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Use a WordPress short-code plugin when you build your website

WordPress has been a CMS (Content Management System) known to give its users an easy time in creating, publishing, and modifying their websites. It totally eliminates the need to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP codes in order for users to create and design the website that they want.

However, it will be inevitable that sometimes, WordPress users will need to write code! Users who want to have full control of their site’s design will be required to learn some basic markup lines and styling codes for the improvement of their site’s design.

Is there any way that the regular layman can skip hardcore coding, but still have total control of his site’s design? Fortunately, there is. And that is to use WordPress shortcodes plugins.

Mutliple shortcodes plugins are available in WordPress. However, in this article, Elegant Themes’ shortcode plugin will be discussed. Do note that aside from being a plugin that can stand by itself, the shortcode WordPress often comes with Elegant Themes’ themes.


What is a short code exactly? Short codes, as the name implies, are short lines of codes that provide rich functionalities. It provides an easier, faster, and shorter way to add customized elements or functionalities in your website.

Without short codes, you will need to write two or three more lines of difficult-to-understand codes, especially if you have no idea about basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and even PHP.

For example, if you want to add an image gallery that will function as a slideshow in WordPress (do note that WordPress has built-in WP shortcode, too), all you need to do is type:


And add the arguments needed for it to work, such as the location of the image files that you want to show.

If you will write the equivalent HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code for that gallery slideshow short code, you will need to write almost hundred lines (that is not an exaggeration) of code. Not to mention, you will need to learn how to write those first. In case you are just an average Joe that wants to add a gallery slideshow, which method would you choose? Surely, it will be the symple shortcodes.

That is how simple short codes are. They will make your life easier, and will provide you full control of your site’s design with little effort.

Elegant Themes’ Shortcodes

It was mentioned that WordPress has built-in shortcodes, so why would you need to use Elegant Themes’ shortcodes plugin? Here are the reasons:

elegant themes wordpress shortcode plugin

Additional Short Codes for Short Codes not Present in WordPress

Not all types of web elements can be placed using built-in short codes in WordPress. Create shortcode using Elegant Themes’ shortcodes plugin so you would not be limited to WordPress short codes. Plus, you get more website elements and functionalities that you can easily insert with Elegant Themes’ shortcodes, which are:

  • Buttons
  • Boxes
  • Tabbed Content
  • Toggled Content
  • Quotes
  • Slideshow
  • Password Protection
  • Columns
  • Image Slider
  • Social Media Bar/Box/Button
  • Testimonials
  • Tooltips
  • Author Info
  • Custom Lists
  • Pricing Tables
  • Dropcaps

Elegant themes shortcode plugin wordpress

Design Variety

One of the main advantages of using Elegant Themes’ shortcodes is the richness of design available for each element that can be placed. Of course, many people are using shortcodes WordPress. If you use them, too, your site’s content, functionalities, and web elements would not stand out.

It Comes with the Themes from Elegant Themes

Of course, if you are going to use themes from Elegant Themes, you might as well take advantage of its shortcodes. You will be ensured that the design that will be used in the elements that you will insert will perfectly jibe with the design of the theme you picked.

No fancy and feature-rich website owner can live without using these elegant shortcodes. Do take note that people who are not technically savvy are not the only ones who use short codes. Even seasoned web designers take advantage of the benefits it provides.

After all, shorter codes always equate to cleaner codes. The cleaner the code, the easier it is to be understood. The easier the code can be understood, the easier it can be edited and maintained.

If you are interested in getting this WordPress shortcodes plugin, you can go to this site:


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