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The Differences Between and

Do you know what the differences are between vs There is often much confusion with this subject so in next few paragraphs we are going illustrate the differences and the similarities between and  Let’s get started…

With, you’ll need to have your own Hosting account and domain name. Inside your hosting accounts cPanel you’ll install on the domain name of your choice. This is not the case with  With you do not need to have your own hosting account or domain name because it’s a web based form of WP meaning it’s hosted on their servers.  That is the main difference between the .ORG and .COM versions of WP.

Now let’s take a look at some of the Advantages and Disadvantages…

Some advantages to using are:

–          You have much more flexibility to modify the website and edit the code

–           The re-sale value of the website is much higher

–          You have hundreds of Premium Themes to choose from

–          There are many Premium Plugins to choose from

Some disadvantages to using are:

–          It required some technical knowledge to get everything setup

–          You have to make sure to backup the site yourself

–          You have to install the upgrades to WP and Plugins yourself

–          You have to pay for hosting and domain names

Some advantages to using are:

–          Setup is easier because a hosting account is not needed

–          Domain name is not needed

–          You ge automatic updates of WP

–          Real-time traffic stats

–          It’s free to setup

Some disadvantages of using are:

–          Cannot use premium theme

–          Cannot use premium plugin

–          Low re-sale value

–          Limited flexibility

All things considered, the .ORG version of WP is a better option if you are looking to profit in the short and long term with your website.  It’s very easy to monetize the .org version and flipping the websites for profit is easily done on sites like  If you are a beginner that simply wants to have a presence on the web, maybe a personal blog, then is a good to start because of its ease of use.  With the .COM version a newbie can be up and running in less than 20 minutes.   Anyway, I hope this helps to illustrate the differences and similarities between and

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