thanks for tutorials, Its very helpful,

    I want to reorder woocommerce product page,

    I want to put description over the product,


  35. Hi, I am wondering if you or someone is available to help me customize my woocommerce store. I simply don’t have a lot of time to do the work and would like to hire someone.

  36. Hi Teddy, I am using Wootique theme for my website and finding a lot of troubles. I see this forum and I am thankful that you have been so helpful. If you could help me to solve the errors, I would be very delighted. Here are some errors on my website

    1. I put on setting of 12 products in a page, 4 products in a row. So in my product page it is supposed to have 3 rows of a total 12 products. However, it turns up to be 4 rows of a total 12 products. There is one row contains only 1 product and the other contains only 3 products. How do I solve this?

    2. I embed a video on my homepage. However, the height of the video is too long while the width is fine. How should I change this?

    Thanks a lot Teddy, I hope I can hear from you soon

  37. Hi!
    I dont have a place where I can see the credit card payment system. I only have paypal, bank transfer, and two more but not credit card. How to add that

  38. Hi Teddy Triton,
    I am your biggest fan and my site is made just because of you. I have seen all your tutorials and they are very effective and awesome. But I am using wootique theme my site name is but when you go on to the product category you can see the images are not well arranged that cause very bad impact on visitors please tell me how can i do that and please suggest m best theme which is free other than wootique or mysitile. Thanx for help in advance

  39. Hello,

    I am using Wootique with Woocommerce in WordPress and I’m having trouble getting my logo to go to the size I’ve created it to be in PhotoShop. When it’s viewed on the browser window it’s very large, much larger than I would like it. I don’t know how to do CSS within the program. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

  40. Hi Teddy….
    Nice to being contact to you from far east.I’m watching your supports and video clips & tips.Its great work and keep on progress for all over the world.Thanks!! My newly building online shop.I’m new to wooThemes and I using “wooStore” theme for made it.I have come up question
    In the Basket page-> ‘Basket Total’ has lines(Subtotal /Shipping / Tax /Total)
    In this Shipping line has Calculation Shipping function which is calculate shipping charge per area. There is all Areas in Japan stated correctly on drop down menu.
    1. My question is how to set shipping charges per Area, in order to made functioning Calculate Shipping??
    Your helps much appreciated….