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WordPress and Google Plus – A Good Combination

Google Plus, or G+, has become a serious contender to most of the very popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Compared to the other social networking sites, Google Plus uses a platform that is completely different. Features like Sparks, Hangouts, Circles, and even Huddles are fun and very easy to use. Because of G+’s rapid growth in popularity, plugin and widget developers for WordPress are continually working on making tools that can be used to incorporate Google Plus into your WordPress blog or website. Below are some of the best WordPress widgets and plugins that can be used to integrate G+.Wordpress and Google Plus Work Together

WordPress and Google Plus – Widgets

  • Google Plus WordPress Widget

There are a lot of WordPress sites that show their user’s Twitter streams. Now, there is a widget that allows you to show your Google Plus stream also. This is a widget that can be placed anywhere you would prefer within your WordPress site and is a great way to encourage site visitors to add you to their Circles. The widget is easy to use as it is a “cut & paste” type which needs only minimal tweaking.

  • Google +1 Button Plugin

This is a plugin that adds that colorful +1 button to all your WordPress pages, lists or posts. You can choose your language of preference, button location, size, whether to show or not show your page’s +1 count.

  • Scriptrr Google+ Profile WordPress Widget

The Scriptrr Google Plus Profile Widget provides you with the opportunity to invite your WordPress blog or website visitors to your G+ profile. Once you install and activate this widget, it will show how many followers you have and, after some customization, show any of the other social profiles that are defined on your G+ profile.

  • GoogleCards Plugin

The GoogleCards WordPress Plugin enables you to add a widget to your blogs or websites to show a link to your profile at Google Plus. This allows your visitors to add you to their Circles (akin to the Scriptrr G+ Profile Widget). This plugin will display your avatar, your name, and the number of people who have included you in their Circles. This plugin uses caching so that there is no need for you to check G+ on each page load.

  • Plus One

This is a WordPress plugin that is similar to the Google +1 Button but is somewhat more advanced as to customization options. Plus One not only adds a +1 button on all your posts and pages, it also allows you to choose between a range of advanced settings which include the HTML code and JS callbacks when you customize the placement of your button. Such features come in rather handy for more advanced users.

  • WP PlusOne This

This WordPress plugin is again similar to the Google +1 Button plugin. However, this one does not need any configuration. The only thing you need to do is install and activate the plugin. Should you want to change the positioning of the G+ button, you will need to use CSS.

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